Video surfaces of purported next generation iPhone back cover

Last week, metal-laden back covers, reportedly belonging to the next-generation iPhone, started popping up online. The components were intriguing, because with their elongated bodies and redesigned charging ports, they lined up perfectly with previous speculation.

Well today, we’ve come across a video showing off the part. The folks at CydiaBlog point to a new YouTube video from ETradeSupply, a third-party parts dealer, who appears to have gotten its hands on one of these “iPhone 5” back covers. Full clip after the break…


The video doesn’t provide us with a whole lot of new information, but it does give us a much better look at the component. The piece is both longer and thinner than its predecessor, and features a relocated headphone jack and a much smaller charging port.

Obviously, it’s impossible to confirm the legitimacy of the cover at this time. But we have to admit it’s interesting that a number of these pieces are starting to surface this month — remember, The Wall Street Journal said that next-generation iPhone production would start in June.

That being said, it’s also possible that these are fakes. It’s a known fact that Apple floats around fake parts and prototypes to help expose leaks in its supply chain. And Tim Cook recently made it clear that his company was going to start taking its already-notorious secrecy policy to the next level.

Whatever it looks like, the sixth-generation iPhone is expected to drop sometime this fall with several new features, including a 4-inch display, LTE compatibility, and other improvements.

What do you think of the back cover in the video? Real or fake?