A new set of court documents filed ahead of the July 30 mega-trial between Apple and Samsung reveals that retailers like Best Buy informed Samsung that an unknown portion of buyers were returning Samsung’s tablets because they thought they were getting iPads. Furthermore, court documents also show that several Samsung employees did discuss the similarities between Galaxy products and Apple’s iPhone and iPad themselves…

Ina Fried, reporting for AllThingsD:

Samsung was forced to release a bunch of documents it had been keeping under seal that show the likeness between its products and Apple’s.

Examples outlined in the documents include comments from Samsung workers discussing similarities with Apple’s products, and reports Samsung got from retailer Best Buy that Samsung tablets were being returned because customers thought they were getting iPads.

Samsung is going to attempt to prevent this information from being included at trial, which begins July 30. Meanwhile, Microsoft, Research In Motion, Qualcomm and others reportedly want their contracts with Apple and Samsung kept under seal.

The same batch of court documents also contain 3D CAD drawings of early iPhone and iPad prototypes, including one particular iPhone prototype which Samsung claims had been inspired by Sony’s design language, as seen below.

Samsung plans on using this early mockup to establish enough prior art to invalidate Apple’s design claims asserted against it.

Unfortunately for Samsung, internal communication has also revealed that Google and a bunch of famous designers advised against copying the iPhone too much.

Samsung on its part is adamant that Apple would have sold zero iPhones if it hadn’t been for its patents pertaining to wireless technologies.

Court-mediated talks between Apple and Samsung led nowhere as the two frenemies couldn’t agree to the value of each other’s patents.

Apple is allegedly seeking up to $2.5 billion in royalty fees from Samsung while offering the South Korean Galaxy maker half a cent per device in exchange for its own patents.

It’s going to be some cat fight come July 30, eh?

  • Looks like Samsung are trying anything and everything ..last grasp of straws me thinks..
    And as for the customers buying Samsung tablets thinking there were iPads.. The clue was on the package the name SAMSUNG and not APPLE should of been a giveaway..

  • Then I guess some Samsung Tablet buyers were stupid. No, I don’t really mean that, but obviously the blame should be on Best Buy. Similar or not, their job is to inform the customer on what they are buying, which in this case, they obviously didn’t do.

    As far as the case between Apple vs. Samsung, I’m sorry Samsung, but it seems like everyday the evidence is getting stacked against you. It’ll be a miracle if you come out of this with no repercussions.

    But if Samsung’s evidence against Apple has any validity, Apple could be in big trouble. I’m just waiting for something to happen, and happen quick. I just want that new iPhone in October. Hopefully no one will screw it up…

    • Kurt Lewis

      galaxy tab look exactly like my samsung tv. they ripped themselves off

  • Opps, um I’ll just put this um, iPad back on the shelf and buy the cheaper Samsung, oh look over there. Boy I’m so happy I saved money by swapping an Apple iPad into a Samsung box

  • Tech savvy or not, I have a really hard time believing someone could buy a Samsung tablet thinking it was an iPad. I mean, come on. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to return my Hyundai Elantra to the car dealership because I thought I was buying an Audi A4.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Lol, Nice analogy.

    • Gucciipad

      Lmao. Best analogy. And biggest laugh of the day thanks.

    • I’ve worked at an electronics store and honestly, it happens all the time. Same thing used ot happen with iPod. People would come in asking for an iPod, see the price and ask if the other iPods (basically any other mp player not Apple branded) were any good. People are definitely dumb enough to think the Samsung product is an iPad.

      • Benny Green

        That’s because the name iPod had become generic to mp3 players to the not so tech savvy. Basically they wanted a music player – cheap

      • Kurt Lewis

        your story and what is happening here is not the same. i find it hard that people can make such a mistake.

      • Explain how it is not the same. Everyone thought any mp3 player was an iPod, and event after I corrected them, continued to call whatever pos they picked up an iPod, especially non-English speakers (namely Mexicans). However, many English speakers made the same mistake. Guaranteed those same idiots would call a sSamsung an iPad, bc they think every tablet that looks like that is an iPad.

      • Kurt Lewis

        what you are failing to get is, they may not be techy, but they know those crap mp3 players are not iPods, they are calling all mp3 players iPods. that we all know, right? good…
        Now, tablets are different. people dont call all tablets iPads. i’m sure the people who bought the samsung tablet and returned it just didn’t like it and decided to go with the iPad so they said the most obvious thing to say “oh, i thought i bought an iPad, so now give me the correct one”

      • No seriously. They really thought any mp3 player was an iPod made by Apple. People are really that dumb. The one thing I learned most in a retail store is that common sense is not common at all. People usually are incredibly dumb and don’t want to learn. I truly believe that these people think that the Samsung is an iPad cuz it looks the same/was copied/Samsung infringed on Apple’s design/Apple should win all the lawsuits etc.

      • Kurt Lewis

        they are probably the same people who voted for obama

      • Umm… wow. Really not the place for that kind of political statement. I sold the products and knew the difference, and also voted for President Obama. Have some respect. I bet you’re the kind of person who throws around the term “Obamacare” not knowing that the law as it stands, is not the law that his administration originally drafted. But, yet you would prolly still use the term Obamacare to defend your hatred of the President.

      • Kurt Lewis

        Whoa, how did you figure me out so well? On a serious note I was joking and you were not. Don’t be a typical liberal and judge others like you did. More importantly don’t make the same mistake and vote for Obama again. Thanks in advance for your cooporation. Maybe the next 4 years won’t be so terrible.

      • You’re an idiot if you think the economy was in the trash bc of Obama. That’s a Bush legacy. Also, I’m not a liberal. I’m a moderate conservative. You shouldn’t make assumptions based on one vote.

      • Kurt Lewis

        for one, giving loans to those who can’t afford it based on race is a liberal agenda. taking the protections out that were placed in from the great depression by your liberal president clinton-those two greatest reasons why we had the financial collapse. but your a liberal who is pro obamacare. no conservative would be that. you are either lying or you don’t understand what a conservative is. or perhaps since the democrat party is pretty much socialists and you aren’t that extreme you identify yourself with conservatives which is becoming more and more the case.

        now go away little boy, i had enough of you. vote for yourself for president, anyone but obama

      • 1) Clinton produced a fantastic surplus and was a great president in general
        2) I’m not a liberal. Supporting 1 man does not make me a liberal.
        3) I don’t support what you call Obamacare, the law that was butchered by Republicans yet blamed on Mr. Obama.
        4) If you think Democrats are socialists, you must hate social security, welfare, or medicare. Hmmm wasn’t it Nixon who invented medicare? Yet you don’t cry about him being a socialist. People who call deomcrats socialists have lost my respect because they demonstrate that they fundamentally don’t understand the issues. You must think that England is socialist too because they have a tax supported healthcare system.
        5) You seem to be a very angry person. I’m sorry about that. Being that you know nothing about me, I’d appreciate it if you kept the personal attacks to a minimum.

      • The saying opinions are like assholes is certainly true in your case. You are a shining example of it.

      • Explain yourself. I could say the same about you, but without a reason, it would just sound silly.

    • ic0dex

      The purchased he Galaxy Tab and did not like, so when they returned it their excuse was I assumed I was buying an iPad.

    • Trust me this keeps happening. A customer came to Carrefour here in UAE and purchased COBY tab thinking its gonna be same as iPad the very same day he came and returned it. He refused to listen to the staff when they kept telling him this isnt nowhere to iPAD. and yet they fell for it.

  • I can’t blame them. Its not like it had the words SAMSUNG all over the box? Anyone can make that mistake. Right?

  • I wonder if best buy ever had anyone come In and say I’m returning this iPad because I thought it was a galaxy tablet 😀

  • Noah King

    Non-tech orientated people consider any tablet an ‘ipad’ so i could see how the mistake could be made but still….. if you know that an ipad is a tablet, you probably know it’s made by apple and wouldn’t have samsung branding all over the box

    • Kurt Lewis

      no they don’t. people call tablets, tablets. not ipads.

  • Samsung is trying so hard to copy and look like Apple’s elegant products, which can never happen, though.

  • The ridiculousness level is… TOO HIGH! I mean, what did you except? Quality? Ha!