The entire iPhone 5 front assembly pictured

It seems that everybody in Asia and their mother have some spare iPhone 5 parts to share with the web at large. A new report is out today with a pair of images showing the purported front assembly of the next iPhone, meticulously disassembled in a true teardown analysis manner…

The French blog NowhereElse points to a pair of image sourced from iColorOS that show all the parts thought to make up the iPhone 5 front assembly.

Here you can see a bunch of internal sensors, the volume control circuitry, the smaller home button and the glass display.

Note that the above image also depicts what looks to be a Nano SIM tray that NowheeElse first leaked on Monday.

Here’s that smaller drawer compared to the MicroSIM drawer used on the iPhone 4/4S, from four days ago.

And here’s another look at the front assembly parts.

NowhereElse is increasingly becoming the source of late iPhone 5 rumors as we approach the rumored September 12 announcement.

Just yesterday, the site pointed to a Chinese newspaper report claiming that the iPhone 5 will be just 7.6mm thick (versus 9.3mm for the iPhone 4/4S) and published a bunch of gorgeous renders depicting what holding a four-inch iPhone with a taller display could feel like.

The blog also published a full on image of the purported iPhone 5 dock connector which clearly shows a metal ring inside the casing cutout, suggesting MagSafe-like functionality.

What do you think about this iPhone 5 front assembly?

Perhaps you can glean other interesting tidbits from these shots?