The amount of claimed leaked next-generation iPhone parts we’re seeing is starting to get out of control. Yesterday we saw a purported dock connector for the handset, and now this.

The above photo is of what’s believed to be a complete front panel belonging to Apple’s next smartphone. It has the rumored elongated display, and a repositioned FaceTime camera…

MacRumors has the pics, which were uploaded by nationwide repair shop UBreakiFix. The firm says that it received the photos from one of their distributers and they appear legitimate.

The display in the next iPhone is said to measure 4-inches in diagonal, up from 3.5-inches, with a resolution of 1136 x 640. This theory has been corroborated by a number of news outlets, as well as a recent discovery that Apple’s upcoming software scales to fit such a display.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine that the designs seen in previous part leaks are anything but accurate. They’re Apple-like, they’re consistent, and there’s obviously a lot of them floating around.

Of course, Apple could still pull a 180 and surprise everyone at its iPhone event next month. But we’re not counting on it.

  • шикарно

  • I wanted a bigger screen, not a longer… This dont looks Apple-like

    • looks like a skinny long dick, thats worth nothing. if this is the next iphone then i am definatelly buying an s3

      • M not going to buy s3 but i ll definitely not upgrade…:/

      • Hahaha LoL… I have to agree :)) and its still not 720p because it is so long :S it Suckss..

      • SoCoMagNuM

        S3 is nice but it has its flaws. my main gripe is the “force to quit” app issue with some apps i use often. Also the proximity sensor is super sensitive. AND…believe the reports….S Voice is no rival of Siri for iPhone…its useless. other than that the phone is AMAZING. boots really fast (15-20), 4G LTE is blazing fast (if covered in your area), 2gigs of gets apps going fast, Screen is a nice size (grows on you), list goes on. Im happy with my upgrade. Didnt think I could get accustomed to Android OS but its doable. its just about giving it a chance, something i praised i wouldnt do previously.

    • that’s not what SHE said lol … Yeah I know what you mean though … : /

    • Steve is dead apple has changed and now thinks this long design is a good idea…. Sad times

  • Loopthree

    You guys have completely ruined any anticipation that I had for the iPhone 5.
    I find it quite ironic that this apple-centric blog actually detracts from the end-user’s experience. Can’t you at least let me filter these posts out of my RSS feed?

    • I Agree

    • J M

      Surely you don’t have to read the article just because it appears in your RSS feed do you?

    • 1337lolzorz

      They didn’t ruin anything

  • Ok why dont we just leak the whole phone and get it over with…

  • hey guys, sorry i need to ask this.. is there any way to remove Coverflow from the Music App.. and just have it exactly like when in portrait.. but obvious in the right orientation?! this coverflow business is so annoying

    • ya use orientation lock, double tap the home button and scroll to the left, its the button to the left

      • that doesnt help.. i want the titles to flip to landscape as well.. i dont want it to just stay on portrait mode

    • Yeah and why didn’t they put all the damn play controls on the over flow UI

      • honesty.. why hasnt someone made a tweak for this yet? does anyone even use coverflow.. who cares about the album cover of your songs!

  • elongated display looks ugly! apple always puts design into the fist place so im sure will unveil something extraordinary! but definitely not this one

  • God you guys make articles about ugly iPhone 5 parts but you do realize these don’t look apple like?

    • People said the same thing about the iPhone 4 when gizmodo leaked those photos.

      • JamesR624

        Why is this being downvoted for truth? Oh yeah, it’s an apple site.

  • by the time they announce it we will already have leaked parts for the 7th gen iPhone.

  • karimo

    i think this part could be for the new iPod not the new iphone

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Well Steve jobs isn’t around anymore do this might actually be as “apple like” as we can expect.

    • But he allegedly designed a few more generations before his death.

      • JamesR624

        And you believed that? This is the same man that did the iPhone at the very last minute from the apple tablet project. Besides, one man can’t predict the technology industry into the next 5 years. Steve was man but he wasn’t stupid. He wouldn’t dump the entire company’s assets into designs that may or may not work when he has no idea how the tech industry will go in the next 5 years.

        Key word here: “ALLEGEDLY”. I.E. a rumor!

      • I understand allegedly is a rumor, thats why i said it.

  • I’m not quite sure of the benefit of having a taller but not wider screen. Can I be enlightened?

    • Ronald Weaver

      Its funny u say that. I wonder the same thing. If its gonna come true that this is the real design. I wonder if it is gonna be the stand out feature that they are going to say that makes this new phone revolutionary.

    • 1337lolzorz

      It would make the iPhone have a 16:9 ratio which means no more letter box on HD videos

      • SimonReidy

        Correct. A more detailed analysis of this is below.

    • SimonReidy

      My theory is that Apple will market it as being all about a better video/movie experience.

      When you hold the new 4″ iPhone in landscape mode you will get a full 16×9 picture. Not only is the screen physically larger, but because its also wider (when held in landscape) you will get no black bars on videos/movies/shows that are shot in 16×9 widescreen. The result is you’ll see an image that is more than 30% larger than it appears on the iPhone 4/4S.

      And for films you see at the cinema that are shot in the really wide aspect ratio (which is a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, or sometimes referred to as “Cinemascope”) you’ll only see small minimal black bars as opposed to the giant black bars you now see on the 4/4S.

      The best way to simulate this screen upgrade, is to record a widescreen video on your current iPhone. Now play back the recorded video on the phone without zooming in, and look at the size of the black bars. On the new iPhone these black bars will be gone and the video will fill the screen perfectly, resulting in a much more accurate more video viewing experience.

      You can simulate the new screen size, by zooming the video you recorded so that it fills the display, but now imagine the sides weren’t chopped off the picture.

      My only complaint is that they didn’t go all the up to 1280×720 (so the phone was more like 4.3″ and didn’t look so thin when held in portrait mode). However I can understand why they would stick with 640 pixels across to make it very easy for developers to update their apps to the new screen size (and to stop the phone feeling any larger in the hand than the 4S).

      • Ronald Weaver

        That’s a very good point and a great benifit. The only problem is I really don’t watch movies on phones. It’s a little to small for that for me. If I plan to watch a movie on the go I would use my iPad. I mainly use my phone in portrait for the most part. The only time I do use the landscape is to show a friend a video on you tube or maybe web browsing. So just a all around bigger screen would be nice. I’m not gonna lie but I would like to have s3 size screen. Every time I go to the store and hold one I feel it would be perfect for me.

      • SimonReidy

        I have to agree. At the very least they should have jumped up to around 4.3″ and 1280×720, which would have made the phone a little wider and taller, and conform to an industry standard resolution of 720p. However there’s a lot of people who wanted the phone to stay the same physical size, while a ton of people wanted a larger screen, and this is the only way Apple could achieve both. Sadly it’s a bit of an awkward compromise.

        It’s a shame too as you can bet that this new resolution and form factor will be the iPhone standard for at least 2 generations. Its not that it’s that bad in my opinion, it just could have been that bit better.

        As for the screen looking “long” people will get used to that. After all it’s exactly the same aspect ratio as 1280×720 16×9 Android phones (they just have the bonus of a larger, higher resolution screen). It’s just what people are used to looking at that makes the new iPhone look strange at first.

      • Ronald Weaver

        It would be nice if they could release several models. Same size as now the long stretchy thing and a four inch rectangle like the s3. I think that could me everyone happy. I bet this will never happen.

      • SimonReidy

        I think you’ll find everyone wishes Apple would release more modeIs. I’m not a big fan of Android, but at least it has a huge range and diversity of handsets so you can pick one that suits your needs the best.

        With Apple, its getting harder every year for them to please everyone with a single iPhone, so at the very least there should be a a choice between a 3.5″ 960×640 model and a new 4.3″ 720p model, making it longer, but a little wider at the same time. They could call it the iPhone Pro or something and it would look awesome.

        However this is Apple we’re talking about, so we both know that will never happen. Hence we’re getting a new iPhone that appears to be attempting to please everyone, but in the process will potentially alienate a lot of users and send them to other platforms like Android (just my opinion of course).

      • Thes teen is still to small for watching movies so they should have made he scream proportionally bigger to make apps easier to use

  • @dongiuj

    Wow, a long iphone 4

    • You see just the front panel and say it’s same like iPhone 4?

      • @dongiuj

        What, are you telling me that the front panel doesn’t look like an iphone 4?

      • No I am not, but the back and sides will probably be different as we saw in numerous images before.

      • Looks same as 4 and 4s just longe4 which is sad cause 4 nd 4s are already too damn long

  • I’m not even going to talk shit cuz I know I’ll get it anyways.

    • probly same as me and anyone else who knocks it. you know theyll buy it lol.

  • Looks the same to me …just a little longer but not much.”..I hope inside is full new stuff

  • takean

    Yea…I’m afraid if that’s it, it will have to have something really good under the hood for me to buy it. I was really hoping for a design change. 🙁

  • Dan

    Gotta admit that I’m starting to think I will be disappointed on September 12th… This simply looks like a stretched out iPhone 4S. I really don’t see the advantage in having a longer screen. If this phone doesn’t impress (and I sure as hell was not impressed with 4S or the New iPad to be honest), I’m going to switch pretty quickly to Galaxy S3.

  • Well below the resolution of some Android phones that have 720p resolution. Disappointing.

  • macboy74

    Man I can’t wait till next month. Sick of all these fake rumors ,

    • Ronald Weaver

      Me too. I think the truth might be that with a wait for several months for a jailbreak and the disappointment of the screen resolution its gonna be a rocky start for the next generation iPhone.

  • harit7

    It would be great if apple suprised us.
    Apple being apple can pull it off and surprise everyone.
    That would be dreat. 😀
    Plus personally i seriously dont like this new elongated design .
    Looks like a remote or something.

    • Yeah I can see apple surprising us with another iPhone that looks exactly like the 4and 4s

  • LilGreenGuy

    LTE iPhone with jailbreak is all I want.

  • Donovan Wynter

    ugly ass piece a crap

  • 1337lolzorz

    Every year people complain about the new iPhone being ugly before they even hold it..

    • It’s a longer boring 4sdesign yay

      • 1337lolzorz

        I bet you were one of those people that complained about the design of the iPhone 4 before it came out am I right?

  • Guest

    we should create a petition and get as many signed as possible to let apple know that this is a horrible idea and threat not to buy it

  • we should create a petition and get as many signed as possible to let
    apple know that this is a horrible idea and threat not to buy it

  • SimonReidy

    It amazes me that people’s vision can be so narrow (no pun intended) when talking about a “longer iPhone”. The primary advantages of a “longer” phone don’t even matter much for portrait viewing. However once you hold the phone in landscape it will be hugely superior to the current iPhone given it has a true 16×9 screen. That means more immersive videos, TV shows, games and movies.

    So stop thinking of the phone as “longer” and rather think about it in landscape mode where it will be “wider”, enabling approx 20-30% more pixels dedicated to the actual picture (as opposed to black bars) when watching widescreen material.

    • Ummmm overal bigger would have been better

    • Yeh, because we use our phones in landscape most of the time /sarcasm >.>

  • Justin Blatchley

    could pretty much put the phone together now someone should start to

  • You all have just become spoiled to apple. If you don’t like the design then go to android or wp7. Stop nagging.

  • I hate the shape of the screen please widen it. It looks weird

  • Wait, is there, like, an actual confirmed event that Apple has sent out invites for already? Lol I’m outta touch.

  • If apple go for this shape and size for iPhone 5 then I will surly look into android

  • I like the metal parts etc. But the elongated design is also bugging me a bit. Not 100% deal breaker but definitely far from Apple’s golden geometry!