Nuance Voices in New Mac OS X Update, Partnership Confirmed?

If you have been getting really excited about all of the rumors concerning the Apple and Nuance partnership, you’ll love this. For those that don’t own Mac computers, a really big software update called Mac OS X Lion is on the horizon.

In fact, Apple is slated to talk about the new release at their developer’s conference next month along with the new iOS 5. OS X Lion is currently in preview mode, where developers are allowed to tinker with the new OS and its new features. One thing developers have noticed so far are the new voice samples…

The voice clips have been around since the original OS X Lion preview released earlier this year, but some new information has recently surfaced. The new voices used in Apple’s latest Mac software are the same ones that Nuance uses in their RealSpeak product. 9to5Mac claims:

“Apple and Nuance’s rumored partnership is all but official at this point. Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X Lion uses Nuance’s speech technology.”

While many developers are claiming that they are having problems installing the new voice features in OS X Lion Preview 3, they are able to get voice samples to play. Click here to see what they sound like.

The writing seems to be on the wall that we are in for a huge announcement at this year’s WWDC. A completely made over iOS with new voice control features courtesy of Nuance seems to be all but confirmed at this point. Apple certainly has a lot of expectation to live up to.

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