Among the new features you’ll find in Apple’s latest tablet is a much-improved backside camera. The iPad 2 was often criticized for its disappointing rear shooter, so needless to say this was a welcome upgrade.

For the most part, the new iPad’s camera setup uses the same lens system as the iPhone 4S, and is capable of shooting videos in full 1080p. How does it stack up against the iPad 2’s video camera? Keep reading to find out…

Even though our head-to-head test isn’t exactly scientific, you can tell a difference between the quality of the two clips. The new iPad’s video seems to be a tad sharper than its predecessor, and colors seem to be a bit more accurate.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’ve managed to score some new iPads a good 8 hours before they officially go on sale. So make sure you stay tuned to iDB for more hands-on videos and head-to-head tests with other tablets.

Which video do you think looks better?

  • So clear. I think the new iPad looks much better

  • iPad 2 looks clearer and more sharp.

  • Hard to tell from 1080 and 720 anyways Unless u squint and stare at it and know what to look for. Casually u can’t tell anyways to a hard up techie it’s still hard to tell

  • iPad 2 rocks!!! It was da best buy when it was released! and its still worth it.

    • Yeah now it’s cheaper than the next best tablet out there! And the iPad 2 is second in tablets. Just wait till next year when the iPad 2 goes down even more and it will still be the top 5 tablet out there

  • Haha they put the good camera on wrong side. But some retarded people will obviously go around and shot pictures and film with their New iPad.

  • Take some still photos that’s where you need to compare!! To hard to tell difference between 1080 and 720 They are both hd

  • Who would be so silly to take Videos an photos with a large Tablet? This is rediculous, it looks like stupid if you do it. Grab your iPhone it’s a mouch better experiece.

    He idownloadblog: please compare the iPad cam with the one of the iPhone 4s!

  • This does not make sense…… Do you actually take photos with your iPad? Holding such a big camera is ridiculous……. Perhaps it’s only advantage may be that the new camera can get you a better experience during video calls like FaceTime.

    • First comment that makes sense thus far

    • the front cam is same, so no effect on facetime…but hey its good to hav everything..ryt??..;D

  • Would have been nice if it were actually a comparison instead of just random crap on a white desk.. but new iPad does appear to look good.

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