Velox updated with new activation method and several bug fixes

Velox, arguably one of this year’s most highly anticipated jailbreak tweaks, finally landed in Cydia this weekend after what seemed like several weeks of waiting. Initial feedback for the tweak has been mostly praise, but there have been some scattered reports of bugs.

Of course, bugs are typical in first-version software releases, as are the bug-squashing ‘0.1’ updates that follow them. And today, Velox has received its 0.1 update that includes a new, double-tap activation method, and a handful of other improvements and bug fixes…

Here’s the full 1.0.1 change log:


-Fixes various crashes, sorry

-Adds new activation method “double tap”, compatible with infiniboard

-new fix for FolderEnhancer is on its way!!

I haven’t been experiencing any problems with Velox, so I can’t speak to the fixes. But the double tap activation method is nice and convenient, and it’s good to hear that a FolderEnhancer fix is on the way. We’ve noticed a lot of readers experiencing that particular issue.

Of course, the update is free if you already own the tweak. Otherwise you can find Velox version 1.0.1-1 in the BigBoss repo for $1.99. And for those of you still on the fence about it, make sure to check out our walkthrough of the tweak and stay tuned for more coverage.