TiVo confirms that iOS streaming solution is coming this summer

TiVo, Inc. today announced that this summer TiVo Premiere or Premiere Q DVR subscribers will be able to stream content to “alternative screens” such as the iPhone and iPad by way of TiVo Stream.

TiVo Stream is a new service that provides transcoding to enable content viewing on mobile devices and is “the first product to enable streaming or download of shows simultaneously to multiple portable devices without interrupting what’s playing on the television”

There’s a catch, as always.

Not all shows will automatically be available for streaming as operators working with TiVo get to decide which shows are available through TiVo Stream in a similar manner content owners can prevent their videos from streaming to mobile devices.

According to a press release:

TiVo Stream delivers content to a customer’s tablet or mobile device, creating a cohesive viewing experience no matter how they choose to watch their programs. Both products are optimized for operator distribution, including automated provisioning and activation, and the low-capital costs that operators demand.

The company also announced a new IP set-top box that complements your primary TiVo DVR “by extending the TiVo experience onto secondary TVs including live and recorded television viewing”.

The company will reveal more details on availability of both the new set-top box and the TiVo Stream service “in the coming months”.

TV Everywhere?

Better late than never…