The eagle-eyed amongst you will have already spotted that the title says “two months on” and, clearly, we are beyond the two month mark since the new iPad was made available to an expectant public. The reason for my tardiness is that this post has taken the better part of two weeks to write, and I almost scrapped it on a few occasions.

To understand why that is, let’s delve right on in to why I didn’t buy the new iPad and, importantly, why I am glad about that fact.

So, before we continue, and before I open myself up to more than my fair share of abuse, I suggest you make yourself a good cup of coffee, and get yourself comfortably. We’re about to begin…

When the first generation iPad arrived, there was no doubt whatsoever that I was going to pick one up. I was looking forward to it so much that I imported a unit to the UK from the United States. I just couldn’t wait, and I had to have it ASAP. It arrived, and I loved it, just like everyone else.

Fast forward to the iPad 2’s launch, and I found myself torn. Do I splurge on another iPad that, in all fairness, didn’t offer anything that the old one was missing considering the way I used it? I decided not to buy the second generation iPad, and that was that.

Until a few weeks later when I heard my local Apple Store was carrying stock again. Off I went, bought a new iPad 2 and sold the old one. I was happy, and that was that.

The problem is, faced with much the same situation this year, I expected to pick up a new iPad shortly after launch once the hype had really gotten hold of me, and I felt like I was missing out on something that everyone else was loving. I’m a sucker for the shiny, you see, so it was always on the cards that a new iPad would come into this house. But it hasn’t, and I’m pleased.

So what exactly does the new iPad offer? Well, obviously, there’s that Retina display. You can’t really argue that those specifications make for some awesome reading, and if you’re going to sit with your nose pressed against that 10.7-inch screen, then you’re going to appreciate all those little pixels. Problem is, I won’t.

I’ve seen new iPads, and I know people who have them. The thing is, not one has said to me, even back on launch day, that they think that screen is enough to warrant an upgrade. It looks great, don’t get me wrong, but as someone that uses their iPad sparingly, does it look “great enough?” I don’t think so, though I am sure you will disagree.

Obviously the new iPad sports new innards, but again, who cares? It will load games faster, which is nice. They will look better, which is nice. Nice enough to upgrade? Not for me.

So what does Apple need to do to make me upgrade next year? I am fast coming to the realization that I need something really different to make me upgrade. Maybe a smaller screen/larger screen, substantially thinner iPad may get my attention, but only because that would either make the tablet more portable, or change the way apps can work because the screen is even larger. But then you lose portability, so I’m just not sure.

Now I fully expect the comments to be full of people denouncing me as some sort of crazy person, suggesting that I don’t really like Apple stuff at all and that I’m some kind of latent Android fanboy. But I’m not. I’m just a fan of technology who seems to have reached a certain age where something needs to be really, truly different before it warrants my spending money to make an upgrade.

Now, give me a new version of iOS, and I’m all over it!

It comes to us all eventually folks.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Apple is making you upgrade, that’s all a personal choice. They’re just providing another choice for those who may still have the 1st generation iPad, or simply want a newer device. Any one of the iPad generations can last you for years, just like the Mac line, and keep updating on the new firmware. It’s all about self-control.

  • Nope, I’m with you. I’m still using my first gen iPad daily and there is nothing about the new iPad, other than speed, that makes me want to upgrade. However, as my iPad is still doing its job beautifully, there is no motivation for me to upgrade.

  • You enjoying your iPad doesn’t make him wrong. Your opinion is not necessarily shared by the world. Accept that and move on.

    Written on a first gen iPad that happens to suit me just fine.

    • I do have the 1st gen iPad as well! Just highlighted 3 simple things that i do enjoy on the new iPad. comparanign with the 1st gen its even worse! depends on how you use it at the end of the day! lack of front facing camera on the 1st gen iPad does not help me use it for FaceTime or Skype, and do use it a lot for relatives or friends begin abroad.

      Depends on the cost of upgrading as well! for me it only cost 150 euro extra after the sale of my older iPad 2 3g 32gb to get the new equivalent. Was more than worth the upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    I upgraded from an iPad 1 to the new iPad and I’m glad I did. It’s alot faster and the screen is amazing in detail. I definitely don’t regret getting the new iPad.

    Now a note to the author of this article: Why did you feel the need to write such an article? If you feel you don’t need the new iPad because your iPad 2 is still doing the job for you, that’s great.
    But writing an article like this seems more like you’re trying to convince yourself you don’t want it. Seriously, this piece adds nothing to the site except for sparking up another debate of people who want/have the new iPad and those who don’t see a need in getting one.

  • I feel pretty much the same.
    I have an iPad 2 and got caught up in the frenzy to upgrade to the new iPad. I did not, initially, because I was paying off a credit card and did not want to max it.

    However, now that the frenzy has died down, I think what I really want is based on a mistake I did when I purchased the iPad 2. I got the 16 GB WiFi version. I should have gotten the 32GB or even 64 GB 3G version.

    That is what I really need. And that will be my real reason for changing. The Retina will be the icing.

    So, will I buy it soon? Not sure yet.

  • I have to agree with you nothing in the new Pad has made me want to upgrade

  • Ashwin Mathew

    Hav u played games on IT pls dont ……
    U will lose all ur hope in D Brand New ipad

    • The main game I play (Infinity Blade 2) has almost no difference in terms of framerate compared to the iPad 2. (I’ve played on both) and all the other games I’ve played haven’t had any noticeable lag…

  • No Whammy

    This article in addition to your comments sums up my beliefs on peoples decisions: you made the right choice!

    You bought one, Oliver did not, and now each of you has to tell the world (and more importantly, yourself 😉 that you made the right choice. I of course feel the same way being on an original iPad.

    You’re both dumb ’cause I got the first one which is just as good as the second and third; iPad2 adds almost next to nothing, and the New iPad only adds unnoticeable pixels at normal distances.

    Everyone is stupid. I made the best decision. I’m a good human being and a better one than you. In fact, I’m probably the best human on the Internet, which is a lot of humans. You’re not as good as me, and I’m better, a lot. Also, I’m better than you and I make smart choices. My decision making process is always awesome. I can tell because I use my brain to think about it after I made the decision. I’m awesome, and smartest.

  • Lately I bought a 4s and. An iPad 2.I won’t be upgrading the either for a long time.

  • I love the new iPad…..but it’s my first iPad, not an upgrade so I can only say its awesome on its own, not compared to previous versions. I will say I share your sentiments though! After shelling out for this…the new one will have to make me dinner to upgrade anytime soon! …..but boy that screen is sharp! Let’s me read your posts all the clearer!!

  • these are my thoughts.

    only thing different is i havent YET upgraded to the ipad2.. i kind of want to.. but i’m waiting to see what ipad4 brings.

    seems silly to think of getting 2 year old technology in the future.. but thats me.

  • It’s all subjective. And I want an iPad mini. I would continue using my iPhone 4 this year and forgoe a 5 for a mini. But that’s me.

  • iamlynda

    Well said. My thoughts exactly. I have the 2 and am very happy with it and there just were not grand enough upgrades to warrant spending another several hundred $$. Maybe for the 4th or 5th gen. That being said I think it’s highly likely I’ll be upgrading my 4s in the fall!!

  • Michael S

    I agree with this 100%. I will even say that i have not upgraded to the new iPhone 4S because my iPhone 4 does exactly the same job and i am more than happy enough with it, had it had a bigger screen and LTE etc i would have but untill then as the article says while i LOVE tech, i just cant see myself buying something new that is to much the same 🙂 If it aint broke dont fix it ? 🙂 Good article 🙂 (on a side note i will admit i do enjoy your articles alot keep up the good work)

  • I got one because I didn’t have an iPad at all and why not get the newest one now that its out. I was thinking about saving some money and getting the iPad 2 but then one thing I thought about was the small features that the new iPad will get that will be left out of the iPad 2 just because its newer. For example the face recognition in the new iPad which is not in the iPad 2 when it can very easily support it. And eventually there will be that time when the iPad 2 will be left out of the upgrade fun like all the second gen iDevices were when iOS 5 came out. Also apps that just won’t be supported by the older devices like the original iPad not getting any iPhoto love this year. Just some things to think about down the line if you are thinking of getting an iPad 2 instead of the new iPad. If you already have an iPad 2 I would say you can wait till the iPad 4th gen next year lol. But think about the possibility of missing features in iOS 6 for your iPad 2 🙁

  • I agree to all that uve said and haven’t gone ahead of the original ipad myself…but the fact which i think was a major “buy me” factor for the ipad 2 was the camera..which i feel has been ignored in the comments made…as far as retina display goes..the orignal ipad itself wows me till date…

  • Anonymous

    The new ipad is great for photographers, the images look stunning with a retina display. like others said before once you own one you would never want to go back. I could see why the old guy can’t dish out a few more bucks for the new ipad, and its because when Apple releases new hardware every year it just isn’t too much of an improvement. I know people who still use iphone 3gs and ipad 1 and they are still great, but for me I owned every iphone and every ipad but not every macbook which in my case I will get one if I can afford it. Sure I would like the new mercedes benz but I wouldn’t mind with the last model. I could understand because in these economic times nobody would really make fun of you for having something that is made years ago. But yeah for something sorta cheap like a tablet why not have the latest and greatest, I always say try before you cry about something.

  • Anonymous

    i just regret, why i bought 16gb ipad2 instead 32gb last year. i don’t even want to buy to the new ipad.

  • When you walk into an Apple Store and venture over to the iPad section, you’ll find display models you can touch and another iPad bolted into the table below a plastic case with all the tech specs on the screen. The new iPad is the display obviously, and the one bolted down is an iPad 2.

    There’s a lot to say for the bright lighting in Apple stores. But, by my eyes, the disparity between the new iPad and the iPad 2 wasn’t significant enough for me to buy the newest model. Not when the iPad 2 is still available at a full $100 less.

    So, yes, I just got a new iPad 2 this week, knowing I’d use it sparingly — for travel, light browsing, sports-watching companion, and such. (On my MacBook Pro right now, and my iPhone 4S is always with me.) I have no regrets. The retina display is awesome as everyone knows, but not awesome enough, I guess.

    The iPad still isn’t a legit gaming device for me. Touchscreens aren’t conducive to that. So rolling with a new iPad for enhanced graphics doesn’t mean much when I know I still can’t enjoy the gaming experience as much as I enjoy console gaming. Really, games are just temporary distractions on these devices, which is why I stick with Words with Friends and other puzzle games. Not gonna waste my time with something more intense.

    Sure, I see the pixelation around some text while I’m reading on this. I’ve seen some pictures look noisy and muddy when I zoom in. But there aren’t many times where I’m working with an image and need to be zoomed in 200%, so the new iPad argument didn’t carry much water there, either.

    So, yeah, I’m happy with not overpaying for the latest bells and whistles.

  • WTF?

  • Robert Goldberg

    blah-blah-blah, I bought the new iPad and I love it. Skimmed through the post and didn’t even read half of it and I don’t see why anybody should. Somebody trying to convince him/herself that the decision they made was the right one and looking for people who didn’t buy it either to support that decision. What’s the point of posting this in the first place? Nothing personal, but who cares about what you think.. Worst case scenario, this belongs on your facebook as status update. I thought this was an apple related news blog, not AA meetings… VERY disappointed…

  • Anonymous

    I actually bought an iPad 2 a few weeks before the new one arrived in my country. My 50 + eyes don’t see separate pixels on it anyway, and if you read the benchmarks on Ars Technica, the new one is NO faster than the 2 at anything. All that extra horsepower and battery goes to servicing the screen. LTE? Doesn’t exist outside North America.

    So I got mine for a decent discount which bought me a smart cover and a Bluetooth keyboard. Now if they had thrown in 128 or 256 GB of storage I would have waited.

  • iPad=Netbook_Killer

    No one should buy something that they don’t really need. Maybe the newer iPads are for those who don’t own iPads. Apple tries to build good, solid product. I don’t think they’re just trying to impress tech heads because there’s not enough of them to sell products to. So, if the newest iPad isn’t impressive enough for you to upgrade, then don’t. The iPad will basically be getting evolutionary upgrades to fine-tune the whole package. For most consumers that should be good enough. Apple is certainly selling the most tablets for a very good reason. Overall, the iPad and iOS ecosystem is the best tablet package available.

  • Adam Coughran

    I was like you, but made the smarter jump… ipad 1 to the new ipad. The Ipad 2 didnt have the specs i wanted.

    ipad 2 to ipad 3 not that big of a deal
    ipad 1 to ipad 3 HUGE jump

  • Anonymous

    I just bought a used2 month old 64g wifi iPad 2 off Craigslist 2 weeks ago for $370. This is an upgrade from my iPad 1. It is a little zipper unlike my ipad 1 Netflix is stable. The camera will be helpfull for quick shops of invoices or quick ideas hat I use in my graphics business. I have an iPhone 4s with 8 mega pixel so I depend on that for better pics and vids. I saw the iPad many many times. I like 3 minutes from and apple store and or I cold easily have purchased an open box iPad 3 from my local Best Buy for $50 less than Apple. I just could not see the reasoning.

    I am thrilled with my iPad 2 as it as fixed my shiny device jones.