Sometimes we install apps out of curiosity only to discover that they are unstable on our device. In some cases, it’s an app developed for a specific iPhone or iPad model. In other cases, the app is only compatible with certain firmware versions. Other times you may have installed conflicting tweaks.

Whatever the reason may be, here is a fix for a constantly crashing Springboard with no way to open Cydia to uninstall unstable apps. If your iPhone boots to the lock screen, but crashes if you do anything beyond that, this guide will help you to remove problematic packages without Cydia.

This is a last resort to uninstalling apps when Cydia won’t open. If Cydia loads, try to uninstall there first before resorting to this.

There are a few things that you need in order to make this happen. First, you need to have OpenSSH installed. Second, you need to remember the last package(s) that you installed before the problem occurred. If you just installed multiple apps, you’ll probably need to go one by one (or all at once) to remove the unstable package.

Navigate your web browser to and search for the name of the app.

Click the correct link in the search results, and you’ll find yourself at the modmyi package information page for that app. Look for the Identifier field and copy it down.

Now, go to SSH into your device from a Terminal prompt (ssh root@iphone-network-address) and run the command apt-get update. Once it completes, enter the command apt-get --purge remove identifier (where identifier is the field you copied in the previous step, i.e. net.limneos.sbrotator) and hit enter. Then type respring and hit enter.

Once you finally get rid of the unstable package, your iPhone will be usable and function as normal.

Does this help anyone?

  • why not just uninstall the package in safe mode. Easier, less complicated and faster.

    • Trans1000

      the point of this is when cydia won’t open

  • Burge

    If you put the device in safe mode Cydia will load and then uninstall, that’s what i’ve done in the past and it always works

    • Asyd

      Is there a way for the user to put the device in safe mode? Isn’t that done automatically? If there is a way to do it manually I’d like to know!

      • Natan

        in sbsettings, if you click on power on the bottom-right you are opened up to
        power off
        “safe mode”
        and lock

        thats how to do it manually. plus you can open sbsettings on the lockscreen so no need to unlock the ipod/iphone anyway.
        hope it helps

  • Jason masters

    Keep it simple.

  • Darren

    I think that’s because maybe sometimes u don’t know which apps was unstable app …

    • Burge

      It’s normally the last app you install is the buggy one

  • rippingviper

    Hes saying if Cydia doesn’t load this is how to do it…

    • Burge

      It will in safe mode…


        no it wont!!!
        i have tried this already!!!!

  • Zeb Sogo

    Yes if you put the device in safe mode Cydia will load and then uninstall the last app you installed. Another quiet day in the news room today I’m guessing

  • Thank you. This is helpful.

  • In the instances when this helped me, I was not able to get into Safe Mode. After “sliding to unlock” I would scroll over to Cydia, it would launch, crash, and then my device would reboot. I would boot tethered, try to use SBSettings to boot into safe mode, and it would reboot. I was considering a complete restore and then tried this, saving me from the re-jailbreak process.

    The featured image of this post is misleading, for I was trying to depict an iOS crash, but without an error message to show, I chose the Safe Mode warning.

    In my case, this was the only option available. If you can get into Safe Mode, definitely do not rely on this. However, when Cydia runs uninstalls something, this particular command is what it runs in the background.

    • Burge

      Good old tethered jailbreak will all ways mess up a respring into safe mode.. That’s why I dont use tethered jailbreaks !

    • Burge

      Good old tethered jailbreak will all ways mess up a respring into safe mode.. That’s why I dont use tethered jailbreaks !
      Perhaps you should of said if your running a tertherd jailbreak and buggy app/ tweak use this ?

    • Mohammed

      I have the same problem, I cant enter safe mode from sbsetting and cydia is not working. But, the only defferent problem have is that I dont know the name of the tweak I upploaded , any thing usefull?

  • darkman

    My problem is, I tried to install XBMCiOS and springboard crashed while it was installing. Now whenever I open up Cydia, it goes through the normal procedure of loading cydia and refreshing the packages, but there are no results in the Changes section, nor in the Sections, and if I click on manage, it shows no packages installed and there are no repos either (even though I see them when I ssh into the iPhone). Any ideas?

    • try these two commands. this will reinstall cydia.

      apt-get remove cydia

      apt-get install cydia

      • and how do you install apt-get from the command line (APT isn’t installed)? (ie: can’t get into Cydia because it’s a tiny 1/4th the screen size, and repspring isnt’ fixing it on a tethered 5.1.1 jailbreak on a 1st gen iPad).

      • I believe Cydia actually uses DPKG to install and remove packages. I forget the syntax used, but you should be able to google how to remove a package using dpkg

  • darkman

    Thank you Nick – that worked a treat 🙂

  • mike drozario

    nick where do i enter this fella?

  • kevin

    its not wroking for me plss help

    • what specific issue are you having?

      • Nick i downloaded Pro Tapper Blue v1.0 on my Tethered Gevey sim unlocked IP4 ios5 bb.4.10.1 custom ispw made with snowbreeze & jailbroken with redsnow after doing this cydia frooze also everthing began to crash “apps, even stock apps” i tried to open cydia to remove the package but it froze So i did restarted.. now when i boot up it wont pass the apple logo… When i just boot in redsnow it wont pass the pineapple logo.. Is there any way for me to save my files & my Unlock? i just want to remove the pro tapper bcuz ikno thats why it happened… Please help

  • Buenisimo

  • Kristen

    Ok I’m like the poster child for iPhone for dummies but ok I had my phone crash coz I was “curious” on cydia and it left me no service couldn’t call nothin .. Went on wifi went into cydia and fixed that but then I went and downloaded some thing from cydia: watch any episode south pArk for free, after that finished installing and I opened it I web to open cydia again abd It sometimes will just go black and close and back to homescreen but usually it will go to the main loadin page for about 3-4 seconds then crash an go back to homescreen. Now I don have access to my laptop at the current time but could borrow my friends… But like I said iPhones for dummies so does someone have the patience to step by step me beginning with Open SSH etc , and if there is any ways to do it directly from my iPhone even if cydia won’t open? If it helps it’s ab iPhone 3g and I think it’s 3.1.3 and I’m with telus if that matters. Anyways please someone help me I hate not having my cydia running! Please help coz j have the idea on what to do but I don’t m kw what I even have or not like the SSH for example, thank yiu please and iwoukd appreciate it so much. – Kristen

  • Raul

    Cydia Doesnt Even Open If You Put It In Safe Mode So How Is That Possible?

  • Jacob

    Thanks this helped a lot. 🙂

  • pink

    after entering the code “ssh root@ip address” and password, it’s asking for root# ______.

    what to do??

    • Nick

      This is where you enter commands. It’s called a prompt. Type your command here and press enter. For example, type ‘apt-get update’ and hit enter (no quotes)

      • Ranz Sayaman

        it says command not found please help

  • Giu

    ik had SBSettings gedownload en nu werkt me cydia niet meer
    MAAR ik heb die TErminal app niet wat moet ik doen!!????

    • Mobile terminal app for iPhone requires a third party repo. The one in cydia doesnt work on ios 4. You should search for the latest (4.2.7?) on google. I used Terminal on the Mac (/Applications/Utilities/ Or iTerm for mac ( You can use the command prompt on windows (hold the windows key and r, type ‘cmd’ in the run box that will appear and follow my instructions from there, or try winscp.

  • Cynthia

    So I uninstalled cydia before uninstalling the other apps from cydia so how do I uninstall the rest?!

    • Nick

      how did you uninstall cydia? you’re going to need to reinstall Cydia via redsn0w or, maybe greenpois0n.

      but in reality, what you should do is backup with iTunes, restore your firmware to a clean install, and restore from the iTunes backup. That will remove the jailbreak stuff but keep your App Store data. Doing this will also get rid of any app data from pirated apps.

  • Jaime

    Problem: Cydia Crashes everytime I tried to get to the package I just installed which is for sure the one that is causing it. I tried to get to other helpfull packages, but I get the same result, crash.
    So is there any other way to install SSH or sbsettings?


    • Nick

      Yes, you can install SSH via a bundle, and then select that custom bundle in redsn0w or pwnagetool. You can then apply the jailbreak on top of your current jailbreak with the SSH bundle installed. the dev-team has the SSH bundle hosted on their site, and you can also take a peek in the download section on this site. As for SBSettings, I don’t know about a custom installer bundle, since SBSettings relies on many other tweaks, including Activator.

  • Jaime

    Nick, thanks for the reply.
    I went before I see this and tried to restore the Iphone thru Itunes. I did my backup, but as you may now Itunes comes up with an error, and the restore is incomplete.
    I have a 3g, 4.1, and what I found out is I need a custom firmware to complete the restore process.
    What should I do? I’m confuse and I don’t wanna fuck it up again!


  • Ray

    HI erm i did not install ssh on my ipod and now i have the problem of it crashing afer i unlock it.
    My latest tweak from cydia was the androidlock thingy and now after i enter my lock and code, it would just crash and reboot, unlock crash reboot… and goes on and on. I dun have ssh, so am i very screwed?

  • jennyp

    please help me ‘urgent’ my iphone now having safemode but my cydia disappear what i want to do please?

  • anna

    hi i just jailbreak my iphone4, and its all done, at the end i have a icon cydia application to my iphone but i cant open doesnt work, when i change the sim to different network theres no service what im gonna do to operate my cydia?

  • You are awesome! I had a package that was preventing me from getting into the phone. Was miraculously able to SSH, find offending package and remove it! Thanks!

  • And what if you don’t have SSH installed?
    What if your iPhone just keeps restarting, never letting you even reach the lockscreen? I can’t get to the lockscreen. How do you log into SSH if you can’t start it on your iphone? How do you connect if it’s not on the WIFI network? I can connect via USB and see the phone in iFunbox. What can I do?

  • i downloaded a theme from cydia after that my keypad became very small if i type 7 its goin as 4 so i cant put my password and so i cant go in .. i got my iphone 4 times disabled trying to put password dont know what to do? can anyone help me pls?

  • awesome! worked perfectly

  • iVic

    I had a similar problem, ..after installing Accentify and having already Atom tweak, my iphone respring and it took too long to restart but i could get into my home screen, but all my tweaks were disabled and nothing was working, including cydia, ifile and safari,…..what i did in this case was to restart my iphone and press the volume + key when restarting, and my iphone entered in safe mode and i could open cydia again and i had to delete Accentify and also Atom (even when the problem was caused by Accentify, nothing worked again until i deleted Atom also), and after deleting those tweaks and restarting normally all my others tweaks worked fine again…just in case someone else is in the same situation i was..