With the Wall Street Journal having lent its aura of credibility to the bigger iPhone meme, it’s mockup time ladies and gentlemen.

Introducing a brand new iPhone 5 concept design by Isaac Royo that explores a 3.95-inch display 9to5Mac heard Apple’s been testing out on prototype units of the next iPhone…

Bragging rights for spotting this one belong to French site NowhereElse.

We kinda love the retroilluminated home button and a miniature Thunderbolt connection replacing the 30-pin iPod dock connector for ultra-fast data transfer speeds.

He’s also calling for 3D sound (meh), 4G LTE connectivity (provided Qualcomm solves chip shortages ), a 12-megapixel camera on the back (Sony has the right CMOS sensor), iOS 6 (you can bet on it), a FaceTime HD camera out the front (makes sense on high-speed LTE connections), a variant of the A5X chip (the rumor-mill concurs) and something called the Retina HD display (not very likely, unless Apple screws developers by adopting a native 1,280-by-720 pixel resolution display).

Per Royo’s YouTube video description, he used Cinema 4D to create a 3D model of the handset along with textures. Video editing was done in Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6 and the obligatory Photoshop CS6 took care of image editing.

What’s with the weird bezel, by the way?

Am I seeing things or does that hideous thing looks as if someone slipped an iPhone 4 into a fugly bumper case of sorts?

Oh, and if you’re torn over the taller iPhone issue as us here at iDB, feel free to take our poll and let us help figure out which screen size should be the new gold standard for iPhones.

The above mockup courtesy of Niilo Autio of the Overdrive Design blog.

  • The entire bezel is a speaker.

  • On a earlier post you say about a 4.1 ” screen for a ipod .. I don’t think that the next iPhone or iPod will have 2 different size screens.. They will be the same size ..makes sence to use the same size .. Cost wise..

  • jose castro

    i dont think they are going to change the home button.

    • Home button images have recently leaked, which show a change in design. Though, the leaked images have vanished the rumors of “No Home Buttons” in iPhone 5.

  • I guess that weird bezel is actually a large speaker…
    Ooops, I just saw that Inyri Design wrote the same thing:)

  • Me gusta…

    But 3D sound?? Really?

    • I think before they can implement 3D sound (if that will happen), they should fix the sound quality and loudness on their products. Specifically the iPod which are made for music. there is no bass.

  • Anonymous

    It’s kinda silly to think Apple would implement a 3D sound feature before ever offering and milking the hell out of stereo sound. Just look at the progression of camera inclusions in previous devices, they didn’t jump from the 3MP offering to stereoscopic 3D.
    We won’t see anything like that until at least the iPhone 10.

  • Yeah, but whats 3D soud 😀 …. Sound cubed 😀 … Maybe you dont need earbugs, bc it spread in the air 😀 …. Ironic status 😉

  • Anonymous

    would be cool if the thunderbolt port could be covered somehow until you plug it in

  • Anonymous

    Nice, but the home button is far to big !

  • Dafuq..?

  • I thought that was iPhone 4s with a case =.=”

  • 7.5/10

  • Lol thunderbolt? really? apple isn’t that stupid to add thunderbolt to it

  • that honestly looks like a horrible iPhone

  • I’m not sure if this is true, but it seems adding a thunderbolt cable would just make it easier to jailbreak…(just seems like it would to me)

  • Yeah apple isn’t adding thunderbolt because less than 5% of computers have it………..

  • Anonymous

    looks nice larger screen is great.. j just got a 4s so ji am n no rush fro the 5

  • Anonymous


  • I’m all for a bigger screen if it means the same form factor dimensions. Do anything you want, just don’t mess with the overall dimensions and I’m fine – cause phones are made for pockets.

  • I too wanna create a video like that!!!! 🙂

  • Aaron de Silva

    I liked the concept!!!!

  • Robert Goldberg

    I agree with all the concept features, except for the thickness of the new iPhone. I think Apple will be moving towards decreasing the thickness of the new handset rather than increasing it.

  • Robert Goldberg

    I agree with all the concept features, except for the thickness of the new iPhone. I think Apple will be moving towards decreasing the thickness of the new handset rather than increasing it.