We’ve managed to get our hands on the new iPad ahead of tomorrow’s official launch, and we’re taking advantage of it by publishing a wide range of hands-on videos and comparison tests with its predecessor.

Next up in our head-to-head matchup is the new iPad’s Retina display vs. the screen of the iPad 2. Since the biggest selling point of the new tablet is obviously its screen, we wanted to see if it lived up to the hype…

Notice how you can barely make out any pixels on the new iPad even with the screen magnified many times over? Now look at the iPad 2. The difference, though predictable, is stunning when you compare the two devices side-by-side.

So the big question on everyone’s minds seems to be: “is the heralded Retina display worth the upgrade to the new iPad over the iPad 2?” Well if this video is anything to go by, then the answer is a resounding yes.

What do you think? Is the Retina display worth the upgrade alone?

  • Definitely worth it! Now I just have to figure out how to afford it…

  • Yes it is worth upgrading. but the real question is what am I doing still up?! :/

  • Way worth it. Now I just wish I could afford one :/

  • People’s expectations towards the new IPAD were much more higher than what they finally saw. So, just for the retina display alone I don’t think that I can upgrade from Ipad2 to 3.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, what features from the rumor pool didn’t materialize? For once Apple delivered on expectations. Retina display, LTE (this is a big one), quad-core processor, and upgraded camera were all in the new iPad’s forecast.

      • Anonymous

        Quad core is only for the graphics processor and tests done on the CPU show it to be the same speed as the iPad 2.
        I would have liked to see a better resolution camera for FaceTime.

        I’m also not going to upgrade my ipad 2. The better screen is not worth the upgrade price for me either. Lte means nothing to me so that feature is pointless to me.

  • The new iPad should have been called the iPad 2S. In the past, Apple added the letter S to iPhone models that weren’t exactly new but had been tastefully enhanced (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S). That’s exactly what’s going on with the new iPad. Its technical improvements keep it at the forefront of desirability — just ahead of the snapping jaws of its Android competition — but don’t take it in any new directions.

    • Don’t that piss anyone off? They stave of and slow anything revolutionary

      • it does but v all love apple so much…;D

    • Anonymous

      When they changed the resolution on the iPhone it went from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4, Sparky.
      This is not just a speed enhancement, it’s a resolution enhancement.

  • Bro Bac

    Obviously, it’s really worth! The question is when it will available in Malaysia?

    • Mohammed Anjum

      get it from singapore not that fAR

  • Not worth it if u have ipad2.. Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    Great, you flew to Aus, just to get the ipad2k12 fist time for reporting to us!

  • Anonymous

    Ahh .. all of the videos I have seen you do of iPad(new) vs iPad 2 are shocking – camera all over the place – how can you compare quality like that – tripod much?

    • Ya I would have to agree. Jeff not your best camera work. I want a side-by-side comparison please.

  • I just checked my iPad2, my eyes are so bad, I can’t see the pixels, so I decided to not buy a new iPad…

    • Excactly my point earlier, if u just casually look at it and not go on a witchhunt to look for pixels you are not gonna see them. Not a big difference as in the 3GS to iPhone 4 now that was a great upgrade!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Honestly, I feel bad for those who are unable to a big difference between displays of devices like the 3GS and the iPhone 4. The difference is like night and day for most of us. The sharper image display makes reading text much easier on the eyes. That said, as much as I’d like the newer model, I don’t plan to upgrade from my iPad 2 just yet. I’m willing to wait to see what the next generation brings.

      • Anonymous

        I went and looked at the new Ipad 3 yesterday. I was not overwhelmed with the display. Maybe if you put the ipad 2 and 3 side by side and then held them 3 inches from your face you would notice an obvious difference?

        This video just enforces my point. Why not film the video from a little distance?

  • Not worth it.

  • N e ways who looks at there screen that close to notice the pixels. U haft to go on a witchunt to find them in iPad 2
    I will say this though with 3GS to the iPhone 4 now that was an upgrade!! Big difference there folks not here. But the new iPad is a upgrade just a very small one. I call this IPad 2.5

  • Why can’t people use the same background when running these tests? Either use a blank background or bubbly.

  • Never thought I would say it, being a big fan of Apple, but the bods at Cupertino havent given us much. Recently I took the leap and jailbroke my iPhone 4. I was amazed at the increase in functionality that gave me. I had to go outside of Apple to get any increased life for my “old” device. The phone is now reborn.
    Comparing that it, if you can in any way, to the improvement in display of the iPad “new” but no increase in base model storage memory feels like a bit of a con.

    Better graphics means increased app sizes. Doh !

    I shall stick with my iPad 2.

    Or at least until my eyesight proves substantially enough that I am irritated by the pixelation of the screen.

    • Anonymous

      Apple have tried to make out this is somehow revolutionary because of the Retina display when the fact is it is essentially an iPad 2 with slightly upgraded specs but nothing noticeable in every day use and the fact remains that all the fanboys on blogs like this will buy into anything told to them by Apple … That’s good marketing on their part but that’s all it is, just because somebody tells you what you want to hear, it doesn’t make it so !!

      This isn’t aimed at you btw, i’m just agreeing with what you said and adding my 2 cents lol

  • Anonymous

    As a french, I would say ” Hey folks, trash the old one which is thick and rough and crude and vulgar and get a new one, much more classy” I was a talking about our president, but it could be the same for the new ipad (the old ipad was not vulgar, and “thick” was for pixels not the ipad itself)

  • No not for me. Note that you can only see the difference when your eyes are so close to the iPad…..

    Ask yourself, would you actually be holding your iPad that close to your face?

  • Reading this on my iPad 3. Definitely notice the pixel density straight away if you are a geek. I spend a lot of time using Mr Reader. Just the benefits of ClearTek Stallone (clear text alone, in aussie accent with dictation btw) makes it worth the purchase so far as an upgrade from the iPad one. Games will be awesome! Can’t wait for jailbreak

  • There are many new tablets which can easily compete iPAD3 if we compare Capability, Display and even ease of use. But since all iOS are specially optimized for iDevices only, they perform way to better than other tablets. However, my new tablet will be Prime TF201 or i may wait for TF301.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung have technology well beyond the Retina display and they will bring out tablets that blow the iPad away with the specs and quality of the screen … There was something I read the other day that stated Apple’s hold on the tablet market will last another year or so and then they will be left behind … The manufactures of rivals are often way ahead of Apple but most don’t seem to package it aswell.

      The HTC One X pisses all over the iPhone 4S and on contract would cost you about 15 pound less a month, Apple are so expensive and not justifiably either nowadays, even the 3GS costs a fortune on contract and it’s utter shit compared to the smartphones of today

      • Anonymous

        You’re writing utter crap about things you just don’t understand…

      • Put ur hate somewhere else…
        Apple makes other copy…where was samsung galaxy tab before iPad..??…atleast it was not in milkyway fr sure…:p

  • Here is the bottom line. For the person saying it can’t compare to the upgrade from the 3GS to the iPhone 4….yes it can. It’s the exact same upgrade. It’s even more of an upgrade than that iPhone upgrade was. I’ve spent considerable time with both, and let me tell you, it’s a BIG upgrade from a screen clarity perspective. This can’t be denied.

    Now, whether or not you perceive it to be worth your time or money is a whole different story. The iPad isn’t like your phone where you “need” it. So I can see why some wouldn’t want to upgrade. But there’s no denying that from a visual and specs standpoint, this is just as big of an upgrade as it was going from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4.

    • Love a good debate sir… But take a look at the 3GS you can see the pixels holding it normally
      Not the iPad 2 you cannot unless u are absolutely looking for them. Your recent article just prove my point even more. On the 3GS to iPhone 4 upgrade in pixels. The 3GS to iPhone 4 difference is 161 in ppi, the difference between iPad 2 to iPad 2.5 is just 62 ppi.

  • Not worth it, I’ll wait for the next one. I’m perfectly happy with jailbroken iPad 2! 🙂

  • Why apple doesn’t make a 70 inch flat tv with this resolution?? So small screen with all that pixels just not to see the pixel in an app icon?? Also how can they always add one or two features every year on a recicled clone? I bet they already have the final perfect Ipad built and they just little by little adding piece after piece to make us upgrade constantly. I remember the ipad2 came out in Italy less then 10 months ago! Already a new one?? On the next ipad they will add a flash and a better front camera and here we are with the NEWIPAD S. By the way I never owned an android and never will so I speak as a total apple fan. Their way to know how to milk as much as they can from the people that work so hard to earn their money i think is just a little cheeky (i dont want to use other words). Putting all this fever on something they already made 10 months ago just because a better screen and making all the ipad2 owners think if upgrade or not thats just ………let’s say cheeky. The ipad 2 does the exactly same things you need from a new ipad and it doesent do it slower. Maybe only a little some games and only if you direct compare the two if not you will not notice at all. Gashing out an other 850bucks for an ipad 64gb 4g? Also the memory?? God apple! Memory its so cheap today!! This screen is made for blueray play!! Where do I put blueray movies with these amount of memory? Always stingy.. Maybe the new IpadS!! Again more money! Ironic!

    • Totally agree, they are so gr8 in marketing…even a minor upgrade makes me upgrade..stupid of me intelligent f apple…:(

    • It’s bullshit they got more money than the 1%ers. Give us something truly magical for being so loyal. We the people who bought your products over the years deserve something more than just mocking us with your tiny(incremental) upgrades.

  • Muito bom o vídeo! Mostra bem a diferença da tela Retina no novo ipad!

  • Anonymous

    I’m readying a book now and it makes a huge difference!

  • Yan Kar

    by the time we will have apps to take advantage of quad core GPU and retina display we will be already on next iteration of ipad
    I have 1 and 2 and waiting for windows tablet. Will skip this one .

  • JayKay

    Jeff dont ask us do tell us its worth upgrade or not?

  • Anonymous

    i work for a 3rd party Apple outlet and believe me, if it was only the screen that had been changed i wouldn’t bother updating. switching between the iPhone 4/4S and the 3GS is obviously very noticeable, the 3GS looks foggy and fuzzy in comparison. we started having the iPad3’s in stock a week before launch, including demo units, and i have to say the screen is only perceptually better if you’re into pixel peeping.

  • Dean Keaton

    Yes I always hold the screen that close to my face when using the iPad.

    What an idiotic comparison.

  • I’m not a 16gb wifi fan so na I’m gonna pass this time, if I have 1K$ to spare, I’ll buy a new macbook pro

  • Mkie Conners

    Viewing the displays through a high powered lens is not a good test. View each at the recommended 15″ distance for a true real-world comparison.