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How to set the time on your Apple Watch ahead by a few minutes

Set time ahead on Apple Watch

Some people prefer setting their watches a few minutes ahead in order to provide themselves with a mental buffer when it comes to time. The basic psychology behind such a thing is that it makes it so that you're always "ahead" from a timing standpoint.

Apple has included a handy feature in the Apple Watch settings just for folks that like to run a few minutes ahead. This tutorial shows you how to display advance time on your watch face.

How to share Apple Watch faces with family, friends, and online

Save and Share an Apple Watch Face from iPhone

One of the new features that came with watchOS 7 was the ability to share Apple Watch faces. This is an awesome way to share faces with your friends or family who have similar interests; both in face appearance and functions.

You can share an Apple Watch face with all of the visual elements as well as the complications. So if you create the most amazing face that you know your bestie would love, share it! Along with that, you can share your Apple Watch face online. So if you add it to your blog or show it off on social media, others can see it and then download and use it too!

Here, we’ll cover the basics of sharing an Apple Watch face from your Watch or iPhone along with how to share it online and how to use a shared face yourself.