Apple said to be reviewing components for upcoming LTE iPhone

AppleInsider is reporting today that it has obtained a research note from Barclays, an investment firm, that contains some interesting information regarding Apple’s next iPhone.

The note states that Apple is moving along with development of its next iPhone, and is now in the process of reviewing components submitted by suppliers for use in the new handset…

“Among the parts Apple is expected to utilize are Qualcomm’s “MDM9615” LTE chip, which supports both voice and data connections on high speed 4G networks. That chip would be a change from the new iPad, which features Qualcomm’s “MDM9600.” But that hardware only offers data connections over 4G LTE, not voice.”

The report goes on to suggest that the next iPhone, like its predecessor, will be a world device. This means that there will be a single CDMA/GSM model offered around the globe. We’ll see.

Although the new iPad features LTE technology, there has been some doubt on whether or not Apple could include it in its next handset while maintaining decent battery life. Especially since the battery life in the iPhone 4S has been such a disappointment.