More photos of claimed iPad mini and new iPhone parts

More photos of components believed to belong to the new iPhone and rumored iPad mini have surfaced this afternoon. The images come on the heels of a string of recent part leaks.

The pieces in the photo are said to be the dock connectors from both devices, along with their headphone jacks and flex cables. And they offer up some new details about the gadgets…

The photos were posted by iResQ, a repair shop based in Kansas.

“We’ve had iPhone 5 and iPad Mini parts for some time now, but we’ve decided that we’d like to share this with our faithful readers. In the first picture, you’ll see two 8pin dock connector and headphone jack assemblies for the Mini iPad on the left. On the right, you’ll see two 8-pin dock connector and headphone jack assemblies for the iPhone 5 (or”New iPhone”).”

The site goes on to point out that components from both devices come in both black and white, which is interesting considering those parts on current devices are metal (although headphone jack on current iPad is black).

Also worth noting is the fact that the dock connector and headphone jack on the iPad mini piece are close together, suggesting that like the new iPhone, the smaller tablet’s headphone jack will be positioned at the bottom.

And finally, looking at the close up of the purported dock connector, the part seems to match up with previous leaks — 8 gold pins. This is believed to be the smaller dock connector Apple will be using in all of its future devices.

Alas, we obviously have no way of confirming the legitimacy of these parts. But as MacRumors notes, they are consistent with other Apple components. And we expect to see plenty more as next month’s media event draws near.