If you haven’t found anything in the avalanche of iPhone Twitter apps that satisfies you, maybe this little feature will make you happy?

Twitter recently announced that they have added support to attach photos to your Twitter timeline using MMS. Now, all you need to do is snap a photo, send it to the Twitter number that corresponds to your country, and Voila; your photo appears on your Twitter timeline in a matter of seconds.

Want to see how it works? Check out the video inside to see it in action…

If you want to start sending photos via MMS, you will first need to setup and verify your phone number to communicate with Twitter. You can do so on the mobile settings page of your Twitter profile.

Personally, I don’t see much of a need for this, since I love Echofon, but if you still haven’t found an app that fancies you, this could very well be a viable alternative.

Let me now what you think about Twitter’s new MMS photo capabilities in the comments below.

  • zYx

    I use Echofon Pro too. The best twitter app for iOS (in my opinion ;p)

    • Agreed. SimplyTweet is SimplyWeak!

      • Jason

        co sign that- love echofon.

      • Are you saying that for me, Jeff? You know I’m a SimplyTweet lover.

      • No Sebastien, I’d never do that! 😛

      • j.johnson

        Twittelator Pro is the best IMO.

  • willettjf
  • Justin

    Kinda cool. I mainly read tweets though.

    Off subject- Does it look like the screen on Jeffs phone has a crack?

  • Lilibelle

    Tweetings 🙂

  • Tweetbot and tweetings are the best ones.

  • Chris

    Sending something to Twitter via MMS? Is that a Joke? That is like diggin’ a hole in the garden to defecate (the most polite word I found^^) instead of going to the toilet.

    Serioulsy who uses Twitter without a data plan? And even without 3G there is still EDGE, and even over GPRS it works faster then a MMS. And if this is so in the mobile internet grave Europe, I guess I should be like that in the perfectly connected States… 😉

    MMS was useful when it came out (maybe) but now… well
    Welcome to future

    • Reality check: not everybody has a data plan

  • This is perfect for the dumb-phone users (me)

  • yeah MMS costs, data doesn’t (much)

    TBH thinking of jacking in my unlimited data plan with the iPhone 5/4S launch as i don’t actually appear to use that much mobile data and i’m paying an excess for it.

  • Gunther Herzog

    Two years later, apparently this is still limited by what network you’re on? Would dearly love to send photos via MMS on my “dumb” phone (Samsung Montage). Carrier is Virgin Mobile/Sprint. Get error messages no matter how small I make the picture so it’s not a size issue. Pic via MMS works fine for people on my contact list, just not Twitter (40404). Frustrated.