How to access your Mac remotely from your iPhone or iPad with Screens VNC

There is a ton of VNC software options out there, but Screens by Edovia has by far been my favorite for a number of years because it looks and feels like software Apple could have created themselves.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can use the Screens app from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, in combination with Edovia's free Screens Connect software for Mac, to access your Mac remotely.

How to share your screen with another Mac user

The Messages app has included a way to initiate screen sharing with an individual that you're talking to, starting with the release of OS X Yosemite, but it is a severely under-used feature. Screen sharing from the Messages app includes a lot of useful features that could displace all those expensive VNC apps you might be buying from the App Store or Mac App Store.

In this tutorial, we'll be showing you how to start a screen sharing session with an individual you're messaging via the Messages app on your Mac.

Screens VNC app now supports Dropbox, in addition to iCloud

An app called Screens is one of the best and most elegant pieces of software for accessing your desktop through the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, over Wi-Fi or cellular. It lets you connect to remote computers as if you were sitting in front of them, run apps remotely, copy documents between machines and lots more.

Edovia Software, the company behind Screens, has updated both the $19.99 iOS client and $34.99 Mac client with support for Dropbox for seamless syncing of your saved screens across devices...

Screens VNC 3.0 for Mac is out with all-new design, menu bar icon and more

Fans of Edovia's 'Screens' application will be happy to hear that the studio has updated the popular VNC client for Mac to version 3.0. The release follows a major update to the iOS app in December, and brings an all-new design, several new features and various other improvements.

For those who haven't used Screens VNC before, it enables you to connect to your Windows, Mac or Linux computer from virtually anywhere in the world. The remote connection is secure, and provides access to your files, applications, media, text documents and much more...

Screens updated with new trackpad mode, iCloud Keychain support and more

Popular VNC client Screens updated its iPhone and iPad application today, bringing it to version 3.2. The update brings about a handful of new features and a number of improvements including better URL scheme and Retina display support.

As for the new features, the app now has a trackpad mode, which—as the name suggests—allows you to control the mouse cursor on your computer as you would with a standard trackpad. And it's also gained support for your iCloud Keychain...

Remotely control your computer from your iOS device with Screens 3.0

Ever away from your desk, but need to access something on your desktop? What about copying something on your Mac and pasting it to your iPad? Thanks to a new updated version of Screens, Edovia dev team is making remote view a simple and easy task for any user.

Previously, remote viewing was a complicated task reserved for the super nerds and IT geeks. However, with the spawn of tablets, the common man is now capable of logging into remote desktop through simplified app clients. As I am frequently away from my desk traveling, I decided to take a closer look at Screens...

Popular VNC client ‘Screens’ updated with AirPlay Mirroring and more

Popular iOS VNC client 'Screens' has received a huge update this weekend, bringing the app to version 3.1. For those unfamiliar with it, the app allows you to connect to your Mac or Windows PC from your iOS device.

Screens 3.1 brings about a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes. On the feature front, the app now supports the A7's new 64-bit tech (for compatible devices), AirPlay Mirroring, and Hot Corners on Mac...

Screens updated for iOS 6

Screens — one of our favorite VNC clients for the iPhone — has been updated with iPhone 5 support. Now, obviously, all apps will eventually be updated with iPhone 5 support, so why single out Screens? It's because the added real estate benefits the app in a major way, seeing as it's a remote desktop client.

Take a look inside as we showcase a couple comparison screenshots of the newly updated Screens.

iTeleport Lets You Use Siri to Launch Apps on Your Mac

Have you been itching to control your Mac with Siri your iPhone 4S? iTeleport for iOS and the Mac lets users launch Mac apps with their voice via the miracle of VNC technology.

While other popular VNC apps, like Screens, let you control your Mac from your iPhone or iPad, iTeleport is the first app to take advantage of Siri on the iPhone 4S. You can simply say "Launch Safari" from your iPhone to open the app on your desktop computer.