In case you missed it, Facebook released a messaging client yesterday afternoon called Facebook Messenger. It’s the company’s first iOS application since the original Facebook app.

From the outside, the Messenger app looks fairly normal. In fact, it bears a striking resemblance to its counterpart in Facebook’s native iOS app. But the folks over at 9to5Mac have just discovered a dirty little secret hiding in the app’s underlying files: video conferencing

The site was tipped off that the Facebook Messenger app contains some interesting .png files when you dig down deep. The two image files are labeled ‘AdminVideoCall’ and, as you can see in the photo below, depict a video camera.

What could this mean? Well, once you consider the fact that Facebook recently teamed up with popular video-conferencing company Skype, it’s not that hard to put together. At some point you’ll be able to send and receive video calls through Facebook Messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg and company just made a huge move here — a way for 750+ million people to instantly communicate with each other, without needing phone numbers or email addresses. As TechCrunch points out, this could make things very interesting for Apple’s upcoming iMessage platform.

From what we can tell so far, there isn’t a way to activate the video conferencing feature like there was the hidden iPad app that surfaced a few weeks ago. But we’ll let you know if something pops up.

Are you using the Facebook Messenger app already? Would it be a compelling video conferencing tool for you in the future?

  • they should fix first the mobile FB app before they take another step…

    • SeizeCTRL

      before that, they should get the iPad app out first.

      • Secondat

        U both are right! How about fixing the iPhone app, and release a similar, dedicated app for iPad first before moving on!!

      • lucas

        I agree…. FB app works like hell !!

  • Tazah


  • fojam

    well it was kind of obvious this app was gonna feature that when the new video icon appeared in chat windows

    • fojam

      plus this is just like i figured out OTA updates were eventually coming after ios 4 came out. i found the /Library/Updates/ folder

  • And it doesn’t play nice with Notification Center, yet.

  • Eduardo

    Whatever, am tired of FB

  • Vineet Mehta

    sadly not available in all countries.. atleast not in India

  • SID

    itz really cool !!

  • Aux

    i have it … its pretty dope.. its like google plus huddles or group me type of messenger.. this could replace texting once again but then again there is so many apps that do the same its all on whos on it.. it would be nice if this was in the facebook app like google + huddles… but we all know that the facebook app sucks

  • Tdecker

    well ofcourse it does haha, they couldn’t have people hearing that google+ has video calls and risk losing members, by having this, they won’t even deviate

  • murillo

    u can’t even see the online contacts, since the message works together with the chat…

  • davedoesthetruth

    Well if you don’t mind the new virus you can have it I for one will leave fb as fast as possible.