We told you earlier in the week that European wireless carriers were stockpiling Nano SIM cards in the hope that the next iPhone will incorporate the newly ratified technology which enables thinner devices due to a 40 percent smaller footprint versus the Micro SIM standard.

As you know, Apple’s Nano SIM proposal was chosen last month by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute as the industry standard, following weeks of bickering between Apple on one side and Nokia, Motorola and Research In Motion on the other.

A new report from this morning has it that Apple is supplying its carrier partners with Nano SIM adapters so they could test Nano SIMs on existing devices before the next iPhone arrives in October

Update: everything you need to know about the iPhone 5

Boy Genius Report editor Jonathan Geller has the story:

Multiple carrier sources have exclusively told BGR that Apple is supplying nano SIM adapters so its carrier partners can test how nano SIMs work on their networks in standard test devices before they are widely deployed when the new iPhone is introduced.

This includes AT&T.

Geller also confirmed in a separate story that the next iPhone will feature NFC, 4G LTE and a new application processor with 1GB of RAM.

BGR has a mixed track record with Apple rumors (remember this and this?), but pundits have sure been keeping their fingers crossed for Apple adopting Nano SIM with the iPhone 5.

However, neither an alleged iPhone 5 schematics nor the video of a purported backplate have conclusively proved that the phone will sport the smaller SIM card.

From left to right: Nano SIM, Micro SIM and regular SIM. Image: Giesecke & Devrient

Another thing to consider: the regular Micro SIM standard took a whopping five years since ratification to appear in the iPhone 4. SIM card maker Giesecke & Devrient thinks Nano SIM won’t be held back by bureaucracy, noting recently that “adoption is being driven by a supplier” in an obvious nod at Apple.

The company also thinks “we’ll see a product very soon after ratification”, giving hope that the smaller SIM will after all debut on the next iPhone.

If this pans out, Apple’s iPhone will be the first consumer device to adopt the Nano SIM standard, just as the iPhone 4 popularized the Micro SIM card.

What do you think, will the next iPhone will feature Micro SIM or Nano SIM?

  • wtf is an application processor? 😛

    • It’s a system-on-a-chip 🙂

      • I knew what you meant – I’d just never heard it called that. It doesn’t just process apps. You wouldn’t call the processor in a computer an “application processor” Or would you?

      • Mike

        Yeah, he knew what you meant. He’s just one of those pedantic types that instead of going with the flow on things and enjoying an article at face value, he instead chooses to obsess over the minutia of it and bring it to the author’s attention.

        I think a lot of comment sections would be far less lengthy and a lot more tame if folks like this could simply control themselves.

  • Nick Partridge

    as a traveller who has probably in the last two years had to trim over a dozen 3rd country SIMs down to micro size to use in my 4 I am very nervous about nano SIM support. It would certainly cause me to delay a purchase and if there is any problem (ie inability to trim SIMs mechanically or non availability at street kiosk level) it would be a deal breaker for me. I do ponder a cheap android or an elderly 3GS for travel – don’t burn me Apple!

    • Aleksander Azizi

      You could joust find a pair of scissors and cut it down , thats what i did for my iPhone 4s, would probably work from Micro To Nano as well…

      • It likely won’t work the same way. The actual chip on a micro sim is the same size as the chip of a normal sim. The nano sim chip will be smaller in size than the nano’s, probably preventing you from a quick and dirty trimming.

      • Actually it will be able to be trimmed quite easily When it comes down to it, the Apple design nano sim is much like current micro-SIM cards, except with less plastic around the edges.

      • I hope you’re right Jason. I want to buy an unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 for new service with Consumer Cellular which runs on their network. And they still only send out old standard size SIM cards. You know for a fact the trimmimg is easy? With what tools and technique please? Where are detailed instructions including what tools to use? Please.

  • Just give me the next iPhone already, sheesh! Lol

  • How can i learn to trim a standard AT&T SIM card to Nano SIM size for my iPhone 5 Jason? @FutureMedia is my twitter account name.

    • Vee

      refrain from buying it. unnecessary annoying update.