How to control widow and orphan lines in Pages and Word on Mac

Widow Orphan Control Pages Mac After

When you’re composing a document, the formatting of it can be very important, especially if you’re sharing it. It might be a requirements document for your tech team, an essay for school, or a company profile for your business.

So, when the first line of a paragraph is alone at the bottom of a page (widow line) it can lessen the impact of the message. At the same time, if the last line of a paragraph is alone at the top of the next page (orphan line), it can be easily missed.

You can control these widow and orphan lines with a simple setting in both Apple Pages and Microsoft Word on your Mac and here’s how.

How to change the tabs in Microsoft Word on Mac

MS Word on Mackbook Screen

As with customizing your Quick Access Toolbar or Ribbon buttons when you use Microsoft Word on Mac, you can also adjust the tabs. By default, you should see tabs like Home, Insert, Layout, and View across the top. But, you can change these to fit your needs.

Here’s how to change the tabs you see in Microsoft Word on your Mac.

How to customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Word and Excel on Mac

Quick Access Toolbar Word

One nice thing about working with Microsoft applications like Word and Excel is that you can customize your tools. From the status bar at the bottom to the ribbon at the top, you can remove and add exactly what you need.

Another area you can customize is the Quick Access Toolbar. This is the small toolbar above your ribbon on the top left of the window. The point of this toolbar, as its name implies, is for quick access to tools you use most.

To help you make the most out of this area, this tutorial explains how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar to suit your specific needs.

How to change text and formatting AutoCorrect settings in Word for Mac

Word AutoCorrect Options on Mac

Auto-correction is one of those features you either love or hate. We see it most in text messaging apps. And, it can be aggravating when you end up sending something in message that you didn’t mean to, all because it was “automatically corrected” for you.

In Microsoft Word, however, the AutoCorrect feature can be quite useful. It can save you from errors, help you get your words out quicker, and format your document as you type. Here’s how to access, view, and adjust those settings.

How to customize keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word for Mac

MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts Mac

If you use Microsoft Word on your Mac, then you have more customization options than you probably realize. The settings can help make your experience more efficient and productive each time you use the application.

One of the settings that helps you move through your word processing tasks faster is the keyboard shortcuts. Without lifting your fingers from the keyboard to grab your mouse or use your touchpad, you can accomplish a variety of tasks. And, you can customize the shortcuts to suit what you use most and which keys are easiest to remember.

How to save a Pages document as a Word document

Although you can have Microsoft Word on a Mac, most Mac users stick to Pages, the Apple equivalent of the renowned text editing software that now comes for free with any new Mac or iOS device. For most people, Pages is just good enough, but issues can arise when a file needs to be saved or converted to a Word document format.

This tweak adds a character counter to the top of the Notes app

Most of the world’s best text editors and word processors have some kind of character or word counter, but for whatever reason, Apple’s Notes app is the lone exception.

For those who wish this wasn't the case, a new free jailbreak tweak called NotesCharacterCount by iOS developer hvyc enables a character counter at the top of the Notes app.

New Apple ads continue positioning iPad Pro as being better than a computer

Apple today published four new ads on its YouTube channel that continue to position its iPad Pro tablet as being better than a computer. The four new commercials, running sixteen seconds each, use the tagline “Real Problems... Answered” and appear to be based on typical PC user tweets.

The videos promote the tablet as a device that's free of wires, immune to viruses, faster than most laptops and able to run Microsoft Office apps and connect to fast LTE cellular networks.

Give the new ads a quick watch, then meet us in comments.

New malware uses auto-running macros in Word documents to infect your Mac

Taking advantage of a primitive Windows technique relying on automatically-running macros embedded in Microsoft Word documents, a new type of Mac malware attack has been discovered recently. As first noted in a research compiled by Objective-See, the technique used may be crude but once an unsuspecting user opens an infected Word document and chooses to run the macros, the malware installs itself silently on the target Mac and immediately attempts to download a hazardous payload.