Shipping times for the new iPad drop to 3-5 days

During Apple’s most recent earnings call, Tim Cook cited constrained supplies for the new iPad as a reason its tablet sales were a little off. But that doesn’t seem to be the case any more, as availability continues to improve.

Just two weeks after we saw iPad shipping estimates drop to 5-7 business days, shipping times have once again decreased. It looks like folks wanting to order a new iPad online will now only have to wait a measly 3-5 days…

Third-generation iPads in Apple’s online stores for the US, Canada and Mexico all reflect the new 3-5 day window. It also appears to apply to all carrier variations, across every storage model.

Despite the early supply constraints, Apple has continued to roll out its latest tablet internationally at a staggering pace. The company launched the new iPad in 9 new countries last Friday, making it available in a total of 30 countries worldwide.