Mini iPad to have relocated headphone jack?

Remember a French blog which recently leaked a bunch of images purportedly representing the iPhone 5 Nano SIM tray, the full front assembly of the device and its smaller dock connector? They’re back at it again with today’s photo of the purported iPad mini dock connector flex cable.

It supports earlier claims that the rumored device will have a smaller dock connector, which is expected to debut on the iPhone 5 this September. Even more interesting, the part has the headphone jack at the bottom, just like the iPhone 5 is thought to have.

It would seem that Apple is ready to adopt the new dock connector and move the headphone jack at the bottom across all upcoming iOS devices…

According to NowhereElse, a French blog, Kyle Wiens of iFixit was able to take a closer look at the part and conclude that it matches up nicely to previous parts leaks, though he stopped short of vouching for the image’s authenticity.

Here’s that part.

A part number is akin to Apple’s naming convention for iOS device flex cables.

Here’s your machine-translated excerpt:

If you look closer, I realized that this connector was obviously the same as unveiled last week by Sonny Dickson, which connector is for its part designed to equip the iPhone 5.

In addition, a headphone jack is also attached to this form and to the sides of the connector is in a configuration similar to that of the element supposedly produced for the iPhone 5.

We were getting worried that the iPad mini would prove vapourware due to the lack of part leaks which accompany Apple’s next iPhone.

With this particular part leaked, there’s hope that Apple has begun procuring component for the device, meaning the company may be in the process of  getting its supply and manufacturing chain prepare for production.

Anything else you could glean for this alleged iPad mini flex cable?