Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could forward all of your iPhone’s push notifications to your Mac or PC? Well now you can, if your iDevice is jailbroken.

GrowlNotifier is a free jailbreak tweak that allows you to easily forward all of your push notifications to your Mac or PC with just a few easy to configure steps.

Check inside for a video walkthrough and tutorial…

The beauty of this tweak is that you can easily monitor your iDevice’s activity from the comforts of your computer screen. No longer will you have to unlock your iPhone to see if a particular alert needs an immediate response, because the message appears right on your monitor.

GrowlNotifier is super simple to configure, and uses the preexisting and incredibly popular Growl notification utility that’s available on the Mac or PC.

If you’re already a Growl user, I highly recommend that you give this a try. Let me know what you think about it if you decide to take it for a spin.

  • Anonymous

    But you can’t reply/tweet/post/whatever from the computer?

    • Yes you can. You simply go to the website because YOU’RE ON A COMPUTER.

      • You can reply WhatsApp via PC?

      • No Whammy

        Control your iPhone via computer with Veency in Cydia.

        @Beer Deeklasjdfoaimnclekmcfalksmdfwhatever
        Stop wasting your time with snarky comments and educate yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Stuff like that is the reason why i love the jailbreak community so much.
    A week or so ago I thought: “I want my notifications on my mac!” and no I have it.
    Great job! And nice article, as always, Jeff. πŸ™‚

  • How do i setup on a windows?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, how?

      • second to that

      • Anonymous

        Still don’t know how to configure this shit!

  • I am unable to get this working on Snow Leopard

  • Can’t get Growl 1.3 working in Lion. Ports forwarded, enabled and disabled password, and restarted my Mac.

    EDIT: Works fine on my Windows 7 Home Edition x64
    EDIT 2: Got it working on both machines now πŸ™‚ BiteSMS beta isn’t working with it.

    • on the mac are you using growl 1.3 from the app store or the GrowlNotify 1.3 ? thx

      • yes i’m using both growl 1.3 from the mac app store and GrowlNotifier from Cydia. Also i’ve opened port 23053 on my router.

    • ashrith9966090545@gmail.com

      how to set it up in win 7 growl for windows..

      no tutorials on google…

      iphone 5 ios 7.0.4 with growlnotifier installed

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming i can’t do this if the particular port is blocked?

    • Anonymous

      I want to at least try this, what do I put in for the API when setting up Growl on Windows?

      EDIT: Actually, that’s Prowl. Growl looks different on Windows, and I’m confused as to what to do.

      Okay, so on the PC, what should I put as the hostname and port?

      On the iPod Touch, what should I put as the address and port? For the address, I currently have my iPod’s IP address. Is this correct?

      • Anonymous

        if you watch the video, pause at 00:56, and then 1:12 you will notice a number(that the number you use) and at the bottom you will see what port(should be 23053 by default).

        basically need to put pc wifi address and port in the app.

      • Anonymous

        WiFi address? Or do you mean IP address?

  • Anonymous

    is there a jailbreak tweak to not push my text to other iPhones i have? For example I have a couple of iPhone 4 without cell service. I just use them as iPod touches. But I don’t want all my texts and missed calls and stuff going to those iPhones also….help, anyone?

    • No Whammy

      On the “iPod Touch”s go to Settings > Notifications and disable whatever you don’t want to be notified by. You have multiple iPhones and you don’t know this?

      I’m assuming you’re over thinking this or you’re miscommunicating what you want to do.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe I’m mis-communicating (but I’m gong to still try your idea to see if it works). Ok, so I have an iPhone that has no cell service at all and I use it on wifi only (just like you would an iPod Touch). So when I receive a text on my iPhone 4S (the iPhone WITH cell service) it sometimes is pushed to my iPhone 4 (the one WITHOUT cell service). I just want all my texts to go to my REAL phone not the phone I’m using as an iPod touch.

      • No Whammy

        That’s really strange.

        Just to clarify, you’ve got no SIM card in your “iPod Touch” iPhone and you’re still getting SMS notifications?

        SMS doesn’t work over wifi….so I’m not sure how that’s possible. Are these iMessage “texts”?

      • Anonymous

        oooooooooh K! Thank you thank you thank you!

        I guess you were right, just turning off iMessage did the trick. I guess I thought I was getting text messages, but I was really just getting “iMessages” cause a lot of my friends have iPhones. Thanks again!

    • Anonymous

      on the iphone 4 that you are using as an iPod touch…..you can assign a new email address on that iphone for separate iMessages(using your same apple ID though), just assigning a new email to send and receive iMessages specific for that device(once wifi is available).

  • Dear god please make a Windows tutorial. Growl looks different on Windows.

    • PLZ ! Growl for Windows is so different compared to wat it looks like on Mac in the vid :'(

      • No Whammy


  • Anonymous

    Baaah, IOS5 only… Why?
    Still waiting for an unteathered unlockable iOS5 JB for my 3GS.
    Will wait for Pawnagetool so I can keep my baseband.
    So this nice tweak is not for me yet.

  • With so many new tweaks coming out I’am starting to wish I kept my 3GS , untill the jailbreak is out for my i4s..

  • Dan

    sweet it works in windows 7. But now i’m thinking I will probably take it off. since my gf uses my PC when I’m not home, could be embarrassing lol

    still a great tool for jail breakers, kudos to the developer

  • Joshua Rawlings

    Holy crap Jeff. You desperately need “Clean Status” for your mac……..C’mon son:)

  • PLEASE JEFF !! make us a tutorial for windows !! i need it i don’t get how to set it up for us lame pc users πŸ˜›

  • For Windows the interface is kinda different. Just grab your local IP Adress … and put that into the the app. Don’t forget to tick the box under security (at Growl on your PC) “allow network notifications”.

    And you can also add a password under that same tab “Security”. Put that into the app on your iPhone. But these configurations are for “local” use ^^~ just saying.

    • Anonymous

      Still doesn’t work for me :/ Jeff, do us a tutorial, please !

  • win7 is working fine

    1. on Security tab ,
    ==> allow network notifications
    ==> set Password (EX: 1234)
    2. on network tab ,
    Hostname set PC’s ip ( ) ,
    default port
    and set password (1234)

    iPhone GrowlNotifier
    1. set address ( ) <– PC's ip
    default port
    and set password (1234)

    • Trying this as soon as I get home, although I don’t understand how both IP’s would be the same…

  • Doesn’t work on Windows for me. I’m using Vista. Can we get a tutorial for Windows 7 and VIsta?

  • It’s not working for me on Windows Vista. Can we get a Vista and Windows 7 tutorial, please?

  • DJay Λ‘

    Thanks for that. But I have a problem.
    Growl notifications work except biteSMS.
    I use biteSMS instead of iMessage and also I use IntelliScreenX.
    Is there a way to bring notifications to work show on my mac?
    thx in advance.

  • Jens

    GrowlNotifier makes my iPhone respring randomly when i get a push notification from for example Facebook… It works great except that it makes my iphone crash..
    someone experiencing the same issues on 5.0.1?

  • Scott Wilson

    Got it working finally for Windows 7.

    near enough as above poster states. heres my config:
    PC settings. the following are checked in security:
    >security password for local apps
    >security password for lan apps
    >allow network notifcations
    >allow clients to subscribe to notifcations
    also have entered in a password on the bar beside that.

    >name: iPhone (whatever you want it to be though)
    >hostname: (although that will vary depending on your PC’s internal IP/wifi ip, whatever)
    >port number: default (23053
    >password: (i entered in my password again here)

    >address: (Same as your pcs IP)
    >Port: (default), although i typed it in manually. 23053
    >Password: (i entered it in again here)

    good luck guys