Even though the feature is still in beta, Apple has been showcasing Siri in its TV ads since the iPhone 4S came out. The reason behind this is that Siri is probably the main selling point for Apple’s latest iPhone.

In a new TV ad that has started airing today, we see Santa Claus himself using Siri to help him go through his busy day and night. It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s yet another Apple commercial that hits right on target…

My favorite part of the commercial is when Santa asks how the rest his day looks like and Siri tells him he’s got another 3.7 billion appointments.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good advert. Strange that apple is not retaliating to Samsung’s anti apple ads.

    • That’s because Apple are not pathetic like Samsung ….

    • Because this advert will be loads more effective, Apple knows how to do great marketing, marketing is all about pulling on consumers heart strings, making them want something, this definitely will do that in the bucket loads.

      Realistically Samsung’s commercials only appeal to a certain demographic, I would actually bet that most of Apple’s users, bought the 4S because of the great camera and siri, most of them could care less what samsung is saying in its commercials, they are the casual iPhone user and they make up most of Apple’s install base.

      All apple has to consult itself with is remaining the in-thing with the crowd, releasing commercials like this one definitely will help them to continue achieving that.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome my little girl watched it and loved it 🙂

  • Dan

    pretty funny, makes me wish I had siri (so I guess mission accomplished for apple)

  • That was rather cute, definitely a great advert, the end was a particularly nice touch.

  • Hahaha…brilliant ..,,

  • I wonder if Siri really can handle 3.7 Billion appointments.

  • LOL the miss santa message

    • I was hoping for a message from Rudolph or donner or blitzen!!

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  • This advert is pretty cool!! I say it’s the only phone for Santa it’s the iPhone 4s(anta)!!!

  • Kok Hean

    This is why I really like Apple’s advertisements. They don’t talk about other phones. They also don’t talk about design specs at all, they just show people how easy it is to use the phone.

  • I like Siri and all and but I haven’t used it since the first month I got my 4S. Anyone in the same boat?