Earlier today we brought you a report on AssistantLove — the new jailbreak tweak that allows you to play Spotify songs via Siri.

The tweak also has the ability to search and get directions and routes for 3rd party GPS apps, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get that working in my initial demo.

Now, with the help of the excellent free GPS app Waze, I can demo the integrated GPS navigation using Siri. I’m happy to report that it performs just as expected…

To get Siri working with a 3rd party GPS app, all you have to do is configure one of the currently supported apps in the settings panel for AssistantLove.

Navigon, TomTom, Waze, and MotionX-GPS are the apps supported thus far, so you should be able to find one that works for you, though, I was unable to get Navigon or Motion-X working. I haven’t tested TomTom, but have heard it works well from YouTube’s comments.

Again, AssistantLove is available for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and it is compatible with all devices running Siri.

How do you think the Siri GPS navigation performs?

  • I believe it actually cost $1.99. Also, the developer will be adding support for Motion X GPS Drive in the next version. I’ve tested it on Waze and MX GPS Drive and it works great.

    • It is $1.99, thanks. It says “currently supports” when referring to Navigon and MotionX-GPS, though. But I was still unable to get either recognized.

      • I’m still facing ‘cant provide maps and directions in canada….
        but it did pull up tomtom and give me the direction to chicago from vancouver…

  • Anonymous

    Why I can’t never play on my iPhone the videos you post?!

    Anyone knows if it has compatibility issues with Assistant Extensions? Since I’m still hoping that the latter will earn more support from different devs… Hopefully…

    • Anonymous

      I have assistant ext, and my assistant installed, and I have no problems, after I uninstalled those safari add ons like full screen safari etc….

  • hellome

    hey dont hate on waze! it rocks! i use it over paid GPSs

  • Hate to be negative, but this sucks. First of all it played dirty with Assistant Extensions and I had to uninstall it to get Siri working again.

    Second it only works in the US!! I have set it to navigate with TomTom. When ever I ask it to navigate anywhere it gives me the bullshit answer it can only look for businesses and provide directions in the US and when using US English.

    I tried switching Siri to US English and it says it can’t provide directions in Spain.

    If you live outside the US, don’t waiste your money!!

    • Update.

      I have had an email from the developer and he is working hard on an update to get this working else where in the world. It will be truly a great tweak when he gets this working.
      Sorry for my earlier negativity.

  • need something for uk pleaseee devsssss

  • It still just working only in US

  • Neil Popson

    Hopefully this gets updated to work in other countries.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work in the UK 🙁

  • it tryed it on tomtom euorpe and it dont work in the uk

  • As people already mention , it’s working if your in the US , it doesn’t work elsewhere .
    (useless tip ahead) If you loc spoof settings it will work (kinda) , it will open waze and the spoofed loc will be used but it’s kinda useless .

    Too bad it can’t override that ‘can’t look for places in..’ error as it use waze to do all the work.

  • While on the subject, does anyone know a lightweight voice only directions gps app? A friend of mine is blind and has an iPhone, it would be great if he could use it to get around with just voicedirections without being dead lost as soon as his battery dies.

    • what blind person drives a car?

  • Anonymous

    I see you guys are still using neurocube Siri

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they will include Verizon’s “vz navigator” in the future???

  • I tell it, “Go to chicago” and its says all just like your video, but does not launch Waze. I have reinstalled both the jailbreak and Waze. Any suggestions???????????????????????

  • Waze will not get past downloading language on my phone no matter what I do. It’s an iPhone 4 on 5.0.1 jailbroken of course and I have Siri which works flawlessly. I am in the US as well. No matter how many time I delete it and try to reinstall, it just won’t work. Anyone else have this problem?

    • use iFile to manually remove the app files. This happened on my wife’s 3GS back in the 4.1 days with Facebook all the time.

  • I know I post this a lot… but… Anyone seeing any RAM leak or RAM usage (at idle) after installing this tweak?

  • Anonymous

    This sucks. The GPS thing doesn’t work in the UK. I tried tomtom and wave, but it still didn’t work.

  • Gunny Wallen

    Love this for the GPS integration, but I can’t seem to get the Spotify integration to work.

  • this is cool and everything but id rather have the tweak “navigate from maps” , ask siri for directions on maps (get the traffic report) then click the desination, and hit navigate with tom tom (since i am not willing to pay for the traffic from tom tom when i can get it for free through maps… couple extra clicks, but when you are living in so cal, the traffic plays a huge role in navigation…