Apple Could Sell 100 Million iPhone 5 if Trends Continue

Apple’s products couldn’t be hotter right now. Almost 3 weeks into selling the iPad 2, and the lines can still be seen outside of marquee Apple stores around the country. Even their rumored iPhone 5, which has yet to be made official, garners up to 1.5 million results from your favorite search engine.

What does all this mean? Apple had a record breaking 4Q last year; the holidays were very good to the Cupertino giant. Even 2011 Q1 results were impressive, and Apple doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, if this report by asymco gives us any indication, it’s quite the opposite…

We are about to witness history. Apple is set to launch its fifth iteration in the iPhone series in record numbers. This could be the largest launch of any consumer electronics product ever. Why is it destined to be so huge?

This graphic shows the sales of iPhones by volume, since it was introduced in the summer of 2007.  Keep in mind that analysts typically make their predictions based on previous sales patterns. From this chart, we can see that each iPhone model has sold roughly twice the amount of units than that of its predecessor.

Asymco is predicting that the iPhone 4 will sell between 60 and 65 million units. I say they’re spot on, pending a spring time white iPhone 4 release. Not to mention the fact that it sounds like we won’t see an iPhone 5 this summer. So we have a number, let’s say 60 million (we’ll low ball it). If the iPhone 5 sales double the units of the iPhone 4 sales, the pattern suggests we could easily see iPhone 5 sales top 100 million units.

Now I’m not the kind of person to be wowed by the numbers so let’s look at the facts. The smartphone scene is as hot as it’s ever been. CEO Steve Jobs just made headlines as the worlds top CEO, and Apple’s brand recognition rating couldn’t be higher. Apple just added over 100 million Verizon Wireless customers to their list of possible iPhone 5 purchasers.

You also have to factor in the folks in both AT&T and Verizon markets that held out on the iPhone 4 because the iPhone 5 release was expected this summer. Now mix in the die hard Apple fans that will be in line for the iPhone 5 regardless of whether or not they just bought the previous version, and you have a recipe for something epic.

To put things in perspective, Apple has sold a combined total of about 100 million iPhones in the past 3 and a half years. People are expecting iPhone 5 sales to double that number. Is it possible? Anything’s possible. If you ask me the question isn’t can they sell 100 million units, it’s can they make 100 million units fast enough?

What do you think, can Apple sell 100 million next-gen iPhones? Sound off below!