Security researchers demonstrate ‘PlugNPwn’ attack on T2-equipped Mac

It wasn’t long after the checkm8 bootrom exploit gave rise to the checkra1n jailbreak tool that clever hackers learned how they could use the same exploit (along with other hacks) to tamper with the proprietary T2 chip embedded in a bevy of modern Macs. In fact, the checkra1n jailbreak tool’s most recent update even added support for the T2 chip in Macs for interested tinkerers.

Despite how incredible the aforementioned circumstances sounded to jailbreak enthusiasts at first glance, those on the other side of the fence quickly began wondering about the implications this might have for the security of Apple’s most popular computers. Now, we may finally have some idea thanks to information published by the t8012 Development Team.

Review: Chargeasap Omega 200W is the world’s smallest, most powerful USB-C GaN charger

Chargeasap, a Sydney, Australia-based consumer electronics brand, markets the Omega as the world’s first and smallest GaN chargers rated with up to 200W output, and that's a spot-on description. They've kindly sent me a review sample of their flagship 200W Omega charger, an incredibly compact and versatile device that can charge four devices at once at full speed.

Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub is keeping me connected while working from home

If you listened to the iDB podcast Let's Talk iOS episode 338, you heard me talk about the ways I continue to increase my work from home (WFH) efficiency, during this shelter in place order. Taking stock of my situation, I realized I missed a key component to the setup: a solid USB-C hub. Digging around the possibilities, I came upon the StayGo USB-C hub by Twelve South. They make quality products that I've tested before, and I decided to give it a 'Go.' It's going very well.