Speech recognition is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. It’s evident that iOS 5 is going to feature a heavy mix of speech recognition tech, and this is the way that mobile phones are headed as a whole.

But how exactly will speech recognition integrate with iOS? For instance, how will we go about transcribing an SMS message using only our voice?

Jan-Michael Cart, creator of quite a few iOS 5 mockups, has envisioned his rendition of iOS 5’s speech recognition tech, and has shared it with the rest of the Apple community…

Being an avid proponent of jailbreak apps and tweaks, I have to say that that looks eerily similar to a mix of Action Menu Voice, and especially Voice Activator — two already existing and functional jailbreak tweaks.

In other words, you can have this type of functionality now, if you jailbreak your iPhone.

What do you think?


  • Hakan

    wow the animation from the app switcher was nice !
    and also this vid was

    • @hakan. Yes I love the animation to.

      It is much nicer to have an automatic speech recognition without tapping the home button.
      Hope iOS 6 will have that 🙂

  • hbcbob3

    All I have to say is that they had better have some damn good notification changes already built into the system to be working on some shitty speech recognition software that I would never use. Cause if Apple hasn’t fixed their notification system, I will be sticking with jailbroken 4.2.1.

  • Trust me, Apple is not going to let notifications go unchecked this go around. Look to have your socks blown off with iOS 5’s notification system.

  • Wow wouldn’t that be clever 😉

  • William

    i hate to “long press” and wait 2 secs to activate voice control.
    If Apple were to integrate Voice control to the next iOS, then they better add a new hardware button for Voice activation in the next-gen iPhone.

    • You could always assign Voice Activation to an Activator Gesture to bypass the wait time.

    • Cameron

      iDevices are famous because of the lack of buttons.

  • Painman

    If iOS5 voice integration isn’t a ton better than Voice Control then it isn’t worth their while working on it. I work nights and drive about 7 hours of it, so when I say “Play Album Bat out of Hell” I really don’t want to be scrabbling for my phone to stop it call Aunt Hillary at 4 in the morning!!

  • Previous iPhone User

    Well it is about time, android has had speech to text and voice commands for a while now, since froyo at least (earlier if you count vlingo).

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Great, I’ve been able to do that on my Android for the past year. Way to go Apple..you gonna say you invented this feature too, like copy/paste?