Apple is expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone during a media event on September 12. And apparently, the handset will become available for pre-order the same day.

According to a new report, Apple is planning to start accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone on September 12, with its actual release still slated for the following Friday…

iMore’s Rene Ritchie reports:

“A couple of weeks ago iMore reported that Apple would be holding their iPhone 5 event on September 12, 2012. We’ve since learned that iPhone 5 pre-orders are currently planned to being that same day, at least in the U.S. Release is still planned for 9 days later, on September 21, 2012. We’ve also learned that the second wave of iPhone launches, the ones in international markets, will begin in the first week of October, likely October 5.”

The note goes on to point out that this move wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Apple, as last year, iPhone 4S pre-orders became available the same day as it was unveiled, October 7.

And there’s no doubt that Ritchie has some quality sources — he was the first to report on the September 12 event date, which has since been confirmed by a number of news outlets.

In addition to the new smartphone, Apple is expected to introduce a slew of other new products next month including a smaller version of its iPad, and other revamped iOS devices.

  • jose castro

    i have a question is that with upgrades too ?

    • I dont see why it wouldn’t be.

  • 1337lolzorz

    Canada better get the same US release date!

    • nobody cares about you HOSERS up there. haha J.K

      • 1337lolzorz

        Judging by your name, I’m sure there’s one thing you’d like here 😉

    • pegger1

      We did for the 4S but that hasn’t always been the case, hopefully it is going forward. I was able to preorder the 4S on the announcement date and receive it on the release date.

  • When you pre-order a new iphone through the apple store, is the money taken straight away or just before dispatch? This will be the first time I’ve bought one outright.

    From UK if that matters.


    • You are going to pay in advance then your phone will be shipped right after the release date.

    • Also, they ship it before the release day, and it gets to you the exact day when they release it. That is of course taking into consideration that you pre order it right away when it’s presented to the techie society.

  • I wonder how many mini iPad cases are being made right now only to find out come sep 12 there will be no mini iPad!
    Just like all those ugly iPhone 5 cases that were all wasted on a rumour!

  • Carl Qiu

    unlocked or not?