The iconic real-life watches that inspired Apple Watch faces

Carrot Fertility co-founder and designer Arun Venkatesan has shared an interesting deep dive into the history of five iconic real-life watches that are said to have inspired five classic Apple Watch faces, including the Chronograph and Chronograph Pro.

According to Arun himself:

In particular, the analog faces reveal what Apple does so well — taking the familiar and making it their own. Over the years, they have released quite a few faces with roots in history. Each one started as an iconic watch archetype and was remade to take advantage of the Apple Watch platform.

The rest of the post explores various real-life watch designs and complications that have obviously heavily influenced Apple to create their digital counterparts for the Apple Watch. The following five Apple Watch faces were inspired by specific real-life analog watches: California, Chronograph, Chronograph Pro, Count Up and GMT.

An example image showing Omega's Speedmaster Professional and Rolex's Cosmograph Daytona watches next to an Apple Watch with the Chronograph watch face

“Some faces integrate both the dial and bezel on screen, which is likely why Apple decided to call them faces instead of dials,” Arun adds. The whole post is a labor of love so definitely give it a look and don’t forget to bookmark it for later.

Image credit: Arun Venkatesan