Did you know that there are already several methods available for altering your iPhone’s “slide to unlock” verbiage?

If you didn’t already know, that’s okay, because LabelSlide has your back.

Yep, one of the latest TweakWeek tweaks on the block allows you alter the “slide to unlock” text to anything of your choice. Check inside to see it in action…

Once installed, LabelSlide will place a settings panel in your Settings app. There, you can alter the text to anything you desire.

Like all TweakWeek tweaks, this one’s a free download on Cydia for jailbreakers.

Have you tried LabelSlide yet?

  • James

    I know it’s free and a TweakWeek tweak but this already exists in a couple of tweaks, springtomize for 1 for sure has this option, some of these tweaks just seem pretty pointless when they already exist and I know that’s a little negative but it’s just my opinion, i’d just rather see them make innovative tweaks and useful things that aren’t already out there.

    • Andy

      Hey James, you’re always the first to comment and for some reason I always agree with what you have to say! Springtomize does cover you there. Only now with cameralock I can’t even get “BAZINGA” to fit there.

  • It’s a matter over quality over quanitiy.

  • Ferry

    Great app. I like it.

  • Ferry

    Great app. I like it.
    Keep up the good work.

  • James

    Easy and well made! I love it! Thanks once again iDB for a great article!


  • Hunter S

    I really love this site. I love being able to come and find out all the latest news and learn about all the newest tweaks. Don’t stop what you’re doing. You’ve got something great. 🙂

  • tgb

    So far, of what I’ve seen, I like it. Customization rocks! Another app “android lock screen” allows this as well… But I’m definitely gonna give this one a try.

  • Coney

    I’m not seeing it in Cydia.

  • Coney

    I don’t see this in Cydia. What repo is it under?

  • digital

    It’s in Cydia as LabelSlider, not Slide.

    I love tweaks like this. As others have noted, things like this are available with other packages. The issue I have with them is they install a ton of other stuff. For someone like me who wants JUST to change this text, I have to install Winterboard along with 5-6 other packages. Overkill!

    This tweak with ‘trickslide’ (removes bar in the slide to unlock) is awesome.

    • Zwergenmeiater

      Fully agreed. I changed mine to “flutschfinger”. “Flutschen” is a german slang word for “to slip”. It also has a second meaning … 😉

    • Olivia

      Do you get it on ipod