There has been some speculation over the past few weeks that Apple was looking to debut a standalone podcasts app alongside iOS 6 this fall. But it looks like they couldn’t wait.

Apple just rolled out an all-new Podcasts application, universal for all iOS 5.1+ devices. And we have to admit, it looks fantastic. Keep reading for more details and screenshots…

From a UI aspect, this is some of Apple’s best work. Graphics look modern, and sharp. And the app maintains these characteristics in every view. The same goes for UX. Navigating through Podcasts is both unique and intuitive.

But the app isn’t just all show and no go. It has tons of features, from in-app podcast management to customizable playlists — it can do it all. And for those who haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, the app makes discovering new ones of interest extremely simple.

Even though I’ve only spent a few minutes playing with it, I have a feeling that Apple’s new Podcasts app is going to replace my previous client. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can grab it from the App Store, for free.

What do you think?

  • is this the entire article

    • Gucciipad

      I guess the news is still developing

      • jose castro

        maybe because they dont really care about podcast lol

      • Melvco

        this is correct. We try to get the news up as quick as possible, and then fill it out with more details and images. ;op

  • jose castro

    podcast sucks just as much as ping

    • ThisBrian

      Podcast rule Mr. Jose.

    • Heli12345

      Yeah, people listen to podcasts because they suck. That makes perfect sense.

      • jose castro

        hahahah ;P

  • ThisBrian

    Not impressed with it though, I will stick with podcaster for now.

  • Loopthree

    Finally! 😀

    Edit: Apparently no app badge (or notifications). That’s annoying. Sync doesn’t work. No playlists.

  • Wasn’t to sure about this app but its growing on me seems to work really well, nice clean design and i quite like the sleep timer function. But guess time will tell if I start to use this app as my main podcaster.

  • Tech Stuff with Chris and Johnathan! Ya!

  • Love the flip animation .. Not just a screen flip but it looks like a block .. Cool

    • samdchuck

      Had that since iBooks

      • Don’t use iBooks … iPhone’s not a tool for reading from

  • I was looking forward to this since I’ve been experiencing some issues with Instacast lately but so far it’s not been a pleasant experience: the search feature doesn’t work at all for me, whenever I search for something it comes up with a blank page as a search result…! Also when I select an individual genre I get blank page instead of a listing of podcasts…! 🙁

    I haven’t found a way to manual delete individual podcast episodes from the device, is there one…?!

    Also it doesn’t really seem to show an informative download status when downloading an episode which would be really helpful when on the move…

    But my main problem really is the fact that search seems broken for me…! Anyone else experiencing this…?!

    • Ken Oliver

      All works well for me

      to delete an episode just swipe to the left on the episode to get the delete option

      • That’s what I’ve instinctively thought and tried first — but nothing happen when I do that…! 🙁

        Something seems to be messed up here, I’ll try to delete and re-install the app and maybe that will fix my issues…

  • Ken Oliver

    Thanks for the heads up, I am using it as I type its a great app and I wouldn’t have released it was available if I didn’t have iDownloadBlog in my RSS feeds , Good Job and thanks

  • Do i care.??….naah…;)

  • Melvco

    it looks like a lot of folks are having problems with Podcasts on iOS 6 betas

    • Yeah, I assumed that me running iOS 6 b2 on my iPhone might be responsible for some of the issues I’ve been experiencing with the app which still might be the case — but the funny thing is that it works just fine on my iPad which is also running iOS 6 beta…! 😮

      I know that doesn’t have to mean anything, different devices will behave differently, just saying…

      EDIT: I just noticed that it doesn’t just behave differently on my iPhone 4S with iOS 6 — it also looks different…! My screens don’t look anything like the ones you’ve posted within the article above or like what I see on my iPad so iT’s definitely an iOS 6 issue then…!

  • samdchuck

    Just keeps asking for my Apple ID password, I fill it out and it just pops up again and again and again in an infinite loop. In the mean time it’s constantly doing some wireless connection.

    It doesn’t show the podcasts I have synced with iTunes that I listenen to with the regular music app.

    • me too. Im running 5.1 jailbroken… wonder it that has anything to do with it

      • samdchuck

        3GS jailbroken 5.1.1 here.

      • I got it to work after restoring from backup to 5.1.1 and jailbreaking again. With an ipod touch 4.

      • I was on 5.1.1 with my jailbroken 4S and didn’t have any of those problems.

  • SimonReidy

    It’s a fairly slick looking app (no stitched leather, garish textures or purple linen – yah!) but in typical Apple fashion, it’s also very minimalist and light on features. The fact it can’t sync is wierd so it won’t be replacing iTunes podcasting or Downcaster just yet, but I really hope they take on this kind of modern style, system wide (guess we’ll have to wait for iOS 7 for a complete OS UI visual update). I’m so sick of staring at the dated shiny blue UI we’ve been stuck with since 2007!

    • SimonReidy

      Oh and what an ugly Podcasts icon. Light shiny purple. Ugh.

  • that is really nice……the app is designed and works well…… i I really dig the “reel to reel” graphics theme:)…..

    it would be neat to see other kinds of dynamic themes :)… a cassette tape, a record, or some other cool animation…..