It’s been an unusually eventful Sunday evening here at iDB. Earlier, The New York Times ran a report on the rumored “iPad Mini,” and now a new photo of purported next-gen iPhone components has surfaced.

The image you see above is a pair of iPhone fronts, supposedly from Apple’s next smartphone. And like the front panels we saw back in May, they depict a relocated FaceTime camera and an elongated display…

9to5Mac points to the photo, which was originally posted on The site opines that the next-gen iPhone part leaks are starting to become more frequent now that the handset is presumedly in production.

These fronts match up with previously leaked panels, and a set of schematics we saw last month, so it’s possible that they’re legitimate. They also support claims that Apple’s next smartphone will feature a 4-inch display.

On top of the larger screen, the next iPhone is also believed to be thinner than its predecessor, with a new case design, LTE compatibility and other upgraded internals. Apple’s expected to unveil the new handset in late September, or early October of this year.

  • Primo Sidone

    Apple’s gotta lose that clumsy home button. It infuriates me when I try to double-press it and get a single-press.

    The Galaxy Nexus works beautifully with the on-screen buttons. Apple’s gonna have to keep up.

    • Home buttons way better

    • It is your iphone dude my iphone used to be like that but when i say the problem to apple they changed it with the new one and home button is fixed
      and if apple used the on screen button samsung will sue aplle 100% sure

    • I love the Homebutton 😀 It’s perfect with this small amount off Buttons that are not on-screen. Homebutton Powerbutton Silence and Volume. Brilliant^^ Those are the Buttons I still want to be able to press even when the software is having problems. btw Galaxy S3 has a Homebutton to. It’s just thinner

    • Primo Sidone

      Hey guys. Interesting replies to my comment. I actually thought more people would agree with me. I love the iPhone, but I have experienced the on-screen home button on the Galaxy Nexus and it is just faster to tap on it, just like it’s faster to type on an on-screen keyboard. Also, an on-screen home button wouldn’t require hardware space, which would probably help Apple make the phone thinner, screen bigger, lighter

      • Primo Sidone

        (*interesting replies)

      • I know where u coming from but really the homebutton feels so natural and inovativ i wouldn’t want any other one!

        About your problem with the homebutton just recalibrate it, then it will be much smoother…
        TO DO THAT:
        1. Go into a App which is native like the weather app
        2. hold down the power button, so the option with the slide to turn off pops up
        3. Then press the homebutton (in the way u normally would press it) intil the slide to turn off disapears
        4. Your done you succefully recalibrated your homebutton 😀

    • Home buttons are awesome…

  • The front camera there with the speaker cutout, looks like the face of a cyclops. Don’t like it, at all. 🙁

    • Someone get this guy a tampon. he’s crying because the new iphone doesnt look like my little poney. Cyclops is bad ass!! And so is the new iphone.

  • I CANT WAIT TO THE IPOD 5G im going to buy it on the min it come out !$@#!%%#&!$^%

    • ipod touch 5 for teh win ( iphone is super expensive in my country and the service of pesky cellular companies is disasterrific)

  • I own a 4s and i’ve reached my limit regarding the size of a mobile phone. If the new iphone comes any bigger, sorry, i’m not buying.
    The ipad complement the iphone. I don’t agree with creating a hibrid Iphone+Ipad…
    Because let’s face it: a 4″ iphone it’s a mini ipad…

    • smtp25

      The s3 screen, hell even the s2 screen looks impressive. The dimensions of phone arent overly unwieldy. I’ve been lugging my iPad round a conference, it’s not like you can just leave it on a table or stick it in your pocket, and having a phone with a more useable screen would be a godsend. If apple doesn’t release bigger screen then the 4s is the last I will buy

  • Primo Sidone

    What do you guys think of a capacitive home button instead of a physical one? (NOT an on-screen button as I previously mentioned). I think it would certainly be an improvement.

  • Derek

    Can’t wait!!