Facebook officially launches App Center

Earlier today, we reported that screenshots of Facebook’s App Center were starting to surface. This lead to speculation from folks that a release for the cross-platform, HTML5-encoded app store was on the horizon.

Well, as it turns out, they were right. During a press event this evening, the social networking giant announced that it would start rolling out App Center in the US today. And the rest of the world in the coming weeks…

We went over most of the details regarding App Center last month following Facebook’s initial announcement, but here’s a quick recap:

App Center is essentially a centralized app store, hosted and curated by Facebook, for all of your favorite apps and games. Users can use the store to browse through popular iOS, Android and (obviously) Facebook titles, and then download them to their respective devices. But its main selling point is its discovery engine. Users are recommended apps based on a number of factors, including their interests, previous ratings, and more importantly, what their friends are into.

As the App Center goes live tonight, users in the US will notice it appear in the lefthand menu of Facebook’s mobile and web apps. It’s only launching with around 600 titles, but obviously that number is expected to grow tremendously in the coming months.

Has App Center hit your device yet? What do you think?