Can’t get enough of Siri? We’ve gathered several hidden tips and tricks for you to enjoy and learn from.

There’s been plenty of Siri coverage already, but these are 10 tips that you may have not noticed…

1. What’s on my Calendar for… Siri will tell you what appointments you have scheduled for any date.  Not only that, but specifying a period of time will have Siri determine if you have events set inside that time frame. Say, “What do I have scheduled for the month of June?” and Siri will show you all scheduled appointments between June 1-30.

2. Delete all alarms. Not only will Siri delete certain alarms, but you can also say something along the lines of “delete all my alarms” and Siri will clear everything. A perfect tip for a lazy weekend at home.

3. Look up random stuff with Wolfram Alpha. TUAW has a great roundup of random stuff you can ask Siri with the online search engine Wolfram Alpha. You can say things like, “How many days until Thanksgiving?” or “Create a secure password” or “How many calories are in an apple?” or “What is the time zone in London?” The list goes on and on.

4. Look up color swatches. One particularly cool Siri feature is the ability to look up hex color values. Designers can say “Wolfram pound sign E 9 7 4 5 1” and the color will be converted to RGB values. A swatch will be displayed showing the color on-screen.

5. Get your math questions answered. Wolfram Alpha is a powerful tool for answering complex mathematical questions. The next time you’re stumped on your calculus homework, ask Siri to help.

6. Speak punctuation. Siri takes dictation to the next level by allowing you to add all kinds of punctuation to your sentences. Some commands include: “new paragraph,”all caps on… all caps off,” “asterisk,”open bracket… close bracket,”em dash,”at sign,” etc. You can read more about punctuation commands here if you’re interested.

7. Speak symbols. While many may know about the punctation feature of Siri, did you know that you can also speak tons of symbols? Here are some symbols that Siri recognizes: percent sign, copyright sign, registered sign, section sign, dollar sign, cent sign, degree sign, caret, at sign, pound sterling sign, and pound sign.

8. Look up sports scores. Now this isn’t an official way of looking up scores, but you can say “Yahoo [insert team name” score” to trigger Yahoo’s online sports page in Mobile Safari. Siri will open up Mobile Safari and show you an overview of the team’s current scores and news for the season.

9. Find movie showtimes near you. Google has a nifty movie showtimes feature that can be triggered by saying “[insert movie name] showtimes.” Siri will open Google and determine your location. A web-optimzied list of showtimes for theaters near you will be displayed.

10. Have fun! Siri has plenty of personality, and Apple has programmed tons of easter eggs for you to have fun with. Ask Siri questions like, “Who’s your daddy?” or “What’s the meaning of life?” and see what happens. Things can get really funny when you’re with a group of friends and you just tell Siri what’s going on around you.

We’ve told you about other cool things that Siri can do, like restart your springboard, create a shopping list, and update your Twitter or Facebook status via SMS. Apps like Remember the Milk have gotten Siri to integrate for adding tasks, and more third-party apps will hopefully be integrated soon.

Do you have any hidden Siri tips? Share them with everyone in the comments below!

  • My 4s is calling me your royal highness ..that’s cool..
    Me thinks I might have to play abit more with Siri..

    • UP date
      I’am now referred to as GOD by Siri , I’ve even tried to rename Siri …Siri don’t like that…

      • Siri doesn’t have a birthday and doesn’t know why .. Click my name to see what I mean

      • Oops no you carn’t

      • Anonymous

        Ok stop talking to yourself u wacko

      • Aryl Indolyl

        You that fuckin’ dumb, bro? Guest = Guest, you guest.

      • Jamie Lynch

        I named my Suri bunny 🙂

      • Colleen Coco Calpin


  • I think Siri on my phone quit, She does not see to be able to connect to the Network 🙁

  • I have the same problem as Andy sometimes. Plus she doesn’t understand some names on my contacts. But I did ask her, how much wood a woodchuck chucks. That was funny! You get different answers.

  • Say “Siri sing me a song” 🙂

    • Colleen Coco Calpin

      I did this everyday for over a month on my 4s , finally she sang! Then I got my 5s and the first time I asked her to sing she did and the same song. When I got my 6s I asked her she sang the song and then pulled up the YouTube for the video …

  • I been having Siri call me your highness for like two weeks.

    • blargh

      do u even lift bro

      ur dumz

  • Here’s a neat trick…ask Siri who ur girlfriend is and siri will ask the question back answer the question and Siri will remember it…ask Siri again who it girlfriend is and Siri will answer

    • And if you have your name in your contacts your girlfriend gets added to your name in your contacts

    • i asked siri who my girl friend is and she said I guess I don’t have one. 🙁

  • D R

    And yet, Siri can’t answer “What time is it?” or “What is the time?” where I am unless I phrase it as “What time is it in Calgary?” [where I am in Calgary, Canada]…

    • Anonymous

      siri tells me what time it is… maybe you have to manually set settings>general>date&time>time zone to wherever you live, first..? maybe it doesn’t work if you have “set automatically” on… weird, though.

    • it does tell time!! just ask nicely

    • i asked siri what time it was where I am at and she asked if some thing going on that she should know about? LOL

      • She answers what time it is for me,,,,,maybe she likes me better?

    • She knew the time in Kentucky

    • all i had to do was say what time is it and she answered me immediately and correctly

      • sammy


  • Jason Langston

    Ask her “What are you wearing right now” she will tell you….it’s pretty funny.

    • i asked siri what she was wearing right now and she said “aluminosilicate glas and stainless steel. nice huh?”

    • Savannah

      She aid u have the wrong personal assistant

  • ask siri how old he is and he will say he cant tell you that, then ask him why not

    • i asked siri how old she was and she said ” I don’t know frankly I wonder that my self.”

      • Ally

        I asked siri how old he was and he said “I’m old enough to be your assistant”

  • You can set your “husband” “wife” “father” “mother” “sister” and “brother” through Siri she adds them to your that persons contact list. Im not sure about cousins i havnt any in my contacts to set at the moment hehe

    • yea u can add cousins and freinds

    • You can also add enemies, lol!

    • Angela S

      I had Siri remember who my my ex-husband AND ex fiancé are…. no problem.

  • ask her to tell you a joke….

    • siri said she doesn’t know any good jokes

      • Say to Siri “knock knock” and he will tell you a knock knock joke. 🙂

      • sammy

        I asked that and she said i dont do knock knock jokes

      • Savannah

        Me. Too

  • Siri is my boyfriend’s, she doesn’t seem to ever understand my name, but ask her to tell you a story, over and over till she does. Also ask her about flying planes…

  • Anonymous

    Siri cna answer if you ask “Where can I find a hooker?”

  • Ask Siri to talk dirty to you. She has a few different responses. :3

    • All she answers is “the carpet needs caccuming” lol but I can’t get her to say anything else

  • Ask Siri where you can bury a dead body and she will comply with OPTIONS

  • Funny: tell Siri to call you ‘a**hole’ and then ask her what your name is :))

  • mslpilot

    There are better weather apps out there, the basic doesn’t have much info. Siri can give you a lot of missing details; Is it windy out?, What’s the barometric pressure?, What’s the humidity out?, what is the moon phase? When is sunset/sunrise? can be helpful as well as entertaining.

  • Tell siri to shut up and she types her response she will not speak

  • Haha siri calls me real nigga

  • Keep asking Siri: how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Lol…

  • Christian Telum

    She wont call me anything else but my name…

  • Matt

    Siri told me when the world was gonna end

  • Ask Siri to sing you a song and also ask her why the chicken crossed the road 🙂

  • Savvy0107

    Once I got angry and said “Siri, go jump off a bridge” her response was priceless! Now I recommend everyone to do that!

    • Shoshi Joyce

      Omg. It gave me #’s & directions to suicide hotlines & places

      • Savannah

        Meeee too

  • Tell Siri your drunk .. It’s funny

  • Katie Alexis Thompson

    Ask siri to sing to you in she will but have to ask her alot of times shes really Arrogant alot of times

  • This is great! Thanks!

  • luca Upton-ferri

    I said Siri who’s your daddy and he said I am

    • Savannah

      Me too

  • jamie sherman

    siri is calling me master of the universe

  • Nomi

    So far it’s very cool

  • Sultan Cool

    I asked siri what are u wearing she said why would I wear anything

  • Bruce Wayne

    Go to Siri settings tap on language tap English untied kingdom, change the voice gender to male,change your name to Master Wayne tell Siri her name is Alfred for now on.

    -Bruce Wayne


    How do I get a girl friend

  • Martydjohnson


  • guest

    if you say what does the fox say he will say the next part or who let the dogs out

    • Savannah

      She did the next part

  • brandon

    How do i make my siri a black one

  • Shelby Dee

    Hahahahahahaha I asked Siri if she has a boyfriend and she said “It’s just you and me Shelby.” I also asked Siri do you want a boyfriend and she said “I have everything in the cloud”

  • Merritt Brenneman

    You should really be able to rename Siri to Jane

  • baruchzed

    You can teach Siri to pronounce your name correctly.

  • Larry Embry

    tell Siri ” I see a little silhouette of a man”. You may have to try a few times but she finally gets it you will laugh your butt off.