This is what holding the iPhone 5 in your hand might look like

There is no shortage of iPhone 5 mockups these days as the big launch draws nearer with each passing day. Like all the other concept renders before it, this one’s also based on leaked components, engineering samples, case molds and cases we’ve seen so far.

What’s unusual about this particular set of renders is that the images depict what holding an iPhone 5 in one’s hand may look like…

The renders are credited to the French blog NowhereElse, which also brought you images of a purported Nano SIM tray for the next iPhone and another gorgeous Liquidmetal iPhone 5 concept render.

Here’s a look at the iPhone 5 in an average person’s hand.

And the white model, too.

Another one for the sake of completeness.

What do you think about those renders?

NowhereElse has a few dozen images so make sure to check out the original post.

I was originally skeptical of a rumored two-tone design, but these renders made me reconsider my stance. A little bit more than half the respondents voted in our poll in favor of the two-tone look.

Can you fathom holding a taller four-inch iPhone in your hand?