Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for months, you’re aware that Android handsets have been gobbling up market share just about everywhere.

Everywhere except in the United States, that is, where Android phones declined by 4.5 percent as iOS grew by nearly nine percent year-to-year, per latest data from market research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the WPP-owned market analysts.

Android is big in Europe and has been growing its share steadily in other markets over the past three months, mostly exceeding the fifty percent share mark and in some countries even approaching total domination.

This surge in Android’s popularity has been seemingly led by jumbo-sized devices with screens sizes measuring four and a half inches diagonally and up. Considering that market share appears to favor the trend toward bigger smartphones, Apple has no doubt chosen the right time to release an iPhone with a bigger screen. Or has it?

According to survey data encompassing past twelve weeks (via TechCrunch), nearly one-third of all devices sold in the last three months had a screen size of over 4.5 inches.

Android now accounts for two-thirds of the smartphone market in Europe, up 20.2 percent year-over-year. Elsewhere, Android is equally a success story in terms of market share, going all the way up to a staggering 86.8 percent share in Spain (versus just 2.9 percent for iOS), or 75 percent share in Germany (versus 13.3 percent for the iPhone).

As you can see in the above chart, there appears to be an interesting correlation between screen sizes and usage patterns as owners of jumbo-sized smartphones surf the web and watch videos more often than those rocking devices with smaller displays.

And the more people interact with their devices, the more likely they are to remain loyal to the brand, conventional wisdom has it.

The survey notes that only one out of every five consumers with a screen smaller than three inches download and watch videos, compared to 65 percent when the screen is five inches or more.

That must be music to the phablet proponents‘ ears, I’m guessing.

Here’s the operating system market share data.

Again, Android claims more than half the market share in pretty much every territory, with iOS following in second place and Windows-powered devices or BlackBerrys a distant third, depending on a given market.

Specifically, TechCrunch writes, “across the eight most important markets, Kantar notes that Android has a share of 61 percent; while iOS is at 24 percent; and the rest all have five percent or less, led by Windows”.

Yeah, it’s a two-horse race.

For now…

Kantar’s findings related to smartphone screen sizes echo the results of iDB’s non-scientific poll, with a whooping 32 percent of respondents voting that a four-inch display should be the new gold standard for iPhones. One in five yearn for a 4.3-inch screen, like that on Samsung’s Galaxy S II.

Only a fraction of respondents, or less than seven percent, would feel comfortable holding in their hand an iPhone rocking a Galaxy S III class display which measures 4.8 inches diagonally.

An artist’s rendition of a rumored four-inch iPhone

Kantar analyst Dominic Sunnebo noted as much, writing how “it is interesting to look at the impact a larger screen size has on how consumers use their smartphones, particularly as the line between tablets and smartphones becomes more blurred”.

Apple’s iPhone since its January 2007 introduction has remained stuck with a 3.5-inch display that some people deem too tiny to enjoy movies, web sites, photographs and other content that really benefits from a bigger canvas.

Cupertino, of course, is expected to announce the next iPhone with a taller four-inch display at a media event next Wednesday, September 12. General availability is expected nine days later, on Friday, September 21.

The screen is said to be a bit taller but only marginally wider, still allowing for easy one-hand navigation with your thumb.

What do you think, is the time right for a bigger iPhone or did Apple made a grave mistake by holding out for too long and failing to recognize where the market’s been heading?

Note: the top right image is credited to Reuters/Lee Jae-Won.

  • Ragnok

    The Samsung is way too big. I want a handset not a freakin’ tablet!

    • sackboy

      All of the Galaxy Notes are tablets -_-

      • Hes talking about just the phones. Not the notes. But i agree=, anything larger then 4″ is unnatural and not very comfortable

      • No more Obama

        4.3″ is unnatural? i feel 3.5 is unnatural, although i used to think it was huge back in 07

      • Kok Hean


    • You’ve obviously never used one,
      Swapped my 4s for s3 and screen is amazing and phone doesn’t feel big

      • That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Do you recommend that ?

      • Absolutely, i owned every iPhone since the original 2g iPhone, and i bought a Galaxy SIII last week, and it’s a great experience. the only problem is that it doesn’t sync with mountain lion at all !! but you can always use your micro SD to transfer your files. other than this, i really recommend the SIII. it’s Really a good phone, and i totally agree with you, one of the main reasons to have a bigger screen is to have useful and REAL widgets. one of the main reasons that i didn’t wait for the New iPhone was that the iOS6 didn’t really change compared to iOS5. and i thought this a great time to experience something new … and it really isn’t that big, i don’t have any problem handling it.

      • one shouldn’t assume. i bought a galaxy player 5.0 this past weekend because i thought it would be easy as a tablet but it’s going back this week. i like my galaxy tab 2 7″ better and i like the 3.5″ screen on my iPhone better. ultimately i love my iPad but only like the galaxy tab but there are aspects of both os’s that i like and i’m not willing to bring my iPad to school. if i break the galaxy tab or it gets stolen i won’t lose sleep but if it happened to the iPad i’d burn the school down. anyway…the point is a phone with a 5″ screen or anything approaching it is just obscene and it looks stupid, in my opinion. sorry but it looks assinine holding it to your head. it’s not comfortable holding it in your hand. you can’t do most things on it with just 1 hand, you have to use both. sorry but i like the fact i can do everything with 1 hand on my iPhone. in the end it all comes down to preference so neither of us is right or wrong…we are simply right to ourselves and wrong to each other.

      • Howard Ellacott

        If you don’t actually like iPhones, why are you on an iOS blog?

  • I don’t know how many times I’ll keep repeating that : I want the benefits of a bigger screen, not just an extra row of icons. Android seems to be the only phone OS benefiting from it, and honestly iOS won’t. A bigger screen is meant for something like widgets. Not an extra row of icons ! Now the fanboys will dislike this because I said something bad about the ” mighty iOS.” Wake up guys, let’s face it. Android is getting better and better, and iOS keeps getting boring. The times we enjoyed scrolling icons are over. And yes I’m only focusing on the home screen because it’s the heart of the phone.
    One more thing : if the iPhone 5 doesn’t offer something special, I’ll sell my 4S the day after the iPhone 5 event and buy an S3 !

    • CollegiateLad

      I’m a fanboy and I don’t think your comment is bad or good… It’s a matter of opinion.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        I’m a fanboy and I agree with him. The iPhone 5 better have something totally unique and special about it or I probably will go to android. iOS is getting so boring.

      • Agreed, i think i’ll probably get the 5 just because it ties in with my ATV and iPad so well, but if ios7 and the 7th gen iphone don’t do something to really really catch up i fear that i’m going to have to change. I actually think WP8 and some of the nokia lumias are looking great, mostly just new and interesting! So it’ll be interesting to see how that goes in a years time. If not, im sure the android devices are just going to keep getting better and better, which is something i hate to admit.

        It seems like apple is playing catch up all the time now. But they used to play catch up and completely wipe out existing devices with their new one. I feel like the new iphone is still going to be behind other existing devices for the first time.

        Of course, all of this is still speculation until the phone is revealed, but the market is moving very very quickly and apple tend to make smaller more incremental changes as not to alienate existing users. Unfortunately i think they’re going to have to take a leap of faith at some point or risk losing out majorly.

      • ii agree 10000000000000000%

      • Agreed. The only thing keeping me with my iPhone 4S right now is that the jailbreak and tons of stuff from Cydia. I’ve got my phone tweaked and customized the way I want. I shouldn’t have to jailbreak and risk stability issues in order to do simple things. iOS seems stale now to me.. especially after selling my iPad 2 and picking up a Galaxy Note Tablet. I for one love widgets. I love the split screen that the Galaxy Note Tablet does. iOS as it stands is nothing more than icons as application launchers. Notification center is the only thing new and exciting that they have done lately and that’s a ripoff from Android.

        I do love AirPlay though.

    • I have the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4
      Holding thr galaxy for a mins is not comfortable and sometims you feel a pain in your hand so I think 4inch is enough
      Also the battery is bad compared to iPhone and the google play apps quality is sucks compared to the app store! Sometime I download apps for curency converting and I find it’s just a webpage! And I can’t listen to youtube in background same as iphone without downloading extra apps But I like the sharing from the photo Gallery I can share pictures through whatsapp from the photo gallery also I like the adobe flash player

      • Daz

        Yes You can listen to youtube songs in background.
        No jailbreak needed.

      • No more Obama

        Not sure why you got so many thumbs down. All you do is exit YouTube. The video will stop playing. Then double click on the home button. Slide over to the music controls and hit play.

      • I’m curious which phone you use more, the 4 or the S3? I am going to skip the iPhone 5 and I am hoping that the S4 will be out early next year and will counter a lot of the hardware bumps the iPhone 5 will have and I may switch then. Right now, I am happy with my 4S, but without the jailbreak, I would be bored with my phone.

        I have noticed that some cross platform apps do look a lot better on iOS than Android such as The Weather Channel app.

      • Mosltly the iPhone because Galaxy takes around 3 hours or more to charge and it battery is bad for me because I enable 3g and never close it and the iPhone Battery is much better

      • Thanks for the info. I will watch what people say about the next Galaxy S phone when it comes out and try to decide if I want to keep my 4S or go with the S4.

    • Widgets are USELESS. I like my homescreen CLEAN. I don’t want all that extra shit on my screen because I’ll eventually open the app that controls the widget anyway.

      • shahzisme

        You got it all wrong. Widgets are the reason why we Androiders can work faster than iPhone users. I can tell you the weather and time, while checking if I have any new email, reading my SMS summary and tweet about how awesome Android is all at the same time.

      • Exactly! I’ve only had an Android device for about a week and I’m amazed at what it can do. My home screen on my Galaxy Note Tablet has an animated weather widget, Pandora widget, email widget and a Yahoo news widget. So I get to see top stories on Yahoo. Play Pandora, read my email without having to open up an app.

        There are things my iPad did better… BUT there are plenty of things Android is doing better.

        I don’t know why that is so hard for people to accept. There are pros and con for both platforms.

      • What does working faster matter? So you can tell me the weather a half-a-second faster than me? Bravo. I’d rather be organized than have a weather widget just sitting on my homescreen. If you’re that type of person, good for you. Everyone has their opinion. But to ME, widgets are useless.

      • shahzisme

        I didn’t shoot you down for your opinion. Your lack of understanding on what widgets can do is what my concern was. Speed is everything. And well, Android organizes things better than iPhone anyway. Your iPhone doesn’t even put things in order. I have an iPod Touch so I’m not coming blindly. There was one, I had to scroll the screen for half a minute just to find an application. If at least you are going to go grid-only, leave it in alphabetical order or something that makes more sense! Widgets have changed my life. And it doesn’t matter what you say about them.

      • Actually, if you go to Settings>Reset>HomescreenLayout, it will put all your apps in alphabetical order. Sure, you’re not coming blindly, but you must not know that much…

    • ”One more thing…..”

    • chjode

      Why not both? Get a new iPhone with larger screen, jailbreak and install whatever widgets you please.

      • Because I’ve used widgets on a jailbroken iPhone 4, and they are shells of what Android widgets are. Not to mention slow, buggy and inferior in literally every way. AND the majority copy Android widget design (HTC Sense clock is a big one).

        The larger screen would definitely be better for widgets though as they would be less cramped. When you have a 3.5 inch screen, there isn’t much space for things other than icons.

        Anyways, I’m looking forward to the next few months. iOS6 and iPhone 5, rumored Nexus devices and Key Lime Pie , BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8? Things are going to get heated.

      • Kok Hean

        If widgets from the jailbreak community slow down iOS, you can be sure that even official ones from Apple will slow iOS down.

      • Loopthree

        Dashboard X crashes constantly on my 4S. I have no problems with widgets on my Galaxy Nexus.

      • Kok Hean

        Tweaks that are “borrowed” from the jailbreak community and baked into stock iOS won’t crash that easily. If Apple wants to implement widgets (where ever they are placed), I’m pretty sure they won’t allow memory intensive widgets since they are not optimised for iOS.

        P.S. I want a Galaxy Nexus 😛

      • great post

      • i agree not buy both and compare. but for me, i think jailbroken IOS is better than android.. find it why..

      • IOS + jailbreak is the best.. but no jailbreak is boring as hell

      • Good luck with that, if there is an A6 processor it would take more than half a year to get a jailbreak. Even A5 jailbreak will take that long with iOS 6.

    • Haha ive ive heard the S3 is twice as bad as the S2. If youre going to get one, get the S2.

      • Instead of hearing about it, how about you look up “S3 review” yourself, instead of “iPhone 5 nude pics”?

      • Guest

        How about you escape from your false reality and stop being so ignorant.

      • What?

    • Lordthree

      lol. We got a real arr-tard here boys. Get an s3. Apple won’t miss you. Don’t let the door…

    • Sell your 4S now.. I sold mine and have the S3 you seriously won’t look back! Apple must think everyone are idiots and will stick with their boring iOS look and little screens. For some reason I don’t think the iPhone 5 will sell as much as the 4 or 4S many people I know after hearing about the taller screen and seeing the leaked images have gone and bought S3’s.

      For me the only apple product I will carry on buying is the iPad. Hopefully the 7th generation iPhone will temp me back next year.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        I did not look back after seeing the galaxy s3 on display, the “Super Amoled” display, so they call it, is almost like the 3GS display, nothing to the iPhone 4 and 4s, but the design was flat and nice. It took 1 GB of ram just to run smoothly, while the iPhone did not, so fandroids will say ,”overpriced” and “crap hardware”.

      • No more Obama

        I agree. People need change. A third gen of an iPhone 4 is boring. The Nokia 920 has such a superior camera. And the iPhone has always been number one. I think with the release of windows 8 and wp8 next year is the year of the wp8. Sorta

    • Liu Zhenyu

      I am a fanboy and you can jailbreak and install widgets, barrel, dashboard X and intelliscreenX. So no, I dont find iPhone boring at least not the JAILBROKEN one. But I pity those who don’t jailbreak, man it gets boring.

      • @dongiuj

        You’re totally right about the jailbreaking but my iphone has become so sluggish after installing ISX, barrel, perpage ( to get my big clock and weather that i love ) and winterboard to change my extremely boring icons.
        All this just seems to run a lot smoother on the most recent android phones.
        I’m not trying to promote android, i’m just saying that if people prefer widgets and what have you then they are better off getting a different phone than the iphone. My memory has been reduced to running at an average of 220MB. Sloooooow.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Per page is for ios4, so it lags ur iPhone, winterboard lags your phone only if u use bad themes. I use ayecon, which doesn’t lag 1 bit.

      • @dongiuj

        I just check that theme but i don’t like it.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        That’s just u ;), Jeff luvs it, I luv it, it’s by Surenix. Check his other themes too, like Metius and inPulse

      • @dongiuj

        It’s not just me but i know what you mean 😉
        I’m just trying to add icon shadows to a theme i already have but with ios5.1.1 I’m running into problems and can’t seem to change some icons. I’ve done it before but i’m having real trouble this time around. I like my slightly transparent glass icons. I tried springtomize but got rid of it cause it would alter the icons how i like it.
        Oh well, i’ll keep trying.

      • @dongiuj

        I mean
        wouldn’t alter

      • Liu Zhenyu

        I made my own theme by modifying all the icons in someone else’s theme. It’s cheating right? But… It works out-terribly

      • @dongiuj

        That’s exactly what i’m doing but this time i just can’t get it work. I can only get a few of them to work and then i use “themeiconmaker” that changes a few more but i’m still left with some random ones that i can’t figure out how to change them.
        Waaaaa it’s giving me a headache!

      • Let’s hope we don’t have to wait as long for a jailbreak with iOS 6 as we did with iOS 5 versions. I am in agreement with you… without the jailbreak, the iPhone is boring as hell now. I am using the same as you… barrel, dashobard x, intelliscreenx and a few others. I love it 🙂

    • Hyr3m

      You should sell your 4S before the 5 (or 6th) is announced… you’ll get a better price for it ^^

      • Yeah thanks for the reminder cause I kinda forgot about that. I’m gonna do it this week. Sick of Apple and everyone will soon.

    • I agree 100% IOS 6 looks lame and boring.. its now to the point that i refuse to use any iOS device that is non jailbroken

    • I actually agree with you and have referenced here the issue of a taller screen but not wider. It just makes no sense to me. I think they’re doing it that way to ease the pain for developers? But frankly, if you’re gonna go bigger, personally, I’m fine with the smaller phone but if you’re gonna upgrade the screen then upgrade the damn screen.

  • Iphone is perfect size it could be a lil bigger but the moving of the headphone jack is a pain

    • No more Obama

      watch when you use it, you will love the placement of the headphone jack. it will go straight down when you are holding it. so its completely out of the way. when you put it in your pocket you put the top in first. when you pull it out, you don’t have to twist the phone in your hand. its already in the correct position.

  • The is stay behind im getting tired of everything limited in the iphone

  • 4 inch screen perfect size.

    • No more Obama

      everyone used to say on this blog that 3.5inch was perfect. if apple was going to release a 4.3inch phone would you prefer that, or a 3.5 inch phone

  • Donovan Wynter

    iphone is becomming mor of a pain than anything else

  • Mark

    Apple killed the iPhone march when they released the 4s, an incremental upgrade, this put them one year behind everyone else. If the rumors for the 5 are correct then, apple will lose even more market share, most people want more screen real estate.

    • I didn’t know screen size effected how “dated” the iPhone is. (I’m just guessing you wanted a bigger screen…) I guess in 10 years an “up-to-date” phone will have a 10 inch screen? Please, look at the 4S benchmarks. It’s a very powerful phone.

      • Mark

        A 10 inch screen is a tablet that you can buy today. If apple do release the rumoured iphone 5 then this will put apple behind another 2 years. My point is that you can’t compete today on a two year product cycle. All other manufactured have caught up and some have surpassed apple because they are releasing phones on a much regular basis. I don’t think apple can compete with their traditional two year cycle, two years in the tech industry is a very long time. I have been an apple fan since the start, however for the first time, I think my next phone will be the Galaxy note II, for many reasons.

      • Whos_Jeff

        I’m getting that too if the phone doesn’t appeal to me next week when its unveil

      • 1337lolzorz

        Sure u will 😉 you’ll be staying with Apple just like all the naysayers here

      • the 4s fit in with apple’s product cycle, it wasn’t a step back. the outside of the phone may look the same as the 4, but it was a completely different phone inside. if apple couldn’t compete anymore then they wouldn’t have sold 10’s of millions of their “outdated” phone in the last year. keep in mind that samsung can’t sell that many of ANY of their phones. apple is competing with ONE phone where samsung, htc, and other compete with MULTIPLE phones and they still can’t match apple’s sales on a phone by phone basis. as far as quality…not a single one of them can match the iPhone. they are plastic, crappy feeling garbage. a phone does NOT need a 5.5″ screen, that’s just stupid. YOUR issue isn’t the iPhone, it is your wants..and they don’t coincide with the iPhone. so rather than blaming apple, just move on to the phone that WILL make you happy. nothing wrong with that. but i do want to know how you think apple killed the “iPhone march when they released the 4s”, since the 4s sold more than ANY other version of the iPhone. in fact the 4s was a HUGE success and the new iPhone will be an even bigger one. STOP CALLING IT THE IPHONE 5! THERE WILL NEVER BE AN IPHONE 5! THE 4S IS THE FIFTH GENERATION OF THE IPHONE. THE NEW IPHONE WILL BE THE 6TH GENERATION. THERE WILL NEVER BE AN IPHONE 5!!! sorry had to get that out, it drives me crazy people calling it the iPhone 5. it shows ignorance.

      • Lordthree

        Who gives a fuck if te 5th or 6th? Calling it iPhone 5 is fine.

      • it’s ignorant and wrong. if you are fine with looking ignorant and stupid then by all means pursue it.

      • Lordthree

        Dumb. The number scheme is lining up for FIVE. I suspect they’ll simply call it ‘iPhone’ or ‘New iPhone’ but iPhone 5 is next in the name scheme despite that it’s the 6th model

      • 1337lolzorz

        It’s funny cause they just released the event pic and it’s going to be called te iPhone 5 lmao.

      • 1337lolzorz

        What do u have to say for yourself now? Next time don’t call people stupid because it was the opposite

      • If everyone released a phone like apple does we would get a very boring selection of phones out there…

      • and that’s why there are so many phone makers and so many options. if you don’t like apple’s options or release schedule then get a different phone. no one is forcing you to accept what apple offers. the whining and threatening to get a samsung simply grows old on an IPHONE BLOG.

      • You pretty much agreed with everything i said there

      • 1337lolzorz

        They release 1 amazing phone every year rather than a bunch of crappy phones throughout the year. Android is boring, ugly and cheap (both in price and feel)

      • Amazing? Does it cook your dinner? Wash your car? Think you are getting a bit carried away there son

      • 1337lolzorz

        I agreed with everything you said until your stupid rant about the name of the next iPhone. Today you are officially proven wrong as the event date has been announced just now with a giant 5 at the bottom. So ends up that YOU were being the ignorant one.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        I generally agree with your ideas, especially the meaningless of the whining and blaming.

        But, there’s one little thing (of course)…

        The iPhone 3G was the 2nd generation, but it was not called iPhone 2.
        iPhone 4S was the 5th generation, but it was not called iPhone 5.
        It makes more sense (to me) that Apple’s naming scheme has been giving a major/physical upgrade and naming it with a number, ie 3G and 4. Then the next device comes out would look very similar (if not the same), but the internals would be pretty different. This would be named with an “S”, ie. 3GS or 4S.
        This habit or pattern is pretty visible, at least for now.
        And, unless they decide to change it (as they did -pretty dumbly IMO- with the iPad), the next iPhone to be released WILL BE CALLED IPHONE 5, not iPhone 6…

        I can even imagine Tim Cook naming it “The new iPhone”, rather than “iPhone 6, which came right after iPhone 4S, because cat got the 5″…

        (Sorry about the skepticism, but that’s how I really feel.)

      • Lordthree

        Will you get giant red shoes to match your over-sized clown phone? I point and laugh at galaxy note people

  • i dont want shitty 4.8 inch screen ….. 4 inch will hit the spot

    • No more Obama

      i don’t want a crap 4.8 inch screen. but i would like a nice 4.8 inch screen.but maybe it would be too big. 4 inch, for me anyway, is just too small. 3.5 is just a baby phone.

  • Scott

    So I’ve been an apple loyalist since the 1st iPhone. I’m so mad about the iPhone 5 specs that I just called Verizon to order an S3. It comes on Wednesday and I can’t wait. Apple has really fallen behind the times. It’s sad.

    • enjoy your plastic fantastic piece of garbage.

    • Lordthree

      Support Korean knock-offs! Eat more dog!

      • No more Obama

        i’ve eaten a dog before. it tastes good. but i couldn’t really enjoy it because it had the skin on it and i always think of dogs and smelly dirty animals (i prefer cats). but thats just mental. the truth is dogs do taste pretty good. much better than horse for example

    • Now, having used the S3 and knowing how awesome it is, the next iPhone isn’t even unveiled yet, yet alone it’s specs. It’s all rumors, and jumping the gun is a bit crazy.

  • Zorvage

    Last few posts here on iDB I see a lot of people swapping their 4S for an Galaxy S3. The specs on the phone might be better, but I think it’s all about the OS. Andriod is really bad if you compare it to iOS. I can’t wait for the iPhone 5. I really think the specs will blow away any other Samsung phone as well.

    • Its not about whos good or bad. Wrong way of thinking. Its all about preference. Some people like what iOS has to offer. Some people like what android has to offer. I like both of them. They each got some goddies that i care for.

    • Only nerds think that specs makes the user experience. A downclocked iphone 4s is much faster and smother than a android galaxy s3. Android is heavy and badly coded. Thats why he still cant handle the retina display resolution on tablets…i think We all know that java sucks badly. And the UI tool kit its a joke compared to cocoa.

  • Whos_Jeff

    I don’t like the elongated concept. I might be goin Samsung if this phone disappoints. I only really like iOS. But apple hardware been lacking. But the race between android and iOS been closing in and both are fairly equal phone just a matter of preference

  • I’m not really sure how iOS will benefit from a bigger screen size in any way. Android+Windows Phone are the only OS’ I’ve seen that take advantage of a bigger screen. The more you have, the more you can do.

    • Lordthree

      Windows phone wastes more than 10% of its screen real estate. Gtfo

  • CollegiateLad

    I think of the spec race as a race to the bottom. My MacBook Air taught me that specs only tell a fraction of the story – it’s about user experience too. I remember when I was a Windows guy. Every Best Buy sales ad was a contest of which PC company could out-spec the other – I admit, I bought it too. Years later I switched to the Mac and haven’t looked back. I see the same thing going on with smart phones – Every other month companies are slapping larger screens, faster processors, and more memory in their devices and calling it innovation – it’s the same old spec race yet again. Next month HTC will release a phone as the answer to Samsung’s latest iteration(but in reality they are the same experience). I’m glad Windows phone and iOS aren’t in the “me too” race… One of the greatest things about the Windows phone is that they dared to think different. You guys can switch, but I’m loving iOS and sticking with it.

    • Completly agreed. +1000

    • No need to look at specs when buying a mac. When it comes to computers and specs its all about gaming (and heavy photo/movie editing). Macs only got a handfull of games worth mentioning. Ive heard you can edit movies and photos in a decent way on a mac. But other then that you check email, facebook, surf the net and the rest of the basic features one can use a computer for. Which doesnt really use any power from your computer.

      I for example would never have any use of a mac since i use a computer for gaming basicly.

  • Raschmin Steinbrecher

    1200×800 pixel with the same ppi, it would be nice!!! 4,375 inch iphone so pretty 😀

    • No more Obama

      yes, 4.3 with a nice normal dimension. what is with this weird 1134pixel.

    • 1080×720 pixel on 3,9375″ screen would be perfect for me. Same ratio, same ppi, bigger screen.

  • RandyJarrell

    I don’t know how everyone hasn’t switched yet. I sold my 4s got HTC one x and now have gs3 and no way I could ever go back to iOS. Rocking AOKP on my gs3

  • Or Mabe they should just make the iPad mini into a phone. Personally I like having it fit in my pocket and not having it look like I have a computer monitor to my ear while on a call… But thats just me. They make tablets for that reason.

  • Well I think Apple is making a Smart Turn. They are fooling with us, i think. Isnt it a little bit weird that we came across so many “iPhone 5” parts, that we almost can build a complete phone ? that’s not realistic. As far as i know they are trying hard that nothing comes apart. I believe they are gonna bring a Super Game Changer… Everytime they bring a revolutionary device which is years ahead … Design and also hardware. (except the phones with the “S” behind) thats my opinion ..

    Greets from Germany ..

    Sorry for my maybe incorrect English ..

    • Iphone 4 had nothing revolutionary about it bro. The 4s shouldve been the 4

      • when the iPhone 4 was released it WAS ahead of every other phone on the market. it’s speed and quality, it’s design. it bested EVERYTHING on the market at the time, and every company scrambled to catch up. it took them time to surpass it with the numbers game but they still didn’t make something more original with higher quality.

      • Uhm. It had a single 1ghz core and a 5mp camera? Just about any smartphone had that before the iphone 4 even came out. Nothing “besty” about that. 4s on the other hand got decent power

      • No more Obama

        i liked the 4, but the 4S**T was just a big let down. i was and still am impressed with the retina screen. but the front of the phone is plain ugly. the sides and back i like though. the new iphone 6gen looks like a cyclops with the new placement of the cam

  • The iPhone should be bigger, but not too big. The device should increase just a little bit with a smaller bezel and the screen size maybe at 4inch, where we can still use it with just one hand and only with the thumb finger. A phone bigger than our palms it’s just ridiculous.

  • WatchTheThrone

    Every year around the new iPhone announcement we have the same comments about how they’re gonna switch to android!! Then after the iPhone is released theyre the first in line at the Apple store to get one lol

    • It’s the old trick.. “hey apple.. you heard me.. im going to use android” .. if they were happy with android, they didn’t say anything. they would switch and visit other websites about Android and not iOS. I mean, come on.. if android is better, why are “you” waiting..?

  • Yan Kar

    I see so many people are arguing about screen size… did anybody even read the article? Look at the chart? Regardless of the fan boys the chart clearly shows that bigger screen is getting more and more attractions. Like republicans criminals vs democrats criminals…. same primitive arguments.

    I used iphone for 3 years and i do to getting bored with iOS. Ios is still smoother and better than android, but android is different and i think i am ready to give it a try.
    I bought Google Nexus 7 and kinda of fun but not too comfortable with 7 inch. Getting iphone 4s swapped tomorrow for S3 ( i do like bigger screen and can sell my google nexus 7) . I cant upgrade for another 5 month so trying something new won’t hurt. UNless some1 uses both devices on daily bases they should not be talking about what’s better.
    I have 3 iphones in our family and 1 S3 and some how we don’t argue what’s better…

    PS. Android users spent 15 min a day to explain why they don’t use iPhone. ( was not my joke but i like it)

    • i have, and i do use both. android is just 2nd class next to iOS. in the end it comes down to user preference so no one can really say what is or isn’t better for someone else. having said that, facts are still facts and can’t be disputed. when you attempt the same tasks on android that you do on iOS, you notice the difference in refinement. i hear it is better with 4.1, the only version of android i haven’t used yet. but from my user experience android isn’t as fluid as iOS. you try to scroll but the os gets confused and thinks you want to launch something. i’ve never had that problem with iOS. i remember when android didn’t have pinch to zoom natively…my god it was awful. it wasn’t any better when it was added natively either. it’s gotten better but it still isn’t as fluid as it is on iOS.

      it really is like the comparison of os x vs windows. they both achieve the same task but have a different way of doing so. it comes down to which method you prefer most.

      but seriously…stop threatening to leave, just go. (not just you, anyone who is doing it) seriously, it is just pointless and stupid to keep making threats about going to samsung. if you are unhappy with apple then just leave, go. no one cares. no one will miss you. it doesn’t matter. apple will still sell tens of millions of phones and their quality will still surpass samsung and android.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        +1 for the last paragraph…

  • 4 inches will b enough. What I would really like, but I know won’t happen, is an anoled screen that can be seen in sunlight. And as long as it works on 4G in USA I will b fine.

    • No more Obama

      a super amoled screen would be nice. are you sure you wouldn’t go for a bit larger, say 4.3? i think people will realize the size wasn’t that big of a difference once they hold it.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Super anus suck and can’t lift a finger to the retina display.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Damn autocorrect, amoled not anus… Zzz

      • No more Obama

        hi troll. the retina screen is beautiful, but use power to display blacks. amoleds don’t….so in other words trolls like you-suck

  • It’s funny how everyone on here is ASSuming what the 6th generation of the iPhone is or isn’t going to look like… Apple is coming with something AMAZING. And yes, they might release a phone every two years but they have proven to make history when they do. Don’t be an ignorant. Wait and see, then run your mouth like a marathon if you’d like!!!!

  • See yes android does have a bigger market share total but what about individual companies. Who’s smartphone sells the most not just Android vs apple but let’s say Apple vs HTC or Samsung or Nokia. Who wins then.

  • Alfyan

    IF u want bigger screen, u should buy ipad or nexus 7 ……
    U must understand wht SMARTPHONE means,,,, not a bigger screen like tv….. But smart n intelligent…. Thats what apple……

    • No more Obama

      why does a 4.3″ smartphone become a TV and not a tablet? why would you say “not a bigger screen like {a} tv”? is a 4″ screen too big for you, or ok? I’m ok with it. i think, i would prefer 4.3. when i look at 4″ androids they seem old/outdated and small. i have small hands yet have no problem holding and using a SGS 3. just shift your hand a little and you can comfortably use it.

      • genXhippie

        Well said imo. I own a SGS2, Nokia N8, and a jailbroken iP4S presently.

      • No more Obama

        nice phones~

    • genXhippie

      Fyi, an ipad and nexus 7 are not phones. they’re tablet, making them non-options of course. :^{

  • omakad

    I don’t know is it me or I’m noticing there is a lot more iPhone haters on this blog. I always wonder, what do Android fanboys doing on iPhone blog? Nothing going on with the Android? Still working on convincing yourself your S3 doesn’t feel like a cheep peace of plastic?

    Comments are full of people that are threatening that they will jump ship and go to Android like someone cares if they leave or not. This creates the perception like iPhone is loosing ground. If you are bored of iOS than you have never used Android so you have the “Grass is greener on the other side” complex.

    Get an Android and check it out. If you like it better keep it. If you think 4.5 inch screen is better go for it. If you like Widgets so much, go. Chances are you will come back to iOS first time your better has run out by 2PM, and will never say another negative comment about it again.

    The fact is, Apple is not making money of hand full of fanboys like us(hand full meaning small percentage of total share of the Apple’s consumer market). Apple is making money off everyone else. Popularity of the phone is based on easy of use and multitude of features created for an average joe. It’s created for people that don’t know how to create a folder in iOS or lock their screen in the portrait orientation. These are the type of people that will never understand Android. If you are a tech person chances are you might like the Android. I personally like my shit to work without a glitch and for everything else there is a jailbreak. I will stick to the manufacturer that is currently innovating the most and bringing the most new features on the market . That’s just me.

    As far as Android gaining market share everywhere but US. The reason is one and one only. Price! 16GB iPhone 4S sells up to $600 – $1400 in countries that have way worse economy than the current situation in USA. Having an iPhone in most of these countries is a privilege and most people can not afford it. Ask yourself, would you have an iPhone if it was your one month pay? or more in some cases. No you would not. You would get the next best thing. And that’s how Android share goes up. (Yes I’m sure some people just prefer Android and that’s cool, but wast majority gets it because of price)

    • Nabilsnas

      Well said

    • Kok Hean

      This blog is for everyone to visit.

      • iFuture

        Of course is this blog for everyone, but it pisses me of that they are saying that they changed to android on every goddamn post !

      • Kok Hean

        I’ve tried that before just for fun, and someone called me a goose 😛

        I also made a huge rant, search for it!

        It’s from the article Apple releases new app and iTunes copyright claims tools

      • iFuture

        man i just read that comment and its amazing and most important true 😀

  • android have market share for consumers, but developers will still prefer iOS….comparing few phone models ( 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S ) to tons of android models and then saying android won…..ermmmm…..well, it wont stop apple from making more money….at least for few more yrs before a worthy competitor comes up, or apple loses their innovation / creativity talents…no company can be #1 forever….

  • RIConcernedCitizen

    Apple appears to be falling behind. It’s iOs advantage is rapidly diminishing making its year to year and a half behind hardware all the more glaring. For the increase in screen size to have been useful apple needed to increase both width and height. Failing to increase the width will turn out to be a big mistake. Apple should have moved to a 4.3″ screen by expending both height and width. If I hadn’t already bought so many Apps for my iPhones I would definitely move to android.

    • No more Obama

      4.3″ please. i’ve been asking for 4.3″ for 3 years now. maybe ill have to wait a few more 🙁

  • Hyr3m

    Go away Christian! We were so happy without you…
    Or just change your account name so people actually read your articles for a few days (before noticing your biased BS and skipping to comments after looking at the title and the images).

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Wow, first time I’ve seen someone openly insult a moderator.

      • Hyr3m

        I only insulted his writing : “biaised BS”… and many will agree I’m just calling it like it is… I’m far from being the first one to complain about the poor quality of his journalistic work.
        And btw he’s a blog writer, not just a simple moderator… Your insult kind of is as big as mine 🙂

      • Liu Zhenyu

        When did I insult?

      • Hyr3m

        Calling a writer a simple “moderator” is not very nice. It’s not an insult per-say, I just meant it’s pretty much as big a disrespect as my initial “biaised BS” comment.
        Actually I agree with you! He’s more of a moderator than a writer; you need skills to be a writer!

  • 4″ is perfect size for a phone in the end I am buying a phone not a tablet.

  • You may think im crazy but i suggest on apple that they should integrate the cydia app into the new ios and make it a apart of the system why not? and why not take the folks over cydia and employ them belive me that would be lovely if we see it happen i mean this is gonna be a ground braking idea? why not regulate jailbraking? look at android. you can custmize e3verything right of the box????

  • lol …

  • Well big screen is good when you see it. but to the hands it isnt the best thing. Mobile means making it maximum mobile. I dont think iphone should ever increase their size it could hurt the true value of iphone for being special on its own.