‘VeloxTube for Velox’ adds an enhanced folder to the YouTube app

Velox is perhaps one of the most disappointing "big" tweaks to touchdown in some time. It's a tweak that possessed tons of potential, but sadly, none of it is being tapped in the way most envisioned. In fact, we're left with tweaks like VeloxTube for Velox instead.

That's not necessarily a knock against VeloxTube for Velox — a jailbreak tweak that brings an enhanced folder to the official YouTube App — it's just that I expected more. Take a look at my video overview of VeloxTube for Velox after the jump, and see what I mean.

Perform calculations on the fly with Calculator for Velox

It seems like developers are really enjoying making add-ons for Velox. The jailbreak tweak was released a little over a week ago, and already we've seen several extensions for it like Addial, Compass and App Store.

Today we've got another one for you, called Calculator for Velox. And as you've probably already guessed by now, it provides you with Home screen access to your Calculator app...

App Store for Velox puts app searches a swipe away

Just as we had hoped, developers seem to be really taking their ideas for Velox add-ons and running with them. We've already seen a number of extensions for the popular Spring board jailbreak tweak, including Addial and Compass.

And today, we've got another one to show you called App Store for Velox. As the name implies, the add-on utilizes Velox's enhanced folder feature to allow you to search the App Store for iOS applications from your Home screen...

Velox updated with new activation method and several bug fixes

Velox, arguably one of this year's most highly anticipated jailbreak tweaks, finally landed in Cydia this weekend after what seemed like several weeks of waiting. Initial feedback for the tweak has been mostly praise, but there have been some scattered reports of bugs.

Of course, bugs are typical in first-version software releases, as are the bug-squashing '0.1' updates that follow them. And today, Velox has received its 0.1 update that includes a new, double-tap activation method, and a handful of other improvements and bug fixes...

Velox now available on Cydia

Good news folks, the moment we've all been waiting for is here. Velox — the highly anticipated jailbreak tweak that allows you to interact with your Home screen icons to access notifications, quick functions, and more — is now available on Cydia for download.

Last month, we brought you a sneak preview of Velox. And with more than 100,000 views, it seems like many of you agree with us on how useful this tweak could be, and are looking forward to trying it out. Well today, we're happy to report that you finally can...