I’ve said before that I felt like AirPlay Mirroring was one of the most underrated features of iOS 5. The ability to wirelessly stream content from the device to a TV seemed like an open invitation for iOS developers to create console-esque games.

We’ve seen a couple of big name titles take advantage of this, but perhaps none of them showcases the feature’s potential better than Cerebral Gardens’ recently-released Party Doodles…

iLounge spotlights the party game, which uses both the iPad and the Apple TV to create one of the coolest renditions of pictionary we’ve ever seen: two teams, of up to 10 players each, use their tablets to draw clues for secret items and phrases on the big screen for the other team to guess. So yes, it’s a lot like DrawSomething.

The game is free, and comes with enough word cards to last you through a couple of parties. Should you run out, however, there are 9 additional card packs available for just $1 a piece.

Even if you don’t think Party Doodles is groundbreaking, you have to admit it shows promise. Imagine playing all of your favorite party games this way: Scattergories, Taboo, SceneIt?

Honestly, I’m surprised that developers aren’t jumping all over this. And even more so that Apple isn’t putting this in commercials. Maybe not enough folks have Apple TVs yet. But with 300+ million iOS devices in the wild, you would think this would be a great incentive for them to go out and get one.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Cool.. But I’m not getting an AppleTV just for that. 

    • I have a mac mini connected to my tv in my living room and I use an app called AirServer which turns my mac into a fully functional airplay device as if it were an apple tv and even does mirroring, it cost around $14 dollars £8 ish and there’s constant free updates making it better all the time which if you have a similar setup will save you plenty of money on buying an apple tv

  • Yeah I wish better mirroring apps were out there. I bought the lastest Apple TV assuming there would be a jailbreak but it sounds like it’s a tougher nut to crack than expected. Other than a handful of games, there really isn’t much out there.

  • Anonymous

    Cool post! I can relate to this quite a bit. I’ll be honest, it’s not every day that I use AppleTV to mirror my apps if I’m on my own. But at Christmas time it became a big feature of our Christmas entertainment! (Especially with new members of the family getting iOS devices too).
    We airplayed Fifa, Real Racing, Sonic Racing.. and this will be a pretty great addition!

    But you’re right. It’d be nice if Apple advertised AppleTV a little more, (I think the only time I can remember seeing it is for the iPhone4).

  • Anonymous

    Apple tv is way too under rated. Even more so when it’s jailbroken. I guess the average person just doesnt realize the awesomeness of it and its abilities.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit the Apple TV is really cheap, but then again, I can’t think of a reason those $99 would be well spent.