The social networking behemoth Facebook just announced in a post over at its Facebook Developers blog that it is working on a major update to the Facebook SDK for iOS that will launch “soon”.

The company also confirmed its acquisition of the startup that should result in a more accurate facial recognition when you upload and share your photos…

Facebook is “very excited” about the upcoming Facebook integration in iOS 6 which launches this fall.

Facebook’s Jason Clark wrote:

We’re very excited about the Facebook integration in iOS 6 that Apple announced last week at WWDC 2012. We’re working on a major update to the Facebook SDK for iOS that will launch in the coming weeks.

The new SDK will make it easier to write iOS apps that tap the system-wide Facebook integration in iOS 6.

It includes significant new features and enhancements that make it easier to add Facebook to your iOS apps, along with support for the Facebook integration in iOS 6. Stay tuned!

This is in line with Cook’s recent remark of Apple and Facebook working more closely on features.

The Next Web speculates Facebook’s announcement might include ways to more easily access Facebook apps from iOS devices via the recently launched App Center.

The publication also wonders whether the new SDK would let iOS developers to “easily hook into your Timeline and its News Feed and Ticker products has become a way to send an app’s growth into the stratosphere”.

Facebook also confirmed the acquisition of to AllThingsD, issuing this statement:

People who use Facebook enjoy sharing photos and memories with their friends.’s technology has helped to provide the best photo experience. This transaction simply brings a world-class team and a long-time technology vendor in house., too, confirmed the deal in a blog post. has an iOS app called Klik that scans your Facebook albums to look up faces.

Billed as “the world’s largest and most accurate face recognition platform”, makes Photo Finder and PhotoTagger apps which taps face recognition to scan all your friends’ Facebook photos in order to find untagged images of yourself and your friends, group and identify the faces in photos and more.

Facebook has a similar feature baked into the site so they’ll likely use’s technology to improve face recognition on their servers. It’s also a fit in light of Facebook’s $1 billion Instagram acquisition in April.

Regardless of whether you like or dislike Facebook integration in iOS 6, there’s no question that the sheer popularity of iOS devices and their owners’ tendency for sharing will benefit both Facebook and Apple.

iOS chief  Scott Forstall said in Apple’s keynote that Twitter saw a three times increase in the number of iOS sign ups since iOS 5. Users have sent ten billion tweets from iOS 5 devices, Forstall noted, and an astounding 47 percent of all images shared on Twitter come from iOS 5 users

So what do you think, will Facebook integration in iOS 6 do for Facebook what Twitter deal in iOS 5 did for the micro-blogging service?


  • jose castro

    i guess that nice

  • ghulamsameer

    Honestly, This doesn’t excite me. If they don’t fix the Facebook application itself, all this integration will be for naught.

    • jose castro

      Facebook has been going down hill for a while… who knows when they will ever fix it… i hope they take away timeline lol.

    • yes, totally agree. before we start adding bells an whistles, lets actually get the core app running correctly!

    • no the more integration there is the less you need to use the facebook app

  • I’m glad it’s being improved. Just personally I prefer the twitter

  • The whole app needs an overhaul – first of all. The app on iOS and Android performs incredibly poorly – it is slow, glitchy, and cumbersome. Since Facebook is a billion dollar company, you’d think that it would be able to get something as simple as a mobile app right. Second, why the heck are there so many different Facebook apps? Why not combine all of them into one unified app? I hate the way Facebook is so fragmented and how the core app is so crappy.

    The only reason I use the darn apps is because I have no other alternative.

    • MULTI-billion dollar company but you’re right, there’s no excuse.

  • I just don’t get it, in iOS 6 we can tweet and post on our (i)phones, right on NC, but we can’t compose a quick SMS.. Doesn’t make sense! But hey, welcome Facebook!

    • In the mean time, Cydia + Bitesms will work 🙂 quick reply will eventually come to iOS, but when is a great question… I really like Jailbreak cause it turns my iOS 5 into iOS X where X = whatever number i want xp

      • Sure, that’s why I use them 😛 but it’s a phone, not a social network exclusive tool.. That, NC settings, infinifolders and LowPowerBanner would get me of jailbreak. Zephyr would be a great bonus! 😛

      • Indeed, zephyr would be totally awesome to be integrated into iOS natively 😀

  • 90% of people I know love Facebook coz of the games they offer but as most of the games need flats this is not going
    To work I think