Twitterrific gains 1Password integration via in-app browser and more

Twitterrific by Iconfactory, a third-party Twitter client for the iPhone and iPad, has received an update Tuesday evening enabling extension support for AgileBits’ 1Password via Twitterrific's in-app browser, in addition to taking advantage of the bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screens.

This version also includes more than a dozen bug fixes, improvements and enhancements. The 8.6-megabyte download is available free of charge in the App Store, with advanced features locked behind several In-App Purchases.

Twitterrific for iOS now lets you edit tweets after they’ve been published

What if you could edit a tweet that's already been tweeted out? A new Twitterrific for iOS update by Iconfactory lets you do just that! Now available free in the App Store, Twitterrific for the iPhone and iPad now lets you edit previously published tweet in your timeline.

This is a rather interesting development as even Twitter's own iOS app won't let you edit a tweet after it's been posted. So, how did Iconfactory accomplish this? Read on for the full reveal...

Twitterrific 5 for iOS enhanced with several usability improvements, bug fixes

If you've been reluctant to purchase Iconfactory's excellent Twitter client for iOS, Twitterrific, there's no longer any reason not to give it a whirl as the team last month took the freemium route by making the app free with ads.

Of course, in-app purchases are available to unlock specific advanced features such as push notifications, ad removal and tweet translation. Now available free in the App Store, the freshly updated Twitterrific version 5.7.1 brings out several improvements and bug fixes, detailed after the jump...

Twitterrific 5 takes the freemium route, demands in-app purchases for advanced features

Iconfactory has just issued a new version of Twitterrific in the App Store. Previously a $2.99 download, the new Twitterrific version 5.7 has changed the business model from paid to free. Sort of.

The iPhone and iPad application, now supported by revenue from Deck Network ads displayed at the top of the timeline, is available free of charge for new customers, but some of the more advanced features like push notifications, Today view, ad removal and tweet translation are hidden behind a one-time in-app purchase.

That's an interesting change for Iconfactory, but what about Twitter-imposed token limits? Developer Sean Heber ensures customers that Iconfactory has grandfathered a whole lot of tokens so going free should not be a concern. Besides, they can always switch from the freemium model back to the paid one...

Twitterrific gets a Flappy Bird inspired Easter egg: this is how to play it

The Flappy Bird drama has slowly begun to dwindle down, but there are still artifacts left over from the game's immense popularity. For example, The IconFactory—creators of the highly regarded Twitter client Twitterrific 5—have planted a Flappy Bird inspired Easter egg inside its iPhone Twitter client called Ollie Soars.

Inside, we'll show you how to access Ollie Soars by means of an easy to use gesture. The app even lends the ability to tweet your high score after you die. And die you will; I've found Ollie Soars to be significantly more difficult than Flappy Bird ever was. Check inside for the video.

Twitterrific update adds streaming searches, conversation views and more

Twitterrific users will be happy to hear that the iOS Twitter client has been updated this morning, bringing the app to version 5.6.1. The update brings about a handful of new features, as well as several improvements and bug fixes.

On the new feature front, The Iconfactory has added both streaming searches and conversation views (over wi-fi), as well as the ability to customize navigation tabs by tapping and holding. Keep reading for the full release notes...

Twitterrific 5.6 launches with live streaming, list management, images in DM and more

Twitterrific by The Iconfactory is one of the finest Twitter clients available for iOS and OS X. I've been using both Tweetbot and Twitterrific on a daily basis and couldn't be happier with these fine pieces of software. Today a new Twitterrific build has surfaced on the App Store, bringing a few nice new features and a bunch of tweaks and fixes.

Twitterrific 5.6 for the iPhone and iPad, now available as a $0.99 universal download, can now render image attachments in direct messages, a feature that first appeared in Twitter's own iOS client in early-December (Tweetbot gained images in DMs late-December).

What else is new in Twitterrific 5.6? Read on for the full reveal..

Twitterrific 5 refreshed with new profile layout and other tweaks

Following up on its mid-October update which brought you the ability to edit your Twitter profile in-app, developer Iconfactory today posted another Twitterrific update bringing a fresh new profile layout and a few other tweaks.

Twitterrific 5.5.3 includes some noticeable performance improvements: it feels really snappy and more responsive than it's ever been - and it wasn't like Twitterrific were a slouch to begin with.

There is also a brand new pull-to-refresh animation and you can now view profile banners by tapping on them. The full breakdown is right below the fold...

Twitterrific update finally allows you to edit your profile in-app

Heads up Twitterrific users, the Iconfactory team has posted an update for the popular Twitter client today, bringing the app to version 5.5.2. The update brings about improvements, bug fixes, and one long-awaited feature: profile editing.

That's right, with Twitterrific 5.5.2 you can now upload your banner and avatar image as well as edit your profile. That means you can set your account name, location and website information without ever having to leave the application...

Twitterrific gains Today view, better photo viewing, sleeker UI and notable bug fixes

Twitterrific on iOS with its flattened interface and light typeface may have paved the way for the iOS 7 redesign. But Twitterrific is much more than a prettified Twitter client. I typically use Tweetbot for my daily tweeting needs on mobile and desktop, but Twitterrific has always been my second choice.

In an update today, Twitterrific has gained a sidebar item called Today, basically an overview of your most recent favorites, retweets and new followers...

Twitterrific updated with notification badges, Favstar support and more

Following last month's monstrous 5.2 release that brought about push notifications and other changes, Iconfactory has released another major update for its popular Twitter client, Twitterrific. Today's update brings the app to version 5.2.1, and again adds several new features.

Perhaps the most significant part of the update is the addition of notification badges, which tells you your number of unread notifications for the app at a glance. It also brings support for Favstar and Twitter's trending topics, and a number of other bug fixes and improvements...

Twitterrific iOS app finally gains push alerts, but…

...but you probably won't be able to take advantage of them because native Push Notifications are still in beta so developer Iconofactory had to limit the much-needed feature to the first thousand users, as determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

The system is very similar to the reservation tickets in the Mailbox app. Luckily, I was able to reserve my spot on time so my copy of Twitterrific version 5.2 has native push alerts turned on.

Tucked away under the app's settings, push alerts can be turned on and off individually for direct messages, replies, mentions, favorites, retweets and follows.

Another handy treat: each of these can be color-coded so you get a better idea of a particular notification's importance after it appears on your screen, especially handy when these alerts start cropping up on your Lock screen...