Jukebox adds an awesome music widget to Dashboard X and Notification Center

By , May 28, 2012

Jukebox is an upcoming Notification Center widget that also does double duty as a Dashboard X widget. Its purpose is to allow you to control your music from literally anywhere, which is primarily attributed to its flexibility as both a Notification Center widget, while at the same time maintaining a spot on your Home screen.

The initial release of Jukebox will only feature integration with the stock Music app, but the developer is hard at work at making it play nice with 3rd party music apps like Spotify and Pandora. Besides this one obvious shortcoming, Jukebox is shaping up to be a top tier Notification Center widget, and by far the best Dashboard X widget yet…

In its compressed mode, Jukebox takes up very little real estate, though a simple tap on the widget yields a set of buttons to control your music. Swiping on the container housing the album art allows you to switch between tracks, and tapping and holding on the same pane will invoke the fulll Music app itself.

Even though it’s still in its early stages, I’m really impressed with Jukebox. It appears to be solely designed with Notification Center in mind, but you’ll quickly realize that it works just as well via Dashboard X. I’m very much looking forward to Jukebox’s initial release on Cydia, and I believe you should be too.

Though I haven’t been privy to an exact time table for release, Jukebox will be featured on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for $0.99 upon release. What do you think about Jukebox from what you’ve seen?

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  • Looks really neat. Going to have to give this a try.

  • Metroview

    Please take a look at MusicCenter for Notification Center by WrightsCS and make it better than that. That developer became a douchebag once he got his 4S from us buying it along with a few other of his tweaks and stopped updating them after.

    Now it’s just buggy as shit, tweeting doesn’t work, and it locks up the SpringBoard when you kill the iPod app. I’m definitely going to get this once it’s up on the repo.

  • groverXIII

    This looks awesome. The music widget that’s currently out is nice, but it takes up a lot of space, and this looks like it will be an excellent alternative.

  • awesome music widget

  • Too bad someone already leaked this tweak…

  • Downloaded and installed, awesome tweak. Great functionality, great interface, truly amazing.

  • I dont know how about you guys but im using a lot of tweaks. Also winterboard. And imo Dashboard X is causing conflicts with a lot of tweaks?? How about you??

    • jose castro

      maybe its time to remove some that you dont use…

      • You are right. Sometimes its a hell of a job to figure out which tweaks are disturbing eachother

      • jose castro

        ya i got alot of tweaks too and im amazed even with spire installed i’ve never had a problem. unless i add a tweaks that breaks my firmware like “Pagepreview”. 🙁

  • jose castro

    tried it and it was freaking awesome great tweak, cant wait to buy it.

  • Antonio Ramirez jr

    When you type in “Jukebox” the paid version does not show in Cydia?!?

    • jose castro

      dude…… its a leaked cracked version. i defently buying it when it comes out. the developer of this tweak it B@d ass…….

      its not out yet

  • Edson Guedes

    Is already available in the repo insanely

    • Metroview

      You guys posting where to get the leaked version surely want devs to lose their motivation. This is why we can’t have good stuff because of you people. Assholes.

      • jose castro

        i say delete andrew perdomo comment…. because the guy who made jukebox wont make any money becuase of the dushbag that leaked it out. and probably wont make anymore tweaks…. 🙁


    • Douchebag.

      • jose castro

        sweeeeeeeeettttttttttttt his stupid comment is gone. thanks Jeff Benjamin

  • Antonio Ramirez jr

    Very demoralizing when a cracked version beats the legitimate version to the public

    • jose castro

      lol i know right

  • sam

    I’ve talked to the dev, and he has plans to add 3rd party support for applications as well as a feature where the box disappears when a song isn’t playing.

  • sam

    Also, the version that is on the repo isn’t even cracked. The app currently doesn’t feature encryption.

  • Will Instacast work with it?

  • Will Instacast work with it?

  • Xee

    Works perfect with third party music apps now. I use Deezer and its great!!