If you’re like most people, there are weeks of programming sitting on your DVR. Never fear. Now you can view ‘The Simpsons’ while brushing your teeth or catch-up on that PBS series while eating breakfast. TiVo Stream is the latest service which pumps those idle moments full of video goodness.

The $130 TiVo Stream box sends prerecorded content to your laptop, iPhone, iPad and latest iPod touch. Did you kill your TV? No problem. Your mobile device can become your television, allowing you to view the guide, record a show for later or watch the programming live.

Available Sept. 6 from TiVo.com and later Best Buy, TiVo Stream requires a TiVo Premiere service. The TiVo Premiere costs between $150-$400, not including the monthly $15 service charge.

Of course, streaming recorded content is nothing new for cable and satellite services which have watched their audiences literally vanish from in front of the TV to the Internet or tablets. Netflix and Hulu also provide streaming video services. Most recently, cable provider Time Warner and satellite system DirecTV have offered ways to stream their content to smartphones and tablets.

The TiVo Stream is about the size of a slice of bread, according to an All Things Digital review. Although your main TiVo device is wireless, you’ll need to dust-off your ethernet cable to connect the Stream. Be forewarned that streaming video (live or prerecorded) “used up a serious chunk” of the reviewer’s iPhone and iPad battery. It might be wise to just plug in your device before hitting the “play” button.

What do you think? How much video is on your DVR — and do you want to watch it on your tablet, or just read a book?

  • Who did their Product Market Research!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!

    No, really – are they crazy?

    Yes, its a valuable service and good idea too, but in light of Netflix and Hulu Plus streaming services, not to mention that both Comcast and AT&T Uverse have their versions of “live TV” streaming – I ask again, ARE THEY CRAZY!!!

    First, a Roku or Apple iTV cost you $99 – TiVo wants $149…. too much!!!
    Next, Netflix and Hulu Plus cost you only $8/month – TiVo wants an EXTRA $15/month on top of your high monthly TiVo service fees!!!

    So….. I ask again, ARE THEY CRAZY!!!

  • YujinNY

    TIVO is garbage and people should just let it died…they over charge you, hardware is horrible and dies fast and they even charge you a rip off fee for a service that is basically free else where…sure the integration is great but their service is horrible and the customer service is worst than dell

  • Donovan Davis

    Or you can just use the PC or Mac you already have with a TV tuner and an app like splashtop been working for me for a while now plus it’s free after initial purchase of less than $100

  • J M

    It sounds like you would not be able to connect to stream while not on your home network. That is too bad 🙁 If it had the capability to stream while away from home like AirVideo, then I would consider it well worthwhile.