Now that the rumors for the third-generation iPad are over, rumors regarding Apple’s next iPhone are kicking in full swing. Reporting on a rumor that’s been floating around for quite awhile, Maeil Business Newspaper (via Reuters) says that Apple’s next iPhone will feature a 4.6-inch display.

The upgraded screen size has been rumored to be featured in the iPhone for quite awhile. Many Android devices include a larger 4-inch screen, including Samsung’s popular Galaxy S II. The 4.6-inch display would be Retina quality and manufactured by Samsung and LG…

Many customers have asked for a larger screen in their iPhone, however, the iPhone 4S stayed with the iPhone 4’s form-factor. The iPhone 4/4S feature a 3.5-inch screen, that some say is too small compared to many Android devices.

Apple’s next iPhone, perhaps named the iPhone 5, has been rumored to feature an all new teardrop design. Many said it was going to launch last October, however that wasn’t the case. Many reports now say this is the year, most likely sometime this fall.

The iPhone 5 is also rumored to feature LTE — just like the new iPad that was released last week.

Would you like to see a larger screen on the iPhone?

  • Anonymous

    Not a 4.6 inch screen. 4 is fine, possibly even 3.8.

  • 4 not bigger though. also, tear drop design is almost definitely not happening.

  • Falk M.

    This will only happen when they found a solution for the upscaling issue.
    Obviously they won’t drop Retina…

    Another possible way out would be an OS redesign in which pre-iOS6 app would be able to live in at actual size, just that the display offers some other elements, too.


    My actual guess is that they are going to stick to 3.5″ for now.
    But Apple always has some surprises ready. 😉

    • There will be no upscaling issue.

      The 3.5″ iPhone 4/4S “retina display” has:
      • resolution: 960 x 640
      • ppi (pixels per inch): 326

      The new iPad’s “retina display” has:
      • resolution: 2048 x 1536
      • ppi: 264

      Using some simple math, you can calculate that the new iPhone could potentially have up to a 4.36″ display and still qualify as a “retina display” on par with the new iPad’s ppi.

      A 4.36″ screen with a resolution of 960 x 640 would have a ppi of 264.63

      • Falk M.

        Not entirely true.
        Do you remember the reasoning why iPad’s 264 are considered Retina by Apple?

        Also, please mind that GUI elements would suddenly get bigger.
        The main reason to make the screen bigger is to fit more content.
        However, if you tried to fit more content, it would be displayed smaller on previous generation devices (iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, etc).
        This would fragment the iPhone/iPod world and that’s what Steve Jobs always tried to avoid.

        The term Retina is NOT bound to some dpi value only, it’s bound to a relation of dpi and typical view distance.
        You can look closely at the iPhone 4 and find it’s not the advertised Retina effect anymore, or pick a 3GS and hold it far away, boom! RETINA! No distinction between pixels.

  • Thomas Gehman

    Why would it be called the “iPhone 5”, if it’s gonna be the 6th gen iPhone?

    • Santi Hervella

      Its just gonna be called “iPhone” or “the new iPhone” just like the did with the new ipad

    • A A

      Why is the iPhone 4s called an iPhone 4s when it’s a 5th gen iPhone?

    • why iPhone 3GS and then iPhone 4?

      iPhone 4S then iPhone 5 seems logical.. or just “the new iPhone”

      • It was the iPhone 3GS because it was essentially the iPhone 3G, but with a speed increase, hence the “S”. It was also the 3rd generation iPhone. The iPhone 4 was, unsurprisingly, the 4th generation iPhone. iPhone 5 is not logical at all because it’s not the 5th iPhone. If Apple aren’t retarded when they name the 5th Gen iPhone, it should either be called the iPhone 6 or “The New iPhone”.

      • U just contradicted urself. smh

      • If Apple isn’t…not If Apple aren’t

      • It could also possibly be called iPhone 4G since its more than likely gonna be 4G

    • So? U don’t see sony calling the playstation slim the playstation 4

      • Thomas Gehman

        Because it’s not a next generation. 🙂

      • Falk M.

        That because nothing has changed in terms of performance or compatibility to a new wave of games or their quality exclusively to the slim model.

        This is opposed to the iPhone 4s with much better graphics compared to the iPhone 4, better camera, HSPA+, etc etc…

    • Do you REALLY care that much???
      Products have names and numbers. Don’t think too much about it, you’ll only give yourself a headache or worse.

  • Don’t need a bigger screen. That’s why I have my iPad.

    • i personally thin it needs a upgrade since i cant afford a iPad all i have is my iPhone to play games on and its impossible to play any of the high end games since the controls are so hard to use on the small screen.

      • Actually the iPad is cheaper than the iPhone. Even with the current ‘New iPad’ the 4S is still more expensive…

  • Anonymous

    I call BS – 4.3 or something but 4.6 very doubtful

  • Fake.

  • Of course I’d like a bigger screen, but there is an important reason why it’s stayed at 3.5. One of the big ones is that a 3.5 in screen is size screen that’s reachable at any point based on radius of thumb reach. With bigger screens, you find yourself repositioning your hand to touch something in the opposite side of the screen.

  • Redacted.

  • Fake, or separated series from normal 3.5-inch iPhone

    or my iPhone 4S will be my last apple-phone…… = [

  • 3.5 inch is a good size. Bigger isn’t always better.

  • Kony 2012

  • No!! 3.5″ is perfect! U want bigger, get an ipad!! LTE, better battery, and pix in dark are a must tho.

  • i am sure that apple will never make that big screen,cuz thumbs can’t reach at the top.D::::

  • teardrop design? ewh.. the current is perfect.. just make it thinner or something

  • I find it humorous that almost everyone here (which also are some of the biggest iPhone supporters) all pretty much are in agreement that the screen size doesn’t need to change. I also agree that the screen is perfect now as it is.

  • Many customers (in particular ME) have asked for a larger screen in their iPhone, however, the iPhone 4S stayed with the iPhone 4′s form-factor. The iPhone 4/4S feature a 3.5-inch screen, that some say is too SMALL compared to many Android devices.

  • kailash tindwani

    Plz help
    Is $499 the exact price that we have to pay for new ipad or some other stuff like tax and such has to be paid?
    Plz reply! I need one and this is first time i am buying an Apple product.

    • You have to pay tax on everything I recommend going to best buy and buying one and get their protection plan it’s worth it if you break it the will replace it for free all ya have to do is pay the monthly fee of 20$

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think screen size matters as much as resolution. Take a look at a 17 inch laptop with a low resolution. The letters are difficult to make out and it causes eye strain.

    The iPhone, on the other hand, is very easy on the eyes. The only thing a bigger screen helps for is videos and scrolling less, not a big deal. What do you guys think??

  • Anonymous

    I have big hands, so a 4″ or 4.6″ screen would still be fine.

    However, honestly, the 3.5″ size of my current iPhone4’s screen fits just fine too.

    Additionally, my wife’s little hands hold the current iPhone4 just fine – I’m not sure she would like a larger “brick” to hold in her hand.

    But, I believe that a 4″ or 4.6″ sized screen is quite possibly in our future for the following reason:

    The larger size is more important to Apple, not for the screen size, BUT to pack in a BIGGER A5 / A6 Quad-Core Processor along with a LARGER BATTER!!!

    I believe that would be their motivation more than just to compete with Android / Galaxy S.

  • Anonymous

    Choice, make 2 iphones and skip the teardrop look, 3.5. And 4.5 phones

    You scumbag yes you
    Scumbag cocksucker

  • fuck yea.. At least 4 inches……….and must have LTE………… Those are my only 2 wish list

  • This is a huge assumption, i dont think they would make it that big, i think 4 would be nice but if they did this i would have a feeling they would upgrade the iPod Tuch to the same size since they are so similar. Im not expecting anything like this to happen but 4G is pretty much a give in now.

  • Anonymous

    Goood. Another inch would be perfect. 3.5 is good for kids, woman, and asians but if youre a man you need a bigger screen.

    Bigger screen and LTE are what I wanted last year. Hopefully they go back to a summer release but even it’s ready I doubt they will with the 4S still selling so well.

    I love the iPhone 4 design but it does suck getting a new phone and having it feel no different. Can’t wait for the new iPhone. (and yes it will be called the new iPhone and not iPhone 5)

  • dear god no…

  • I definitely want bigger screen. Big as “htc sensation xl “. As i watch lots of movies, drawings on sketchbook, making music on apps like FL Studio (playing piano), playing games like 9mm, gta3….etc etc etc bigger screen would great for me. I love ios better than android but some part of me always want to buy one of those android device just because of bigger screen.
    And ipad is not an option for me as i can’t afford one right now.

  • I agree with LilGreenGuy 4.6 is over kill. 4 to me would be perfect because it would not make the actual size of the phone change over much or even better not at all!

  • I need to put my Iphone 5 in my pocket! so 4″ is the best size
    If over 4″ then it’s MADE FOR WOMEN!!!!

  • Yes I would.

  • Anonymous

    So…the “new” rumor is that the next iPhone will compete with Galaxy Note in terms of screen size?
    Thanks god that I bought the 4S….

    • Anonymous

      Your ignorance is staggering

      • Anonymous

        And because I do think that 4.3 inch display is way too big you (which I presume you would like to have, but I do respect also this point of view) to fit in my pocket and make the phone size usable with one hand makes me ignorant?

        So, why do you think that Apple kept this 3.5 screen size in iPhone? For sure is not something that Apple kept aleatory.

        Your ignorance that is staggering…

      • Anonymous

        You’re hilarious man, I really enjoyed reading your reply. I particularly enjoyed your attempts at reasoning, grammar and mockery.

        You are the winner.

        PS when you finally buy the 4.3 inch iphone I hope you remember me

      • tspx23

        3.5″ is considered small. The current ideal size for one hand use is 4-4.5″ if the iPhone doesn’t have this in the next one they will eventually lose the market share. 90% of consumers want their next phone to be within that range. Also, samsung has recently topped the global phone industry bypassing both nokia and apple. Clearly they are introducing features the general public want (including larger screen size).

        Although I agree that most people will not view the note as ideal due to its 5.3″ size, most samsung phones are around the 4.0-4.65″ range (completely reasonable for one hand use). As for portability these 4.3″ devices are becoming thinner and thinner. Even the One S that was released is nearly the same size of an iphone 3gs width wize and would fit easier into a pocket since its half the thickness. People are finding ways to fit bigger screens into smaller space. This is the way Apple would probably incorporate a bigger screen.

        So you are being somewhat ignorant, I assure you when Apple releases a new phone without making it significantly larger but with a bigger screen size, people like you will be the first to jump on it.

        I for one cannot wait for the iPhone 5, it better have a bigger screen!

      • Anonymous

        Hey, guess what, you are that kind of person that likes to insult people under comments.
        Look at you history comments. Almost all of them are insulting someone.
        Some people feels good about it. Maybe frustration. Whatever…

      • Anonymous

        Hey, guess what, it does

  • Has anybody heard any news about the rumored iPod touch for children, called iTouch Kids? They appear to have dropped the idea for some reason.

  • mickey nguyen

    I wouldn’t be surprised at a larger screen size this time around. We are all using our phones to do more and more things and the extra real estate is never a negative as long as you’re not sacrificing portability. Screens are getting larger but the body of phones are gradually shrinking. Check out the Htc one S. 4.3″ screen with a phone width only slightly (millimeters) wider than the 3GS. Even the meizu mx (a company that has mimicked apple aesthetics) has a 4″ screen in an iPhone like body. I’d be very unimpressed if apple couldn’t top that. A 4.6″ screen seems like a bit of a stretch at this point, however in 6 months who knows. Htc has already managed to squeeze a 4.7″ screen into what used to be a compact 4.3″ phone body. Apple has always had an edge when it comes to thin and compact devices. Especially since there hasn’t been a redesign in 2 years and we still have 6 months to go.

  • Anonymous

    I’d go 4 maybe 4.2. But going four and a half and up is to much. It’s a phone not a tablet.

    • Anonymous

      4.5 inch is way too small to be considered a tablet imo. The SG Note is considered to be a phonblet at over 5 inches, not a tablet. Btw, I own a SGS2 w/ 4.3 screen as well as a iP4S. Both phones are good in their own rights.

  • Could they have 2 iphones? One with 3.5″ and the other at around 4″ or bigger? That makes sense since not everyone wants a bigger screen…

  • Anonymous

    A 4.6-inch display sounds great to me, especially w/ retina. Btw, The SGS3 is also rumored to have a screen size (4.7-inch) and a ppi (3?? ) boost up.

  • I think 4 inches would be enough… Although, knowing Apple, they’d find a way to make 4.6 work. Also, I like the idea of the teardrop design, I’d expect it to resemble a very thin iPhone 3GS. I actually like the mockup photo above, with the exception of the home button.

  • Dan

    I’d enjoy a screen the same size as the samsung galaxy s2

  • Anonymous

    Anything over 4 is overkill for me. If you need more, get a tablet.

  • I’m happy with current screen size as it is compact and can handle by using just one hand. Also fits perfectly in the pocket. I’ve seen and experienced samsung s2 and I didn’t like it, it is not that easy to handle using one hand. A slight increase on screen size is ok as long as it still maintain the one hand usability

  • I’m so sick of rumors. I thought we would have a break from it now that the new iPad is officially out; but unfortunately, I was wrong…

  • KewlDewd

    I can’t believe this teardrop design thing is a legitimate rumor (if there is such a thing) How awkward would it be to have a completely unbalanced phone in your hand. The renderings I’ve seen make it look like it would be top heavy. That’s just not a design mistake Apple would make.

  • Anonymous

    I DEF dont want a 4.6 either… 4 will be more than enough specially if it goes edge to edge… I started testing a Nexus Something at work yesterday and it’s 4.3 screen is WAY toooo big to put in your pocket DONT DO IT APPLE

    • tspx23

      galaxy nexus has a 4.65″ and a nexus s has 4″…. regardless my note fits in my skinny jeans fine idk what kind of outfit you would have to wear for a phone not to fit. They are incredibly thin so unless you wear girl pants it shouldn’t be an issue

  • it will NEVER be called the iphone 5. I wish people would stop calling it that. technically it would be the iphone 6.

  • I don’t want a bigger screen on the iPhone. I think it’s perfect and I like how I can use it with just one hand. I could use a 5 inch phone with 1 hand but not everyone has massive hands like me.

  • What are we all 1 armed freaks? Your arguments are retarded, I don’t want a bigger screen because I can’t use it with one hand… If you are worried about texting and driving, thats illegal anyways… I bet all you Pollocks still have 20″ tube tv’s because you couldn’t possibly handle a bigger screen. Technology is too freakin scary for you. If you don’t like bigger screens keep your 4’s and 4S’s….