Although it seems like we are constantly hearing conflicting rumors involving Apple’s next smartphone, there is one thing all of the gossip seems to agree on: a release date. Not only do they all suggest a Fall launch, a lot of the information has pointed specifically to September.

We’ve heard this “confirmed” by everyone from analysts with inside sources to carrier execs, and the date lines up nicely with Apple’s annual iPod event. Although September makes sense for several reasons, AllThingsDigital is reporting that Apple won’t launch the iPhone 5 until October…

To say that the gadget is highly anticipated is an understatement. Google currently pulls up 2.1 million hits for the search term, and the folks on Wall Street are expecting the Cupertino company to sell more than 100 million iPhone 5s over the next 3 years.

With so much hype surrounding the upcoming device, you have to wonder why Apple would wait until October to release. In fact, analysts are already considering cutting their forecast of 22 million iPhones shipped in the next quarter to 20 million because of the purported delay.

AllThingsDigital’s John Paczkowski claims that his “source familiar with Apple’s plans” is certain though, that the next iPhone won’t launch until October.

“I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch,”  states the tipster in response to recent reports that AT&T has blacked out employee vacations during the last 2 weeks of September.

While Paczkowski’s “source” has no more value to me than the next guys, it’s intriguing that the writer is making such bold claims. In journalism, especially with a site as visible as AllThingsD, credibility is extremely valuable. So why would you publish something like this without merit?

Since the report, TiPB’s Rene Ritchie and TNW’s Matthew Panzarino have both echoed the October launch date. Additionally, plugged-in writer John Gruber mentions the article on his popular Daring Fireball site. So does this mean Paczkowski’s case hold water? Maybe.

While we’re still banking on a September unveiling of Apple’s next iPhone, it’s possible that it may not be available until October. One thing’s for sure though, if Apple waits until October to launch the device, it better be more than a “modest upgrade” from its predecessor.

Thoughts? Are you thinking September or October?

  • Mike

    Whatever Apple do when it comes out, ffs please put dual speakers on it instead of the gay solitary tiny speaker tha exists on the iPhone 4, it really sucks .. My Sony Ericsson W995 from like 3 years ago sounds better than my iPhone.

  • Jeff

    Wouldn’t be a Monday without another frivolous iPhone5 rumor that nobody cares about from iDB!

    • David

      To put it simply, fuck off.

      • Jeff

        To put it bluntly, swallow my nuts.

  • Sojo

    Blah blah blah….. I’m waiting on the company to say when it’s being released. Blackberry may have another phone out by the time apple drops their phone. Waiting on the iPhone is like a really cheesy soap opera.

  • Sojo

    Little insight……. Apple is not 100 percent sure about this launch. So they release this version near holidays. It’s a business sales move…..Released in early November for pre-orders and December will be a live street date

    • Mike

      Not gonna happen !

  • Beloizeau

    September would be better than October, given the letter from AT&T saying I have until Oct. 31 to use my phone upgrade privileges (I currently have the 3GS, which I bought two years ago in June. Will be one torqued off customer if I can’t upgrade to the IPhone 5.

  • Well, the rumor mill is always churning, but it never hurts to have the most sought after product annouced closer to Christmas.

  • Free

    To author of this article, even if it’s September, it better be more than a “modest upgrade” from the iPhone 4. One more month shouldn’t mean shit.

  • Ty

    Whatevr the case, no matter who heard what from who that he said she said that she said he said, fact of the matter is; We don’t know when the i5 will hit. Be real, only the innermost circle of Apple employees know anything about “it” whatever this “it” is will be announced/dropped to the market. until then, may as well sit back and enjoy the show until the damn thing drops!

  • The Wizard’s Baker


  • HB_Dad

    128GB please!!! 64GB Absolute MINIMUM or I will skip this generation too!!! 32GB doesn’t hold shit!

  • h078

    i want iphone 5 with either meego or symbian on it…

    • Aleks

      Ur crazy bro

    • Chris

      What planet do you live on, symbian is the worst pile of shit OS there is anyway so why would any1 even want that, douchebag.

      • Damn stop trolling faggot, quarreling on the internet is the worst thing to do

  • Aleks

    Hey! Lets keep the profanity down!

  • Jasmes

    if its not 4g lte im not buying it either

  • James

    I’m not fussed about the phone I just want IOS 5 to hurry the fuck up, if it’s released late October with the phone like reports suggest, that will be almost 5 months since they unveiled it, that takes the piss for an update to come out.

  • Fras

    If there is not much improvement ..

    Fuck apple

  • Grant

    I hope the next article about the upcoming iPhone 5 tells us that we will have the option to purchase the phone in pink and comes with ferry sparkling on the back… LAME! Find more interesting stories to report on rather than everyone sitting around circle-jerking while envisioning what the next iPhone will look like in their little apple fagboy fantasy world..