AnimateLockscreen is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows you to add animation to your iPhone’s Lock screen. Because it uses boot logo animations to accomplish the effect, it means that there are almost 1,000 different animations that you can enjoy right out of the box.

If you’re looking to add some splash to your iPhone’s Lock screen, and a static wallpaper just isn’t enough, then AnimateLockscreen is the next logical choice. It should be available soon on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, but until then, have a look at our video walkthrough…

AnimateLockscreen features a boatload of settings that will delight those of you who like to get your hands dirty. There are lots of fiddly settings; the ability to resize and move the Lock screen battery on the X and Y axis comes to mind. There are also options geared towards tweakers that allow you to adjust the animation time, disable the battery while charging, and activate your own custom background.

This is shaping up to be a nice tweak, because it’s simple enough to use for those who just want an animated Lock screen and nothing more, but deep enough to satisfy hardcore tinkerers. AnimateLockscreen will be available in the near future on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.00. Sound compelling enough for you?

  • Vikash Patel

    what was the tweak you had on your notification centre that allowed you to respring?

    • Ncsettings

      • Kok Hean

        I’m surprised that he didn’t use ISX’s QuickSettings.

      • Try battery doctor pro….its real nyc..:)

    • ZiiG

      There There are many tweaks that allow one to respring from notification center.

      NCSettings) these ones I use.
      NCSwipe For Notification Center
      PowerCenter Pro
      Respring for Notification Center
      SBCenter(slide to power off, slide to respring, slide to reboot sliders)

      And that’s just off the top of my head..there are more than

  • He was using NCSettings

  • Vikash Patel : NCSetting

  • David Christian Elisa Dengah

    wow that’s pretty cool! will it run on iPad?

  • Imagine if you could use .gif for background :D!

    • U already can vWallpaper 2 😉

      • People say its a battery hogger…:|

      • And u think this tweak wont be?!’ where do u live on the moon?.. haha :p

      • u don’t have to say that

  • Can I just say nice new jingle at the start.. And does this tweak need the animate boot logo tweak installed ? Which of cause needs iH8snow boot logo fixer tweak to work ?

    • Burge forget about this tweak vWallpaper 2 is free and does this + animated homescreen + some other features…

      • And where are you downloading this from ? Please do not say insainlyi , because thats a beta..

      • google ‘danstaface’ it’s the authors repo!

      • Found it… And don’t forget iBlank when using springboard widgets

  • willie_walk

    Nice tweak, makes me want to jailbreak my iPhone.

  • willie_walk

    Why can’t Apple utilize some of the jailbreak communities creativity? I just hope that iOS 6 is a complete refresh.

  • That it’s epic. *___*

  • Bosun Oshikoya

    iPhone batteries everywhere are in tears.

  • Battery drainer…

  • Aric Bolf

    Is there a way to have the animation run thru once instead of over and over again?

  • Sure Cool but will it also support iPad as well …
    But for the iPhone its super cool

  • What was the boot logo that you were using on your’s? Any way to find boot logos that take up the whole screen like that as opposed to just little logos in the middle of the screen?

    • In cydia boot logos search for ICS .. The name was even shown on the clip

  • jose castro

    now to do animated homescreens lol…

  • vwallpaper 2 was able to do that since ages!..

    • It is more lightweight … This tweak don’t use mo4 or gif , don’t animate springboard and don’t work in background… Ah… Don’t use winterboard… Is very light and fast!

      • uhhm okay
        1. vWallpaper can use mo4 or gif, but also all other formats, so that’s a plus in my eyes.
        2. yes this tweak doesn’t animates the springboard, and yes vWallpaper can animate the springboard, but u have the option to disable it an other plus in my eyes
        3. vWallpaper doesn’t need Winterboard either too work..

        (4.) “It’s light and fast” how do u know, it’s not even out yet…

        Edit: just saw your post aboth ur the developer right? then well i have to trust u on number 4..

    • BUT…you can’t download vwallpaper anymore.

      • Yes u can haha google danstaface! That’s the authors repo ;-)!

  • D42K_KN1GH7

    Vwallpaper has done this before, not to mention the countless tweaks that also achieve the same effect using winterboard.

  • how badly is the battery being drained?

  • Dan

    looks good! Would be nice to have a stable animated background tweak out there (vWallpaper doesn’t count)

  • Jeff Loveless

    I was pranked by my nephew while on vacation by him trying to crack my lock pass. The phone was disabled and could not restore until arriving home. Is there a cydia lockscreen to prevent this? How about a cydia lockscreen before the iphone lockscreen?

    • M_AlO

      You might like “No Passcode Block”

      • Jeff Loveless

        awesome thx

  • Hi i’m the developer …my tweak doesn’t drain battery because the animation is active only when you are going to unlock… when the device is locked (blackscreen) or unlocked it cache only an array with the the of the image… instead vWallpaper drain battery because it use video or gif and is active in the springboard…

    • yonafoe

      When will it be released???

      • Bigboss say tomorrow… I have sent it 3 days ago

      • Metroview

        It’s now on Cydia, bought it, and it won’t install on my 4S. It’s looking for animate (COM.chronic-dev.animate) and not ORG.chronic-dev.animate. Fix this please!


      I habe installed it and get it to work :(. Any ideas

    • Ive download the app but it doesn’t show on lockscreen only when I unlock my phone. And it only shows when I’m charging my phone…does this not work on 5.1.1 iPhone 4s with absinthe jb?? Or maybe I have something that conflicting?

    • peter haluszka

      How do I get that bootlogo he has in the video? Just learned about “addons”, hard to implement!

  • Android ICS boot animation, really?

    • Exactlt…android people copies apple stufff….
      V dont need them…;D

  • When I plug in my iPod it goes into a respring with this tweak enabled, I unplug it and it gets out, also it does not work when It’s not plugged in

    • Mine too.. When phone isn’t charging, I have my normal lockscreen. I don’t have any other lockscreen tweaks. What’s blocking this one?

      • I guess you need to turn on “NonCharging Mode” but Then you just go into a respring loop after your lock your device

  • davred64

    Doesn’t work om my iphone 4 constant respring loop

  • if you are running HTClock, you have to remove it to get it to turn off and to enable this jailbreak to work.

  • I have bought the tweak and it is not allowing me to reboot my iphone as normal… I go into the Safe Mood.. I dont know if another of my tweak is conflicting with it… any suggestion

  • Nice tweak
    but what’s the name of the animation used for the screen at the top of the article?
    I really like it ^^
    thanks 🙂

  • does this work for ios6