Today Apple sent out invites for its October 4th media event where the curtain will be lifted on all things iPhone.

Interestingly, the image that Apple used on the invites may provide a clue as to what we can see come October 4th at 10:00am PST.

The image contains the Apple 1 Infinite Loop campus in the Maps app (where the event will be held), the correct date (Calendar app), the correct time (Clock app), and one more little interesting tidbit…

Did your eagle eyes catch it? That’s right, a one (1) notification badge on the Phone app. Now of course, this could just be a coincidence, but seeing as everything else coincides with a real world fact, I think it’s highly probable that Apple just confirmed that we’ll only see one iPhone on October 4th.

Not to mention that fact that the message says “Let’s talk iPhone.” Singular.

Apple may have also just hinted at the super secret “Assistant” feature that was detailed yesterday.

This could also be Apple’s method of easily letting down any ridiculously high expectations for next Tuesday’s event.

What do you think?

  • For all of you people wetting your pants over the next iPhone
    I hope you won’t be disappointed with the result

  • mb

    I will be pissed if we only get 1 iPhone after waiting so damn long!

    • ben

      Only 1 !!!!
      I thought they were gonna make milllions of em! !
      Crazy APPLE fanbois. Hehehehe

      • Wow seriously its one model making millions of them wow

      • Wow seriously its one model making millions of them wow.

  • Daniel

    I think there is literally no way they could have phrased the announcement that would have prevented some kind of inference. If you want to see something, you will choose to see it.

    • Josh

      This one, you don’t choose, YOU JUST SEE IT.

  • mersim

    heh i love my 3gs and dont even need an iphone 4 so…. 😀

    • kurt

      how about an iphone 5?

  • rick maahea

    it could also mean 1 crazy surprise no one has expected so far.

  • Ben Gillam

    Its a no brainer isnt it… notifications?!?

    People read into this stuff waaaaaaay too much

    • Josh

      You think of it like too much of “a no brainer”. Notifications? Wow.

    • kurt

      @ben…you might be on to something with that. it might be the reference to iOS 5 as it will be released shortly after…

  • Tony

    No it means they are reintroducing the iPhone 1.


  • sean

    I am really hoping for a 64 gb iphone 5

  • sooz

    my backlight has been broken on my 3gs since july. i will cry if they only come out with the bargain version of the iphone as has been mentioned by some.

  • mo

    thing i want the most is 4gggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Streve jobs and “but there’s just “one” more thing”? Nested quotations.. I know! :]

  • Scaredy Shroom

    It could mean 1 as in 1 week after OCt 4th for release

  • Jdinaz

    Maybe it indicates that the new iPhone will be a true single phone that can be used on any network. Then again it may mean nothing at all. I bet the folks in Cupertino are smiling at the attention the little 1 is getting.

  • Had enough

    Boring.. Waiting for Galaxy S3..

  • Alex

    Has nobody ever heard the expression “let’s talk business”?!
    Just because it’s not “businesses” doesn’t mean it refers to only one business!

    The same applies in the scenario of this invitation Apple has sent out.
    “iPhone” refers to iPhones and iPhone related matters in general – not one iPhone!

    You basically expected Apple to say “let’s talk iPhones”… but that sounds stupid and doesn’t match the original expression that it’s based on.

    • Lilbibrit


  • kadz

    1 year left till they take over the planet

  • Alex

    And there are different numbers on every single icon found in the picture. I really don’t think Apple would sneak some kind of easter egg into their event invitation just to disappoint people and give away what’s going to happen. Really not like Apple.

  • Joest

    With all of this stuff rumored, if even half of it is true, no amount of hype will make me disappointed when it comes out.

  • Bob

    We’ll see what happens just have a tiny bit if patience and all will be unveiled soon enough!

  • uberboost

    perhaps it’s more along the lines of 1 phone, instead of the two versions they have today, as in CDMA and GSM all in one… this is more in-line with what I could see as a manufacturing savings for them, and an ease of management for the carriers.

  • iPhoneLuvr

    It could mean… “One phone to end all phones”

  • Dylan Terrell

    No they did not. They put a badge over the phone to draw attention to the app hinting iPhone .

    • kurt

      i think, “Let’s talk iPhone” is more of hint 😛

  • Can’t wait to see what they have. Better be a 4inch screen otherwise I’m sticking with my i4

  • Franco Neri

    Or how about one phone. GSM and CMDA. World phone as rumors have mentioned.

  • MALdito

    Maybe they’re just saying that their phone (the next iphone) is number 1.

  • Josh

    You see how when you get a message, the notification badge indicates you have one new message?

    It means “A NEW PHONE”. Not more, not less. Just that.

    Enough with your conspiracy theories.

  • Jaredd floydd

    I want the iPhone 5 to be amazing, so I can argue more why iPhone is better than droids… But at the same time I want it to suck because of my 2 year contract I’m stuck with -_-

    • Ron

      lmao but there is no phone better then the other every phone has it pros and cons if u like u phone u like ur phone

      everybody wants this wants that but don’t use this don’t use that

      im a nobody fanboy which ever phone is a better fit for me has been my pick im within to see what the iphone has to offer before i make my pick but history has always been apple so im like 85 pct sure history willl repeat its self so i can fight wit ppl too why apple is better

  • fdxgncgfn

    lets talk iphone means talk about the topic iphone

  • Jesus, cant people just bloody wait until the event … ?!?

    OMG – 5 iPhones coming next week!!!!

    Either way, I’m psyched for next years phone and event and coming Oct 5th will be speculating wildly about it!!!

  • Chris

    For me it hasn’t anything to so with “just one iPhone” Its just that we won’t see a new clock, no new calendar, no new map, but a new Phone, or more then one. Thats why there simply a notification on it.
    If they would have made a 2 ou of it, it would have been to obvious…. 😉

  • Will it be the iPhone 5 or will iPhone end and a new phone by apple will start muahahaha

  • Ron

    idk why ppl expect something we know apple track record i been a apple user since 2007

    and the order has always been
    iphone 2g
    iphone 3g
    iphone 3gs
    iphone 4

    so unless apple is 100pct sure about changing the whole design i know ima see a new phone called the iphone 4s cuz of known apple trend.

    what makes u think they will put out 2 diff type of phones yall dont even need two diff types of iphone yall read in to rumors way to much and yall make it seem like if they came out wit more then one iphone u was goin to get both

    • Josh

      Ever heard of GRAMMAR?

  • J.C.

    Apple is notorious for inculding a hidden meanings in their anouncements.

    How about this one. the slogain is “lets talk iphone” is there a hidden message ?
    Lets Talk iphonE possibly LTE,

    i guess we will find out tuesday.

    • Ron


    • Josh

      OF.. COURSE.. NOT! Come on, I’m sure you’re better than that.

  • Will they show the conference on tv? Does anyone know?

    • Apple probably won’t, but if they allow cameras to the event, someone will probably stream it live to their Website or a TV station. But if you can’t find it on the day, you should be able to see it on Apple’s events page when it’s finished.


  • It could just mean that Apple’s going to call the people they invited. Dunno.