File this one under the WTF category. If you believe a recent trending topic that blew up on social media channels, apparently popular Chinese pop singer Jimmy Lin has an iPhone 5. Also known as Dreamer Jimmy, Lin published a series of photos on his personal blog which depict him holding what resembles an upcoming sixth-generation iPhone in his hand. Lin commands nearly 14 million strong following on Chinese social networking site Weibo so it’s not like he’s hungry for publicity, though one can never be certain of celebrities’ motives…

To be perfectly honest, he could easily be holding one of the realistic-looking mockups, like one shown off last weekend in a video by GSMIsrael. As many of you have suspected all along, the device seen in that clip ended up being an elaborate hoax based on a cheap-looking plasticky mockup built by a case maker.

According to Lin’s blog entry, the device pictured in his hand sports the aluminum back rocking a rumored two-tone design and has a relocated headphone jack on the bottom and a smaller dock connector.

As you can see in the above photo, the phone in Lin’s hand does resemble what the media believes Apple’s next iPhone could look like, down to a taller display with five rows of icons instead of four.

Apple is widely believe to be taking the wraps off the iPhone 5 at a September 12 presser.

Taking it all in, I wouldn’t put too much faith into a trending photo published by a likely attention-seeking popstar. Another thing raising red flags: Lin pulled a similar stunt in December of 2010, picturing himself with a claimed iPad mini in his hand, as seen below.

Of note, Lin rose to fame in the early 1990s and is now a race car driver. He sold a cool ten million albums before he turned 20, becoming China’s superstar.

As for the recent leaks, I also think the images of a claimed next-generation iPhone logic board with an A6 processor are fake, as is this hands-on clip of a plasticky-looking iPhone 5 mockup.

I also think case makers get it wrong more often than not.

Lin’s iPhone 5 photo, you say?

I’m calling BS on that one.

How about you?

  • Come on guys.. he’s chinese. There all clones release BEFORE the original.
    Plus, this guy getting “Worldwide attention” using this fake Apple products it’s a very well done viral ad, for himself

    • No more Obama

      racist…btw, why do you tweet when you only have 13 followers?

      • So you only tweet if you have 1000 followers? I have 13 Plus my hidden followers… like you.

      • No more Obama

        thats cute, but seriously…13 followers. isn’t it a bit of a waste of time?

      • Says the guy who wast more time, visiting a website from a brand that dont like… lol… you should be comedian.

      • No more Obama

        true, i don’t really like twitter much. but really i don’t go there often at all. so little to no time is wasted to be honest.

        tell your 13 followers i said hello!

    • Racist ~ c’mon not I’m the only one saying this ~ dude

  • Yeah I’m calling it BS to, the guy reminds me of Sergey Brin wearing google glasses that are non functional…

  • Scumbag.

  • Zorvage

    If he already pulled this stunt before, I doubt he has the real thing.

  • Like Apple will be handing out the iPhone 5 to a Chinese “popstar”.

    • YujinNY

      i can belive Obama getting one, Michelle too, chinese …ANY chinese never…

  • Why discriminate or judge the Chinese? Maybe he really got his hands on one of those?

    • There’s no discrimination. Just facts. Even chinese people know that in their own country they can find easily clones from any brand and “unreleased” products. Nobody here said that “Chinese people are bad people…”. Only a ignorant would blame a country because there’s a lot of scumbags there that can take advantage from the lack of laws against cloning stuff…

      • So basically one must be said by others ” you are bad people ” ? Racism , there are scumbags ,cloning stuff, but pls , it’s personal , not the whole “Chinese thing” … Look at your post, “Come on guys.. he’s chinese” <<? What's tis , How bout "Come on guys.. he's japanese?" ,
        "Come on guys.. he's korean?"

      • If you watch closely, the only one here that are being racist is you and the other guys who felt that. Like I said, and I will say for the last time, China (as you might know, for sure) it’s the biggest country that produce cloning stuff, so, if he’s chinese, the probability to get a iPhone 5 Clone is way more bigger there than in other any country. That doesn’t mean that it’s not possible, but the probability its way more bigger. And since Apple has their manufactures there, the probability gets bigger.

        Hope that make sense to you, because if not, I will not even bother anymore. ..

      • He’s from Taiwan, just because he’s Chinese does not make him a China man ..LOL Do some homework 😀

      • No more Obama

        you’re korean. am i right or am i right?….don’t bother talking to @int3nsive he is racist. hates asians and whites

      • Imma Korean + Chinese
        Lol.. Just ignore what he said

      • No more Obama

        ㅋㅋㅋ 오케이~

    • YujinNY

      that is called stealing…

  • YujinNY

    what is a chinese popstar? a rip off of an american pop star?

    • Don’t judge just because you don’t listen Chinese pop song

  • Total BS…

  • I smell racist~
    fake or not , nothing to do with “Chinese”
    Why cant a popstar playing around with fake mockup?
    Fake , just leave it, like the rest of the “mockup” showing around the web
    Simply Google it and you’ll get tons of image >>> “iPhone next gen”
    Real ? Nobody can tells until Apple announce it

    • Ronnie Weaver

      Can you point out the rasisim in this for me? Just becomes his nationality is stated ? Seems like you might be a little confused. If you noticed in the last two weeks china has been home to many leaks and fake iPhone mockups. It’s not any reason to pull the racism card. It seems a little immature for you to poke a comment like that. None of this post said anything negative about his nationality.

      • Oh? Simply press your Ctrl+F and search for the word “Chinese”
        I’m sure you can find plenty of them in this page ~ ha

  • Sara Pilling

    Attention seeking….Clones

  • Victor

    You can get one of these sh*ts everywhere in china lol

  • notewar

    I bet the guy believed that the iPhone in his hand is actually iPhone 5

  • notewar

    Fake= Images
    Real=He soon will be sued by Apple

  • Dlevi309

    Damn Chinese have a hack for everything! (Jk)

  • deepdvd

    I’m pretty sure it’s fake based on one simple observation. If you compare the dock connector, it’s opposite from the leaked parts. One is female, one is male. I’m hoping that the leaked parts are correct. It’s a more intelligent design.

  • Alvin Ma

    if you guys know who he is you wont make those stupid comments. DONE.

  • MasterTan

    Fucking gook

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      • MasterTan

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  • nima

    guys!!!!! apple has given one to one of the worlds most famouse person to make the iphone look even better and i think apple is a genius of this work! or if its not like this, i my self think its fake becaz on the first page slide on the iphone which is in his hands are only a few apps!! really!!???

  • Cool story Mr. Popstar……..

  • Nicek1d

    I bet its a mock iphone for sure, probably has iphone 4s internals made to work with a taller chinese housing and a couple of cydia tweeks to add 5 row etc..