Apple launches new Podcasts app

There has been some speculation over the past few weeks that Apple was looking to debut a standalone podcasts app alongside iOS 6 this fall. But it looks like they couldn’t wait.

Apple just rolled out an all-new Podcasts application, universal for all iOS 5.1+ devices. And we have to admit, it looks fantastic. Keep reading for more details and screenshots…

From a UI aspect, this is some of Apple’s best work. Graphics look modern, and sharp. And the app maintains these characteristics in every view. The same goes for UX. Navigating through Podcasts is both unique and intuitive.

But the app isn’t just all show and no go. It has tons of features, from in-app podcast management to customizable playlists — it can do it all. And for those who haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, the app makes discovering new ones of interest extremely simple.

Even though I’ve only spent a few minutes playing with it, I have a feeling that Apple’s new Podcasts app is going to replace my previous client. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can grab it from the App Store, for free.

What do you think?