SwipeSelection — the jailbreak tweak based on Daniel Hooper’s iPad keyboard editing concept — is now available on Cydia.

If you haven’t seen our hands-on video and review of the tweak in action, be sure to check it out.

You can find SwipeSelection for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and it plays nice with both the iPad and iPhone.

Have you tried it? What do you think?

  • This is much better than SwipeShiftCaret! Gonna install it right now

  • I love Jailbreak. 🙂
    Thank you Daniel Hooper and whoever actually built the tweak!

  • little bit disappointed that it is not well compatible with KBShortcut…
    But it is still extremely awesome!
    hope for update with copy-and-paste feature / comparability with KBShortCut !

    • Anonymous

      The Dev told me it will work with KBS as long as you briefly hold the space bar key before dragging your finger. I tried it and it works quite well with KBS.

  • Awesome! HUGE props to this guy for making it a free tweak!!!

  • Just installed and worked as a charm!!!

    A must have!!!

    Thanks developer.

  • Probably one of the best tweaks I’ve seen. Good video Jeff! 🙂

  • Really glad he made this compatible with the iPod/iPhone as well. This is another one of those “reason to jailbreak” tweaks.

  • Anonymous

    Like @Pedro Diogo i have to admit that it’s not fully compatible with non-english lenguage…infact as i try to use an accented letter like “è” – that is a really important difference in lenguages like italian – the menu in which i choose the alternative letter disappear. I really hope that will be fixed because this is a very awesome tweak.
    Thanks for the awesome job jeff and idownloadblog…keep on 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work with Pages it seems. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Confirm that and also not working on cydia and safari since I can’t use it right now to edit.
      Anyway, it’s a must have tweak nonetheless 🙂

  • I love it works great

  • Great tweak an its free hats off to the developer.

  • Great tweak.

    Unfortunately not totally compatible with non-English languages yet.

    In Arabic-keyboard there is no shift key, so it is a big problem.

  • Loving it!
    If you dont have this, ur definately missing alot! 😀

  • Andrew Morgan

    Yeah, doesn’t workin third party apps either, such as Office2…

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Swipeshiftcaret shiftselection delete word triple threat all together works very nice. Thank you cydia.

  • Anonymous

    “if apple doesnt implement it, the jailbreak community will respond” well said jeff !

  • it also breaks apple’s own functionality of swiping the shift key to capitalize and swiping the number key to enter a number/punctuation mark. so editing was improved but at the expense of composing I guess, at least for iPhone.

  • A

    Yes, Rohan BluJay Prabhu is right. I miss those functionalities as well. I use them to quickly enter a number or punctuation without having to tap back and forth between those keyboard layouts. But this SwipeSelection tweak is so awesome, that I would use it at the cost of that original Apple functionality.

    However, I will have to uninstall it, because I type in three different languages daily, and I have to be able to use those other non-english letters. I’m so bummed.

    I hope that gets fixed because it’s a shame to have to uninstall SwipeSelection. Also, I wish it allowed you to go up and down instead of only on left and right.

  • Anonymous

    How come Apple doesnt see how awesome jailbreaking can be.

  • Anonymous

    Great tweak but not being compatible with KBShortcuts is a deal breaker. Uninstalled I’m afraid.

  • Anonymous

    Will it work with ikeyi?

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Thank you

  • In German you need the alternative characters all the time, so this tweak makes normal writing impossible. Sorry, great tweak, but this has to be fixed!

    • Anonymous

      The 1.0 update added support for accent selection.

  • Anonymous

    this goes to the motherfuckers who keep saying jailbreak is for piracy

  • Tweak is nice but doesn’t work with emojis. 🙁 Updates badly needed. Great tweak nonetheless. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The 1.0 update fixed that.

  • Thank you to everyone involved in this tweak. It’s freaking awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Utterly brilliant. This represents perfectly what jailbreaking is all about. Someone comes up with a brilliant idea and within days a talented developer makes it happen. Love it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Excellent tweak! A must have!

  • is this only going to be for the ipad or can iphones do it as well

  • Lee Read

    Doesn’t work with Dolphin HD browser 🙁

  • Lee Read

    But it is great!

  • Best Jailbreak Tweak ever.
    Works perfectly (even for hovering over a key for alternative letters).
    THIS is a Tweak that makes the way I use my iPhone/iPad the way it should be.
    Was considering to get rid of the jailbreak sometime soon because I only used NCSettings, ManualCorrect and Infinifolder… but this made a jailbreak a must have until its build in iOS.

  • Dion Factor


  • It’s less than 12 hours and an update is already issued out! I’m totally impressed. Not sure about other language keyboards but mine works flawlessly now! Definitely one of the best tweaks of all time!

  • Ishan Mahendru

    I just wish that the developers somehow put a right shift on the iPhone keyboard. Now that would be just perfect for the iPhone. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    As some other guy said this was just fixed to allow input of char variations.. Great work.

    However it still wont work in webpages textboxes

  • I am quite dissappointed that it is not compatible with KBShortcut.
    I use KBShortcut all the day and I need to disable swipeselection for now.
    I hope it can be temporally disabled when I press on space, so that I can use the easy copy, paste and shortcut function of KBShortcut.

    Besides, I found a problem when I am writing this comment!
    Swipeselection is not functional on the webpage like this, I cannot use the swipe function when I am writing in the webpage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      The latest update adds support for KBShortcut, if you pause on the space bar (like opening the key accents menu) it will disable SwipeSelection for that touch letting you choose an action.

  • Great concept. I’ve always wanted arrow keys on the keyboard as selecting/ edtting anything on the iOS is cumbersome. But I’ll wait for for the next update or so to install as it seems from the feedback that it doesn’t support non-English keys yet, which I need.

    • Anonymous

      The update people mentioned adds support for selecting different versions of letters, character accents.

      • A

        Thank you for such a quick update to fix this issue!!! I reinstalled SwipeSelection and it works perfectly now when using the various characters in German and Spanish! I love this tweak!!!! Thanks for creating it and providing it for free. It’s an absolute must-have, and is sure to make non-jailbreakers jealous. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love the idea but the implementation needs a tweak. I find that if I use any of the Emoji icons I can’t swipe between screens. Instead it means I only move the cursor left and right. It would be nice, like Zephyr did, to allow a change in the number of fingers used to implement. Otherwise it is just too limiting. Kudos to the developer for the release but I can’t use it right now.

    • Anonymous

      The update in cydia fixes this.

  • Anonymous

    NEVER MIND! It works great with KBShortcuts. You just have to briefly hold the space bar before dragging to the action key of your choice. Just thought I would let you guys know;)

  • Fan Leuk Lai

    Very useful tweak. Unfortunately I have to uninstall it as it make Traditional Chinese Handwriting input (my main input method) unusable.

    • Anonymous

      I added support for handwriting recognition to the latest update, 1.0.2

      • Anonymous

        Is it now support Arabic, if not can you please update it with Arabic-keyboard (Right to Left writing) support.


  • Anonymous

    The 1.0.1 update added support for web views & the email app.

  • k t

    Holding shift and typing ??? or !!! no longer works, pops up the alternative letter popup 🙁

  • k t

    Holding shift and typing ??? or !!! no longer works, pops up the alternative letter popup 🙁

  • gruntney

    Another one of the MUST HAVE tweaks from the Jailbreak Community.

  • Tawkir

    Really nice tweak………………….

  • Mike Drysdale

    Just curious, will there be an update to bring compatibility with Pages, etc? I’m thinking that compatibility broke with the latest update to Pages. It was working fine for me before.

  • I Love This Tweak, but it Skips Characters Due To Sight Finger Slides When Typing. Its More Frustrating Than Just Typing Normally. I Would Suggest The Slide From Delete Functionality Be Stand Alone. That Would Solve My Problem.

  • Aj Onasanwo

    Best tweak I’ve ever used for work related things, but sadly it does not work with pages, would you happen to know why?

  • Sahab Mas

    I love this tweak but for some strange reason it messes with my backspaces and makes them delete 2 (TWO) characters with 1 tap, so I wanna remove it but I can’t do it from Cydia, it just doesn’t get removed ! help me please