Watch faces

How to automatically change your Apple Watch face based on time or location

Automations can be wonderful. You can make things happen with a one-time action and have them repeat. And with the Shortcuts app on iPhone you can set up personal automations for your Apple Watch.

One such automation you may find handy is changing your Watch face based on time of day, location, or action. For instance, you might like a certain face in the morning as your day is starting and a different one as your evening begins. As another example, you might prefer a particular face for when you head to the office and another when you arrive home.

How to customize the Memoji Watch face on Apple Watch

Memoji Apple Watch Face with Animoji

When Apple released watchOS 7 they included a Memoji app letting you get creative with Memojis right from Apple Watch. And with that, you can use a Memoji Watch face to show off those you create or the Animojis if you prefer.

The Memoji Watch face is a nifty new way to display something fun and unique. And keep in mind, the images aren’t static. So you’ll see the face move and make expressions. Plus if you tap it, you can have the character make a silly face. Here, we’ll show you how to set it up and customize it on your Apple Watch.

How to share Apple Watch faces with family, friends, and online

Save and Share an Apple Watch Face from iPhone

One of the new features that came with watchOS 7 was the ability to share Apple Watch faces. This is an awesome way to share faces with your friends or family who have similar interests; both in face appearance and functions.

You can share an Apple Watch face with all of the visual elements as well as the complications. So if you create the most amazing face that you know your bestie would love, share it! Along with that, you can share your Apple Watch face online. So if you add it to your blog or show it off on social media, others can see it and then download and use it too!

Here, we’ll cover the basics of sharing an Apple Watch face from your Watch or iPhone along with how to share it online and how to use a shared face yourself.

How to create custom Apple Watch faces to match your style

Custom watch faces on Apple Watch

The Face Gallery section in the Watch app has tons of watch faces to choose from. It's also in this section you can customize and manage your Apple Watch faces. However, if you want to create a custom watch face or get an exciting one that’s different than what Apple offers, you have some easy options.

In this tutorial, we show you how to create and use beautiful custom watch faces on your Apple Watch.

How to create an Apple Watch face from the iPhone Photos app

Apple Watch Photo Face

Apple provides us terrific faces for Apple Watch. From functional to attractive, you have plenty of options. But one thing you have that Apple does not is your memories. So if you want to put your adorable pooch or smiling child on your Apple Watch as you’re perusing the Photos app, you have an easy way to do it.

Here’s how to create an Apple Watch face directly from the Photos app on your iPhone.